june 4 2013

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Hello everyone,

For this last of the season, and as usual, our friend Michel honoured us with his presence.
An enormous amount of material, both in quantity and quality, was proposed by the Master.
The course almost did not take place, as described by the menu, and by the Master at the right part of this report
To begin with, a warm-up with the following position, originally intended for unfamiliar guests, but unfortunately none came.

1 - h#2

Jubilé V. Nebotov-60, 1995
1° Prix

white Qf4 Kg1 black Qg6 Kd5 Bh1 Sg2
a) Circe
b) Mirror Circe
c) exchange Circe (PWC)
d) symetrical-Circe
e) column Circe

a) : the captured piece is reborn on its original square if it is free, otherwise it disappears from the chessboard.
b) : the rebirth is on the square of the same piece of opposite colour
c) : as the name of the rule indicates, the captured piece is reborn on the starting square of the capturing piece's move
d) : the renaissance square is the symmetrical square in relation to the central point of the chessboard
e) : the rebirth is done on the original row and the gripping column
The mats are models.
An educational problem quite easy to solve, even for a neophyte.

The traditional attempt to sabotage the lessons of St-Lazare by the hypercalamitous Parisian transporters has now seized a new twist. Only 4 minutes waiting for the RER B train at the Cité Universitaire station. Piece of cake in appearance. A warning sign all the same: several hundreds of pilgrims clustered on the platform.
All these beautiful people crowd into the train, hug each other like herrings in a caque, then wait. And then what? Nothing happens. Total immobility, which is hardly "Zen" in this case. Ten minutes go by, the damn train doesn't move. An illiterate man vomits borborygmas at the microphone, of which only the word "traffic" is understandable. This bunch of morons use, as we know, this word meaning "illicit trade" instead of the correct term "circulation". After another 5 minutes, I decide that the joke has gone on long enough. I get out and head for the tram, after 20 minutes of being lost.
After hesitation, I gave up the connection to the RER C, fearing a new confusion. So I return to my first... hates, the metro line n° 13. After the most rotten RER line, the most rotten metro line. The rest is a gigantic jostling among a sub-humanity that doesn't need to be detailed. In this magma are various images, ranging from the heroic gesture of Dominique Venner to the comic strip of the 70s, with Berck's "plunge into the rabble".
But rot does not disarm. On the way back (11:45 pm), I try to take the same line 13 again, hoping that the late hour will keep the said rabble away. In quantity perhaps, in quality (antiphrase), no. Two "nique-ta-mère" are waiting near the turnstile for a poor taxpayer jerk like me to pass by (paying) so that they can infiltrate (without paying). I refuse this game, advises an idiot who is hiding in his glass cage, wakes him up, asks him if he finds this situation normal, tells him that I risk being assaulted if I pass without covering the two parasites. He tells me that then he will (perhaps) consider intervening. I answer that with his kind of puppets, you feel really safe.
I decide to capture the bull by the horns, I run into the turnstile blocking the passage behind me. The most pressing mother-fucker shouts and insults me, I answer him "asshole", "underlarva", "human waste" shouting as loud as possible, hoping (naively) for reinforcements. Luckily, the oar just arrives and I rush in before the mother-fuckers have managed to get through. I hardly dare to imagine what would have happened if I had had to wait 5 minutes on the quay.
In the meantime, the fiscal gestapo is blocking my bank accounts and the property manager has just decided, with the help of the "majority" of the co-owners whose votes he bought, an extra 10,000 euros of useless expenses per person. The conclusion is obvious: long live France.
Let the master clerk cover the fairy tale (with the exception of the amusing help-stalemate attached) and present some problems for the summer.
A helpmate #3 with echo-cameleon.
A #2 with try, to be solved in less than 10 minutes. Two #3 with nice mats, the second with sacrifices. The third #3 is a little riddle: how the hell can you break the stalemate without giving too much freedom?  
A spectacular but easy #4. Another one more refined, less easy than it seems. Finally two rather simple multi-movers, by the same author.
Have a good holiday and come back in good condition in September. God bless you.

A very pure problem to follow.
2 - h#4 with Lion

Fernand CALVET
Europe Echecs 1964

white Sa2 Kc6 LIh1 black Qh8 Ke4
🨴h1: Lion
: piece moving on the Queen's lines with the help of a sautoir and being able to go beyond with for limit, either an obstacle or the edge of the chessboard
Very aesthetic
it becomes more complicated with the third problem which is one of the first production with Chinese pieces

3 - #2

Zdenek MACH
The Chess Problem 1946
2° Prix

white Wve4 Bh7 MAd6e6 Ka7 Ph6 WPg8g6 black BVd2f1 Kh8 BPg7g3 Pc6b6c4d4
🨵g8, g6, 🨻g7, g3: Pao
🨶e4, 🨼d2, f1: Vao
🨍d6, e6: Mao
: Creeping Knight with first a rook step
Vao : Chinese bishop moving normally but needing a sautoir to capture
Pao : Chinese rook with the same properties as above
Really a very nice problem

The author of the next one has a very special name, but that doesn't stop him from composing!
4 - #2 Madrasi with twin Isardam

after Gerard SMITS
The Problemist 2009
3° Honor Mention

white Bf1g1 Gf3h2 Kf7 WNh4 Qg3 Pd7d6g4b3 Rg2 black Bc8 Ke4 BNa3 Qb6 Pd5d4e5f6 Rc6
🨟f3, h2: Grasshopper
🨢h4, 🨨a3: Nightrider
a) Madrasi
b) Isardam
a) : two opposing pieces of the same nature mutualy "observing" are paralysed
b) : it is illegal for two opposing pieces of the same kind to observe each other
: extended Knight
: needs a hurdle to move and lands right behind
A very nice cycle of variations

The next one is by an Italian
5 - hs#3,5 with Pao, Vao and Lions

Uralsky Problemist, 2007
1st Prize

white VAg8 PAe5h4 Kh6 Pd6d5e4h7 Se2 Rb1 black Pd7d3f3h5 Kc4 Se6f4 LIb4b3
🨺b4, b3: Lion
🨵e5, h4: Pao
🨶g8: Vao
b) b5-->c5

un festival de switchbacks

6 - PG 16 chameleon chess ending with 16 . 0-0

: transformation at each movement according to the cycle N - B - R - Q - N (the change in the nature of the piece is of course made at the end of the movement)

7 - h#2 with Paos and Vaos

Thomas MAEDER & Hans Peter REHM
dédicated to J. Rusinek
The Problemist, 2009
4th Prize

white Pf7e3 Ke8 WPc2 Se2f3 VAb6 black Bf1 BPd8 Kf2 Qd2 Pb7c4 Sg2 Rd4
🨵c2, 🨻d8: Pao
🨶b6: Vao
2 sol.
: the captured piece disappears and the capturing piece is reborn on its original square if this one is free otherwise the capture is illegal
Captures on rebirth square allowed
There is Rehm in there, so it is the great class, even with a 4th prize

A composition by Jean-Marc Loustau which is a very good example of black correction.
8 - #2 with chinese Pieces

The Problemist Supplement 2012

white Qd3 Kf4 Bd8g6 WPd1 black VAb7 Ke6 BPb5 Pd7f6 NAc7
🨵d1, 🨻b5: Pao
🨼b7: Vao
悔c7: Nao
‡2 (5+6) C+
: Extended rider needing a sautoir to capture
Very pretty

9 - #2 Parrain Circe then twin contraparrain Circe with Zebra and Camel

James QUAH
The Problemist 2012

white Ba8 Kg3 Ph6c4h3c5 Sf5d4 WZb6 CAe7 black Pf6h7b3 Ke5 BZc7 Sg8
a) Circe Parrain
b) ContraParrain
🨍b6, 🨓c7: Zebra
🨷e7: Camel
a) parrain Circe : when a piece is captured piece, it remains in suspension and makes an equipollent movement to the next piece playing.
b) : the same but the captured piece's blow is anti-equipollent (opposite direction)
Zebra : bouncer (3,2)
Camel : bouncer (3,1)

Some rest with the next one
10 - h=8


white Qe7 Pe2 Ke1 black Qd8 Ra8h8 Ke8 Bc8f8 Sb8g8

11 - PG 4,5 Sentinels Andernach
Blancs : Ré1 Dd1 Ta1h1 Fç1f1 Cb1g1 Pg4a2b2ç2d2é2f2h2
Noirs : Ré8 Dd8 Ta8 Fç8f8 Cb8g8 Pa7b7ç7d7é7f7g7
Proof Game 4,5 (16+14)
: a moving piece defecates a pawn, as long as there is still some left to defecate
: capturing piece changes its colour after the move

Few material for the next one but a huge headache
12 - h#2,5 with neutral pieces Exchange Circé Take&Make 2 solution with twin with each 2 solutions

& Eric HUBER
Quartz, 2010

neutral sd4 bc3 rf6 black Kd5
h#2,5 Exchange Circe Take&Make(0+1+3)

: the captured piece is reborn on the starting square of the capturing piece's move.
: a capture is followed by a movement of the captured piece with the march of the captured piece
huge !

And now, the supergards rule
13 - h#2 supergard 2 solutions

Julia's Fairies 2012

white Se5 Pf2 Re8 Ba6e7 Kf6 black Pc2a5 Ke1 Re2 Sd1 Bh1
h#2 SuperGard(6+6)
: a piece observed by a piece of his side is untouchable
Very interesting as a genre, and moreover, it is Petkov

14 - #2 Supergard

Julia's Fairies 2012

white Qd5 Pg2c3f6 Sa6c1 Ba8g3 Kg5 black Pg7d6e2 Ke3 Rb7

The key is a bit poor, but the variations on the other hand ...

A great problem to follow
15 - serial s#15 Madrasi Anticirce

The Problemist, 2010
1st Prize

white Pg7e5a7c5d3 Ka5 black Pb2b4b6f6 Kd4 Bd1 Sd6 Rh1
ss#15 AntiCirce Cheylan Madrasi(6+8)

We continue the headache with the neutral pieces in the following problem.
16 - h#3 parrain Circe with neutral pieces 3 solutions

1° Coupe du monde FIDE 2010
3° Prix

neutral Sf5f6 Bg4 black Pe6 Kf4 white Kc2
Parrain Circe
3 sol.

To start the restaurant part, what could be better than fuddled Men !
17 - h#2 Fuddled men

The Problemist supplément, 2010

white Pd4e2 Kb2 black Pe6f5 Kf6 Bb7
Fuddled Men
: when a piece is playing, it is tired and must rest the next move

18 - h#2 fuddled men with bérolina pawns

The Problemist supplémént, 2010

white Pe5 WPh5 black Ph7 Kh8 BPg7
Fuddled Men
🨣h5, 🨩g7: Bérolina Pawns
2 sol.

: diagonal move and vertical capture

Now an "educational" problem on shrinking Men
19 - #2 Shrinking Men with twin

Shrinking Men

white Qd1 Kb3 black Ka1
Shrinking Men

: a piece can only make one move of a length inferior or equal to its previous move
The Black King not being in check, the Queen's last move could only be inferior to 3
Kings having changed colour, they can only make one horizontal or vertical move, but not diagonal
Very instructive and simple, but destabilizing !
Of course, the symmetrical position does not have the same solution at all!

A serial problem for relaxation
20 - serial h=5 Isardam Anticirce

Laszlo ANYOS
The Problemist, 2009

white Bg8d8 Kd5 Qh4 Pg7a3b5c5 Sd3e3 Re8a1 black Qa8 Pf4d7c7b7 Sf7 Bh5 Ka4


a very nice switchback for the next dessert
21 - s#10 mandatory Black checks

The Problemist, 2009

white Pg6f4 Ke8 Bf7 black Qg4 Pf5f3 Ka2 Bb3b8 Sh4

Mandatory Black checks : Black is forced to check if he has this possibility, otherwise he does not play and skips his turn

And finally, for the digestive, an Anticirce.
22 - h#2 Anticirce with Grasshopper and twin

John M. RICE
The Problemist, 2007

white Ka8 Re2 Gf6e3 black Pd4c4d5e6g7 Ke4 Ba6 Sg6f3
b) d5-->f5

🨟e3, f6: Grasshoppers

End of the report.

Good brainstorm to all and good rest for the holidays.

Yours sincerely
Le greffier

fairy duvet

Excellent report.
The commentary on problem 4 makes me irresistibly think of this line from a 1921 film: "My name is Wenceslas Voboroïtchik -- It's not my fault!".
Problem 11 : there are two solutions, but starting with the 2nd blank move (the first full move being identical). We will rather say: "two variants".
Rest well, see you in September, God willing.

A word from Jean-Marc

I'm a bit lost... Wouldn't the masterly rectifications be hairy too? Indeed, our good master evokes "Wenceslas Voboroichik", whereas it must probably be "Wenceslas Vorobeïtchik"? But on the other hand, this character was only born in 1930 and therefore could not appear in a 1921 film, even in a necessarily mute line... This makes me myself mute with anguishing perplexity; perhaps it would be possible to reassure me on this point? Yours sincerely.

La réponse du Maître

Indeed, it is a calami slip. A number has gone wrong, no doubt as a result of the tribulations narrated above. The exact year is 1941, we will have recognized "The last of the six" with (obviously) Fresnay and André Luguet. Infinitely happy to see that this account has readers. At least that's what a literary man would say. With a mathematical background, I would rather say, like Rémy... that this report has at least one reader. Thank you J-M.

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