WSC 2007 - 1st day

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World Championship 2007 - Rhodes

#2 - 20mn

Touw Hian Bwee


white Bd1f6 Kc6 Qa2 Pc5e5e7 Sd6 Rd5h6 black Bg8 Ke6 Qg3 Pa4h7f5f4 Sg7 Rh2
G. Dobbs


white Bd2 Ka7 Qg4 Pd5e5f6c4f3 Sd6f5 Rb6 black Qf2 Pa5b7f7d3 Sa3 Bc8 Kc5

The 3rd #2 is not very interesting. Consider that you have 14 minutes for the two preceding diagrams.

#3 - 60mn

The 1st #3 is not allowed to be reproduced. Sorry. Consider that you have 40 minutes for the 2 following diagrams.
M. Karimov


white Bf3 Ka1 Qa6 Ph3d4e6 Sd8e2 Rg8g6 black Pc7e7c5c4 Kf5 Bh2b1 Rh4
J. Colpa


white Bb7 Kf7 Qf2 Ph2c5 Sf5 Rd5 black Pf4b4 Sf8b5 Rb3a3 Ke4 Bc1

Studies - 100mn

B. Rivkin


white Pf5 Sh8 Rd5b1 Kg5 black Qc6 Pc4 Sd2 Kh7
J. Marwitz


white Pe3 Sf2 Rb1 Ke1 black Pd5h6c3c2 Kc5 Bc8

The 3rd study is not allowed to be reproduced. You therefore have 66 minutes for the two preceding studies.

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