june 9 2009

To celebrate the end of the season, a rather special report is proposed to you in addition to the electronic version of the Master.
you just have to drop and unzip on your computer, the file 1Echecs.zip (which as an attachment) and from the control panel add a font.

If you have any technical problems, do not hesitate to call the After Sales Service.

For this last session of the season, the audience was formed by a well-furnished and quality assembly.
Those who were new to fairy chess were undoubtedly impressed by the richness and possibilities offered.

For Maître Jacques, we fell from Charybdis to Scylla with the following position:

1 - h#2 with Mao, Moa, Charybdis and Scylla (!!)

A large selection of problems from the French championship which ended in some confusion, the title being largely dependent on the scale chosen. Beware of Popov's diabolical try at the #3.

And some of the retros championship (not to be broadcasted, due to upcoming publication). I add a few other problems that will allow you to hold on until the start of the new school year: two pleasant miniatures in two moves, two helpmate, directs from 3 to 10 moves, two rather surprising selfmates and two retros.

Among the fairy positions presented this evening, I extracted the mandlerian cylinder, which doesn't go well on a chess base, but not as bad as the others, and which I detailed as I could.

A special homage was expressed to Ch. Feather, whose compositions are profound and yet light, as his name suggests. I join the strange problem to the strange "twin": place the position after the 3rd white move and apply the énoncé....

I am also giving back our R.-J. Millour's little youthful masterpiece on Marseilles chess, which was discussed at the table. I had spoken of a quadruple promotion linked to a star flight. But I was confusing it with another problem, which I also join.

Have a good holiday, good summer tournaments, but rest all the same....


Click in the right part of the chessboard to move forward, left to move backward...
or directly on the move in the solution

Broodings, 2008

white SKc3 Kd5 Qh7 Pf3d3 CYc2 MOc4d2 black Be1e2 MAe5 Ke3 Pf4h3 Sf2g3 Rh5 MOc5
2 solutions
e5: Mao
c4, d2, c5: Moa
c2: Charybdis
c3: Scylla

a little historical recap made by Maître Jacques :
Charybdis was a whirlwind and Scylla a mastoc rock. When sailors avoided Charybdis, they would wallow on Scylla, hence the expression.
For the non-specialist :
: helpmate 2 moves. Black plays and helps white to checkmate them.
: Crawling Knight who first performs a Bishop step, then a Rook step. If the Bishop's step cannot be carried out because of the presence of an element on the square then the movement is impossible.
: Moa who eats the opponent's piece on the bishop's step.
: Crawling Knight that starts with a Rook step with the same restriction as the Moa
: Mao eating the hurdle on the Rook's step.

A funny problem for the next one by the same author :

2 - h#4

Broodings, 2005

white Pg2 Sa6 Kd5 black Ba1a2 Ke8 Qa7 Pe7d7b6c5b4c4d3 Sb8g5 Ra8e1
b) find the theme of the problem


Again by the same, a passage through the Chameleons :
3 - h#2 3 solutions with Chameleon pieces

Broodings, 2005

white Pc3 Kd6 white Chameleon Qf1 Sg3 black Pb2e6 Ke3
3 solutions
♕f1: Chameleon Queen
♘g3: Chameleon Knight
The changes its nature according to the Q,N,B,R cycle after each move played.

Another beautiful composition by Feather, definitely very productive (a kind of English Sobrecases!), this time with the Equihoppers.

4 - h#2,5 2 solutions with Equihopper

Broodings, 2007

white Pb5 Kg8 Bb8 WEa2f5h3 black Bh8 Kb7 BEf6h4 Qa8 Pa7 Rf3
2 solutions
a2, f5, h3, f6, h4: Nonstop Equihopper
is a piece that needs a support point to move.
She falls back on the other side of the sautoir after an equipollent movement. The arrival square must be free or occupied by an opponent's piece.

A last one of the same for the road

5 - h#9 Chameleon Circe with Chameleon Queen and Locuste

The Problemist Supplement, 2008

white La7 black Pe6 Ke5 black Chameleon Qf8
h#9 chameleon Circe(1+3)
🨊a7: Locust
♛f8: Chameleon Queen
: a captured piece, before being reborn, undergoes a Chameleon transformation and is then reborn on its original square.
Locuste : A piece that moves on the Queen's lines but needs a hurdle to move behind it. Being endowed with a strong appetite, it eats itself while swallowing the hurdle, which must, of course, be an opponent's piece.

To follow, a passage through the Take&Make
6 - h#2 Take&Make


white Pc3e3 Kd4 Bb2 black Pg7 Kh8 Bb4f4
h#2 Take&Make(1+3)
: when a piece takes an opponent's piece (Take), it must play a move immediately by adopting the step of the taken piece (Make).
Example Bxe3 (=Be4)

And now, we remove the h column and it becomes 7x8 and it's also vertical cylindrical, in other words, if you want to be pedagogue, you can say a=h.
A masterpiece by King Artur

7 - #4 7x8


white Kc8 Ba1b2 black Pc7 Ke3
7x8 chessboard
vertical cylindrical
b) c7-->d7
Wonderful !

A small blow of Masand on the head ?
8 - #2 Masand

Phénix, 2005
4th Prize

white Bc1 Kf1 Qh5 Pb6c7d4h2 Sa6 Rb4b5 black Se1 Pg7g6e6c6f3d3c2a4 Rf4a3 Bh6e4 Kc3
#2 Masand(10+14)
: a piece whose movement threatens the opponent's King by putting him in check causes the pieces under his control to change colour.

A collaborative work by Guy
9 - h#2 isardam Parrain Circe

The Problemist, 2008

white Pf6 Kg2 Rh5 black Qe8 Kc3 Be7
h#2 Isardam Parrain Circe(3+3)
3 solutions
: the reciprocal "observation" of two opposing pieces of same nature is illegal
: a captured piece remains under the capture square and is reborn by making the same move as the piece that plays immediately afterwards.

The Annan rule gives strange things, as we'll see right away.
10 - #2 Annan Chess

The Problemist, 2008

white Bf5b8 Kh7 Qe1 Pe3f7 Sc3d6 Rg8 black Pc4d5e4g4 Bg2g7 Ra2 Kf3
#2 Annan(9+8)
: a piece in front of another one of his side takes the march of this piece
example : if the pg4 was in g3, the Bg2 could only go to g1. If the WQ was in c2, we could play Nc3xg7 (hallucinating, no?)

A little bit of Mars Circe to travel even further
11 - h#4 Mars Circe

Frantisek SABOL
2è T.T. Chess Composition Microweb
1999 - 2nd Prize

white Pe5f5 Kb7 black Qg4 Pg2b5e7f7 Kf4 Ra2e4 Ba7
h#4 Circé martien(3+9)
2 solutions
: To capture, a piece virtually goes through its original square.
Example: if black plays Rd2, white could in theory play Kxd2, but ....
For the agape, in addition to Guy's major works, the Master was able to present some diagrams.

An Imitator comes to the battlefield
12 - h#2 with Imitator


neutral Id2 white Kb6 Re4 black Kd5 Bd1
Imitator d2
b) ♝d1-->f3
, as its name suggests, it is an element that imitates any piece movement.
If for any reason its imitation is impossible, the move is illegal.
Example: Rb4 is possible but Ra4 is illegal because the Imitator would leave the chessboard

The last problem with Take&Make
13 - h#2 Take&Make

The Problemist Supplément, 2008

white Pd3 Kc7 Bc4 Se5 black Pd7c3 Kd4
h#2 Take&Make(4+3)
b) c3-->e3

I hope you found this presentation more enjoyable than the previous ones.
Thanks to the Master for the electronic version.
Happy holidays to all.

Yours sincerely

Le greffier 

Master's word

It's much better this way. In short, to the reasons I had for snubbing the "beautiful Chloé" is added another one!

In the last line of the first problem, the definition given is that of the Scylla and not the Charybdis. A new confirmation that after learning about the historical reminder of Master Jacques, it is better to throw whirlpools and rocks in the dustbin, if I dare say so, and to speak much more clearly about Mao-locuste and Moa-locuste.

The statement of the 2nd problem has been rewritten (by Chloé again?). It was: "what is the theme?". Talking about the last blows is equivalent to giving the solution with the problem. This is to be avoided in principle.

In the 5th problem (Feather's last one), the statement is incomplete : it is about Circe-Cameleon : the captured piece changes its nature before being reborn.

In Gockel's Masand problem, a white d4 pawn is missing. This grumbling of Chloé's is definitely disturbing our master-greffier. She is worse than Charybdis and Scylla together!

Have fun all the same.


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