World Championship 2007

The word of Charpentier

Starting tomorrow, the annual congress of the chess composition is held in Rhodes, during one week.

On this occasion, the World Solving Championship will take place on 16 and 17 October, and various composition tournaments.

The French team took off earlier today.

It is made up of two valuable participants, who have a good chance of appearing with dignity:

Michel Caillaud, double world champion in 1987 and 2000, and Alain Villeneuve, 2007 French vice-champion (behind Michel), and 2005 French champion (just ahead of Michel...).

Allez les Bleus!

The first day's diagrams


The second day's diagrams




The principle is as follows: two competitors on stage see mate in 2 after mate in 2 on a screen. They havethree minutes for each. The first one to find (or think he has found) gives the key; he scores a point if it is right, but his opponent scores one if it is not. So theoretically you can win a match without saying a word !

The audience can compare its performance with that of the two competitors (chosen from the best in the world). It happens (rarely) that neither of them has found it in three minutes. Then someone in the room shouts out the key. It happens, even more rarely, that the room also remains silent !

Here is a sample

The Solving Show




photographic report

What? The colossus has disappeared?

Rhodes 355

Your master bidon in front of three restaurants, but tempted by Zorba's. In case he finds Irene Papas there...

Rhodes 288

The great David (Gurgenidze) facing a Goliath?

Rhodes 634

A far less prestigious study composer.

Rhodes 635

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