january 6 2009

The assembly being composed of the hard core which for the occasion was harder than ever, having passed under the freezing point.
The Master removed his skins to perform the electronic version, thanks to him.

To thaw the neuron, the Master proposed a pawn endgame position which seems a priori banal.

1 - White to play and win


W.: Kb3, pe2
B.: Kh5, pd5

You have to dig a little deeper in this position to appreciate its true value.

The next one is more for the attacking players.

2 - White to play and win


W.: Kh6, Qb1, Rh7, Na5 and d1, pf3 and g3
B.: Kf8, Qd8, Rd5 and d7, Ne6, pc6 and f7


Master's words

Wishes of course... all the traditional ones, and one more: free time for beauty, in chess or elsewhere.


Helpmates (just as traditional) for Daniel. The third one is a tribute to Helmut Zajic, whose 5# helpmate was a pain last year. A tribute that we complete with two directs (the 8# is much easier than the 4#) and a remarkable selfmate. Two PGs and a retro (again tradi) from our GM. The choice is between 1 Rd1 and 1 0-0-0.

A very simple "schoolboy path" to get off to a good start. An orgy of sacrifices, preparatory to a fabulous harvest, like Checkers game.

Finally a practical final won against an ex-world champion and... sabotaged by the commentators, who ignore the theory and moreover... copy themselves! In the first line, a catastrophic contributor to an equally calamitous fifty-year-old French magazine  Smyslov 5The current owner of this fifty-year-old French magazine has just had the nerve to ask naive and innocent amateurs to pay to consult the old issues. In the meantime, almost all of the magazine Donner 2"Endgame" review can be read for free on the website of the brilliant composer Gad Costeff. Other people, other customs.

The fire at the chessboard in today's game... but it's not Shirov! Rather a player considered calm and... scientific. The suggestion 11 cxb5 axb5 12 Nc1 e5 13 Nxb5 has a drawback which had escaped the speaker. And 21... Nc4+! immediately (in 15 dxe5, then 21 Kb2) had escaped... everyone.


See you next Tuesday 13 January. It's no joke, we have to warm up.


A beautiful firework, we send wood to keep warm.

To finish the study part, a game position extracted from an article of the "Immonde Ice" (it is of season)

3 - White to play and win


W.: Kh2, Rb2, pa2 and g2
B.: Kh7, Ra3, pa4, g7 and h5

No comment (for more information, see the Master's glowing review)

The game of the day is an early work.

4 - game of the day

1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 g6 3. Nc3 Bg7 4. e4 d6 5. f3 ("le Maître profite de la température estivale pour montrer Saemisch") 0-0 6. Be3 Nc6 7. Qd2 a6 8. Nge2 Rb8 9. a3 Bd7 10. b4 b5 11. c5 (cxb5 is more usual) e6 12. cd (release the grip a little early, Nc1 is more logical) cd 13. Nc1 e5 14. Nb3 d5 ! (black player takes out his matos and puts it on the board) 15. ed (15. de Nxe5 16. ed Re8 17. 0-0-0 Rc8 18. Bc5 a5 19. Nxb5 Qb6 20. Kb2 Qxb5 and it begins) Nxd5 (the surprise) 16. Nxd5 Be6 17. de Bxd5 18. Bg5 (So what do you say to that ?) Bxb3 ! (take this in the face !) 19. Bxd8 Rbxd8 20. Qc3 Bxe5 21. Qxb3 (21. Qxc6 Bxa1) Rfe8 (small, discreet threat) 22. Bd3 Bxa1+ (Bc3 ++ 23. Kf1 (23. Kf2 Rxd3) Bxa1 24. Be4 and it seems to hold by Saemisch's skin) 23. Be4 Bd4 (no castling) 24. Kf1 Ne5 25 g3 (the only move to prepare the King's refuge g4 is followed by Nxg4) Nc4 26. Kg2 Ne3+ 27. Kh3.Re5 (new and better low-key threat was undoubtedly g5 to play Rd6) 28. g4 h5! 29. Bxg6 hg+ 30. Kg3 Nc4 31. Be4 gf 32. Qxf3 f5 33. Qh5 (a fatal error, probably due to zeitnot 33. Qf4 Be3 34. Qh4 Rd4 35. Qf6 Rd6 the Nc4 is huge) f4+ resigns

There was no time during the restoration game for the Master to present us one of his fairy selections of which he has the secret, the chessboard being mobilized by the provocative chess.
Of course, and as usual, the positions presented are not yet made public, the rules of propriety make that they are not relatable in this report.

See you in a week.
Sincerely yours

le greffier

two frozen hairs


A bPe5 is missing in study 2.

Game of the day, variation 15 dxe5: read 19...axb4 20 axb4 Qb6! 21 Kb2 Nc4+!

See you next Tuesday


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