october 18 2005

Master's word

BullA little 3# training, by a little known South African, who looks like a Czech, at least in his style. The 1st & 3rd seem to us the least easy.

Kuznetsov an

The studies are of two kinds: those that make one think of a middle game, even with little material, and those that are undoubtedly endgames. Here is one of each. A Bishop and Knight against Queen, then King against Rook, with the furtive support of a Knight. A common point between the two: a promotion on the same square, and of the same nature.

A part of the famous Bandar-Log, when it still showed an undeniable alacrity. But, as we know, he is now retired (at 42 years old, there are some who know how to bask, railway workers will be jealous...).

Retired, not for the chatting. He reminds me of what we used to say about a media clown: "a third worldist, two-thirds worldly". Note from 2016]

On the 20th move, Black must make the right decision. They will choose the wrong one. GK's comments are divided into 4 categories: those improved by Igor Stohl, those improved by the listeners of our course (and possibly the speaker), those improved by the silicon monster, and those that are good.

A good regalade.

Master's diagrams

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