october 7 2003

Dvoretzky 1

Not to be missed: Dvoretzky's October chronicle on "chess café" where the "master of finals" (not the one you think of) carves a suit for Kasparov, not only a mediocre but calamitous analyst, about the famous final of the two Laskers (1924). One of the most jubilant articles in the last 20 years: to be savoured with an Armagnac!

And it goes on with a historical part: the demolition in rule of a 2800 "elo" which analyses as an 1800. In the series "deliriums of the 'grandmaster' -sic- [according to Dvoretzky]", here is his latest exploit (his attempt to reconvert himself as a human rights activist did not help).

Dessert: Carbonnelian laughter is not only psaltopoulossian: it is also Gillouisian. Quousque eadem? The "e.l.o." classification (electric light orchestra?) of the course listeners climbs vertiginously, the rhythm of discoveries, refinements or demolitions too.







Master's diagrams

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