Bern Open 2015

Abdel's achievement

For this first event of the Resolution World Cup, Abdel did very well.

He wrote a report on his website which is reproduced in large part here

Abdel's report

The Swiss Chess Problem Solving and Study Open took place on October 17 in six rounds in the federal capital Bern.

The open was category 4 and belongs to the tournaments of the world cup. Three former world champions were among the participants.

- The 1st round was devoted to mate in two moves. Two problems on the menu ( 5 points each) to be solved in 15 just had to give the solution (no variants). In the first one ( see the file), we wonder what is the use of the Pa4...if it is just a try, we had to find the refutation and move need to look for it, it is the guilty one ! In n°2, the case gets tougher... several tracks. Sacrificial blows don't work... 10 sur 10

 1st round - mates in 2 - 15 mn




diag 1

white Ba8a7 Ke1 Qg5 Pf4d2c2a4 Se5g3 Rc3 black Sd5c1 Pb5c5g4d3 Bf8g8 Re8 Kd4
#2 (11+10)



white Qb8 Sd8g8 Re8b2 Be4a1 Kh2 black Ph7h3a3 Kg7 Bh8b1 Sa8c2 Rc7a2
#2 (8+10)

- The 2nd round was devoted to 3 moves. In 40 minutes. The n°3 is so light and harmonious. A business not to be missed. On the other hand, n°4 is a is not enough to find the key...but to point out all the variations. 1 point lost for a variation found...but that I forgot to write down. 9 sur 10.

 2nd round - mates in 3 - 40 mn



diag 3

white Rc3 Se3a4 Bg3a2 Kc1 Pg6 black Pe7d7e5f5e4 Rf8e6 Be8h8 Kd6
#3 (7+10)



white Bb8c8 Kg8 Qb7 Pe6b4f4 Sf7d3 Rc3e3 black Pa7c6d6c5b2f3f2 Kd5 Bd2 Sd1e1
#3 (11+11)

- The 3rd round was dedicated to moremovers. 55 minutes are allocated. No. 5 is a nice composition. The key is obvious....This is not enough...if you don't mention the threat correctly. You'll easily lose 2 points...In short a real trap. Whereas #6, a blocus that is can find the variations. But it's worth nothing at all..if you don't have the key...unfortunate those who thought of the's there to close the f more and no less. Total of the operation 7 sur 10.

 3rd round - moremovers - 55 mn




white Qe3 Pa3 Ke4 Re6e5 Se2g4 black Qc1 Pc2b2b3b4 Be1b1 Rc8d8 Kc4
#4 (7+10)



white Pf2g5a2b3b5c4 Sg2a4 Bc1 Kb6 black Pd7d6g6d3d4a3 Sh8 Be8a1 Kb4 Rd1
#5 (10+11)

At that moment I was 4th in the provisory ranking.

- The 4th round was for studies...I quickly saw the stalemate picture of n°7...I struggled in the 8th...I had to convince myself that there is no better continuation than the double sacrifice of the White Rook... 10 out of 10. While everyone else suffered. I find myself in first place with a 2 point lead. A day later, Martin Minski sent me the following message:
- Dear Abdelaziz,
- Congratulations for your victory in Bern ! 
- I'm glad you found the solution to my study.
- Have a nice evening,
- Martin


 4th round - Studies - 65 mn




white Pc2e3e4h4 Kf4 Be1 black Pa7f3d5d6 Kf1 Ba2
= (6+6)



white Sa8 Rc8 Kc1 black Pa3 Ka4 Be4a1
= (3+4)

- The 5th round offered selfmates (30 minutes). If n°9 is a fiesta, n°10 is a real Everest. Score 5 out of 10...

 5th round - selfmates - 30 mn




white Bc1 Ka5 Qh3 Pe6f4g4b4 Se2b6 Rd7f1 black Pe7h4c3c2b5b7 Ke4 Ba6 Sd4a1
s#2 (11+10)



white Qa8 Pe6d4c4c5 Sh7 Bf7 Kf3 black Bf1 Kf5 Qg1 Pb6e2e3f4h5 Sg3 Rh4h2
s#5 (8+11)

- The 6th round ...the helpmates (30 minutes) worries 10 out of 10... except me, nobody found the 6 moves... with his secret manoeuvre.

 6th round - helpmates - 30 mn




white Ph4f3 Kd8 Rc8g5 Ba7 black Bd7f8 Kf4 Qb1 Pe7h5a5 Sb6b5 Rd2a6
h#2 (6+11) b)Nb6-->c7 c)Nb6-->d6



white Pa2c2b5d5f5g4 Be2 Ra1 Kf1 black Pb6c5d6a3f6g5e4e3 Kb7 Be1
h#6 (9+10)

Final ranking 

;:Standing bern 171015Standing bern 171015

- Onkoud, Abdelaziz (MAR) (MF) 51 
- Zude, Arno (GER) (GMI) 49,5 
- Köchli, Klaus (SUI) 41 
- Baier, Roland (SUI) (GMI) 40 
- Sivic, Klemen (SLO) (MI) 38 
- Maeder, Thomas (SUI) (MI) 37,5 
- Schäfer, Ronald (GER) (FM)36 
- Wissmann, Dolf (NED) (GMI) 35 
- Ott, Roland (SUI) 35 
- Neef, Wilfried (GER) (FM) 33 
- Selivanov, Andrey (RUS) (GMI) 32 
- Hoffmann, Martin (SUI) 28 
- Zollinger, Stefan (SUI) 25 
- Nievergelt, Andreas (SUI) 24 
- Schaffner, Gerold (SUI) 23 
- Axt, Hemmo (GER) (MI)21 
- Dobias, Richard(SVK) 21 
- Krolikowski, Ryszard (POL) 17,5 
- Dimitriadis, Alexandros (GRE) 17 

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