may 29 2007

less participants than usual for this penultimate session of the Master's course, the railwaymen having gone to do Resistance in Vichy or some other place where one only drinks water and the others waiting for the last course of the season next week to express their chess next week to express their chess verve.

The next one is therefore, as I just mentioned, on Tuesday 5th June
Reminder of the entry code: 831b

the electronic version of the Master and Guy's contribution to the club's fame accompany this textual version of the version of the report.
As usual, many thanks to them.

To begin with, a little study where we ask ourselves how to survive.

1 - White plays and keeps his head above water.


W.: Kg2, Bh1, Na2
B.: Kd4, pb3, b5 and b7


Chep vlad selSome problems for holidays, few helpmates in Daniel's absence.

Four studies, including a trompe-l'oeil given at the French Solving Championship the day before yesterday.

Fischer 12Two short and extremely instructive games: a quick defeat of a very strong player may simply be the result of a fine error of learning on a key variation supporting the whole building.





Finally a witty and ingenious reflex.

Fairy session in a week.

Enjoy your meal


The following is a study that caused some problems at the last French Championship in Messigny

2 - White plays and also keeps his head above water


W.: Kh3, Ra5 and b4, Ba1
B.: Kh1, Qf8, Be1, pe5, f5, g7 and h5

A lot of twists and turns for this very nice position

A short trip to Norway for the next study.

3 - white plays and gets away with it


W.: Ka6, Bb1 and g7
B.: Ka8, Bf1 Nb5 and b2, pb6

There is some piece in immediate grip and some piece potentially in grip, it will require good footwork.

4 - for once in this session, white to play and win


W.: Kc2, Qd7, pg4, g5 and h7
B.: Kg6, Qe5, pa2 and d2

Very interesting mechanism.

the two games of the day are short but good

5 - 1st game

1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. d4 cd 4. Nxd4 Nf6 5. Nc3 d6 6. Bc4 e6 7. Bb3 a6 8. f4 Qa5 (8. ... Be7) 9. 0-0 Nxd4 10. Qxd4 d5 (big threat) 11. Be3 (11. ... Ng4 12. Kh1 Nxe3 13. Qxe3 de 14. Qxe4 Qb4 15. Ba4+ !) 12. Nxe4 de 13. f5 Qb4 (13. ... ef 14. g4 Be6 15. gf Bxb3 16. ab Qb4 17. Ra4 and it's done) 14. fe Bxe6 15. Bxe6 fe 16. Rxf8+ ! Qxf8 17. Qa4+! b5 18. Qxe4 resigns
(18. ... Rd8 19. Qc6+ Rd7 20. Rad1 Qe7 21. Rd3 (or Bb6))

6 - 2nd game

1. d4 Nf6 2. Nf3 c5 3. d5 b5 4. c4 Bb7 5. g3 g6 6. Bg2 bc 7. Nc3 Bg7 8. 0-0 0-0 9 Ne5 d6 10. Nxc4 Nbd7 11. Re1 Ba6 12. Qa4 Qc8 13. Na5 Nb6 14. Qh4 (14. Qc6 Qb8 15. Bh3 (to avoid Rc8) Bc8 16. BxB ( 16. Bg2 Bd7 17. Qb7 QxQ 18. Nxb7 a5) Re8 15. Bg5 Qc7 16. Nc6 Bb7 17. e4 (17. Nb5 Qd7 18. Bh3 e6!) Nbd7 18. f4 Kh8! (threatens Ng8) 19. e5 de 20. fe (20. Nxe5 Kg8 !) Nxd5 21. Nxd5 Qxc6 23. Rxe5 (23. ef Rf8 24. Nf4 Bd4+ better is Bh6) Bxe5 24. ef Rf8 25. h3 (25. Nf4 Bd4+ 26. Kh1 Rxf7 or Qb6) Rxf7 26. Nf4 Rxf4 resigns (27. Bxc6 Bd4+ 28. Kh2 Rf2+ 29. Kg1 Rxb2+ 30. Kf1 Rf8+ 31. Bf4 Ba6+ 32. Ke1 Re2+ 33. Kd1 Bxa1)

After these two short but agitated fights, let us pass to the Chavignolais amusements which took place initially on the terrace, because of the success of the place and the incompetence of the person having noted the reservation

To warm up the brain in this situation, a little colouring.

7 - colouring the pieces


Ke6 and f8, Qg8, Re8

a) orthodox
b) anticirce

Reminder on the Anti-Circe : the capturing piece is reborn on its original square if it is free, otherwise the move is illegal.

Another amusement to continue the warm-up.

8 - white and black retake their last move and the position becomes a helpmate 1 move
helpmate : Black play and helps White to checkmate him


W.: Kg2, pd5 and e3
B.: Ke4, pb3


9 - serial h#3 with general Rooks
serial helpmate 3 moves : black plays 3 moves in a row and white checkmates in 1 move
General rooks : monochromatic rooks


W.: Kc6, Qg1, GRc5 and g4
B.: Kd4, Ne3, GRa3

a) orthodox
b) Anti-circe Calvet
c) Anti-circe Cheylan

Anti-circe Calvet : you can capture on your own rebirth square
Anti-circe Cheylan : the above capture is illegal

10 - serial #5 with Equihopper
serial direct : white plays the n moves in a row until mate
Equihoppers : the piece jumps geometrically symmetrically with respect to a sautoir


W.: Kh8, pc4, Ee1, e5 and h2
B.: Ka8

a) position
b) c4 --> c5

Enjoy your reading and see you next Tuesday for the participants of the fairy tale and Wednesday for the others.

Yours sincerely  



A detail concerning the 2nd study: in addition to Messigny's competitors, two former French champions, a GMI and an MI, also suffered yesterday, Wednesday.
The 3rd study takes place in Finland rather than in Norway (and the previous one was Swedish!). And the second Black Knight is on d2 (not b2).
First game: Black's 11th move is missing: it is 11...Nxe4
Second game: the 14 Qc6 variation ends with 18...a5, and 16 BxB is too much (16...Rxc8 and d5 falls).
And the 22nd move is missing: 22 e6 Ne5!
The parenthesis of the 23rd move must be read: (23 ef Rf8 24 Nf4 Nf3+! 25 Bxf3 Bd4+ but better is 23 Bh6)
Have fun

A word from Master Guy(ms)

Dear Alain,

Here is to celebrate this new course of great value, "the unpublished for Marquis".

I will spare you for the occasion the fairy condition "Republicans", far too provocative.

However, on the eve of these new elections, I couldn't help proposing the "Köko" condition, which might win your vote.

This problem combines a classical Indian theme in the first solution, with an "anti-Indian" (?) in the second, where the back piece of the "Köko battery" is hidden, not behind the White King, but behind the Black King .

A move is only possible if the piece making it is in contact with another piece.

White : Ka1 Rb1
Black: Ka8 Nf7

Diagram attached




Helpmate 6.5 moves (White starts, and both sides collaborate so that White mate on his 7th move).

2 solutions.



h‡6.5 (2+2) C+



1...Rb7 2.Ka7 Re7 3.Nd6 Rb7 4.Ka6 Rb1 5.Nb5 Ra2 6.Ka5 Ra1 7.Ka4 Kb3‡

1...Rb8 2.Kb7 Rc8 3.Nd8 Ra8 4.Nc6 Ra2 5.Kb6 Kb2 6.Kb5 Ra5+ 7.Ka4 Kb3‡




Kind regards.


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