june 2 2009

For this return after a month's pause, only Daniel and the greffier attended the Master's performance.
No Guy, no Pierre, no Eric, no Michel, no others. The silence was deafening.
Perhaps the diaries were not up to date for this session.
Don't forget to note the date of next Tuesday, June 9, devoted to the fairy tale.

To begin with, something light, but full of banana peels.

1 - White to play and draw
W.:        Kf1
B.:        Kb2, Nh1, pg7

A pure economic position.

A little more provided with material, the following one is rather rich in footwork, Black having resources.


J fridliziusPolasek

A short summary of the European Problem Solving Championship (in Subotica, Serbia) and the open competition held there. The solutions are not given, except for those of the studies. But I will gladly alleviate the suffering of anyone who asks me for them. It should be noted that France, a dynamic country in full expansion (would it not be rather in the process of underdevelopment?) was unable to form a team, as only two competitors made the trip, instead of the three required.

Two miniatures in 2 to rest and some extra helpmates for Daniel.

Lindgren fNovomesky 2

A minimal etude as an amuse-bouche, followed by an "aristocrat" one which was hardly more difficult. Then a good surprise: an improvised competition in Messigny gave rise to an original idea by a French composer (they are so rare...).

The so-called finals specialist is back at it again, in the same tournament played more than 30 years ago, but a little more inspired. To tell the truth, he plays the good moves without knowing why... And he is not at all responsible if the two players "compose" (what an abuse of language) a Mandlerian study where the good in one case becomes the bad in the other, and reciprocally.

Game of the day: our ex-national hero facing a strong game. Shouldn't he post his Queen on c7 and prefer e7? No doubt, but his opponent demonstrates that his is much better on c2 than on e2! The proposal of the listeners 23 Qh5 is not bad at all, besides 23 Rg2.

See you next Tuesday 9 June for the fairy tale, all the fairy tale, nothing but the fairy tale. And in the report, a selection of the French resolution championship.

Have a good read


2 - White to play and win
W.:        Kh1, Rb5, Be6 and g3
B.:        Ka7, Rf5 and g4

Good work in this aristocratic position presented by the Marquis.

The next position is from an endgame of the Master and is close to a composition.

3 - the whites play and try to make the best of it
W.:        Ke2, Rc2, pb2, g3 and h2
B.:        Kd4, Rb5, pe3, g7 and h5

You have to cause Black as many problems as possible to survive. There may be no way out, but you have to "screw" your opponent as much as possible.

Today's game is a beautiful duel

4 - Guelfand - Lautier

1. d4 d5 2. c4 c6 3. Nf3 Nf6 4. Nc3 e6 5. e3 Nbd7 6. Qc2 Bd6 7. Bd3 0-0 8. 0-0 h6
(8. ... Qe7 9. c5 Bc7 10. e4 e5 11. ed cd 12. Re1 and there are not too many squares left for the Queen) 9. b3 b6 10 Bb2 Bb7 11. Rac1 (here, there are a lot of possibilities e4, Rad1, Rfd1 etc...) dc 12. bc c5 13. d5! ed 14 Nxd5 Nxd5 15. cd Bxd5 16. Rfd1 Bxf3 17. gf (White Bishops are ideally placed) Qc7?! (17. ... Qe7!? 18. Bc4 with idea Qg6) 18.Bc4 Rad8 19. f4 Kh8 20. Qf5 f6 21. Kh1 (21. Bd3 g6!) Rfe8 22. Rg1 Re7 23. Rg6? (Rg2! or Qh5) Nf8? (23. ...b5! ) 24. Rxh6! gh 25. Bxf6+ Rg7 26. Bxg7+ Qxg7 27. Rg1 resigns

Tense play between 2 contact players.

For the restoration part, the Master had taken out his surprise bag and the chessboard was on the table, but no problem was given to look for, probably because of Guy's absence!
The recent calendar of problem competitions having been quite busy, the conversation was mainly on this subject, but this is only a postponement to the next session.

Due to scheduling reasons, the Master's corrections will arrive later in the week.
The clerk will be late for the next session. If a volunteer is willing to take over, he/she is welcome to do so.

Enjoy the reading.
Sincerely yours

Le greffier 


The master greffier forgot about the award-winning study in Messigny, no doubt in solidarity with the Marquis' troubles there. But Philippe Rouzaud has nothing to do with it:
Kh2, Qb8, Ne2, Ph3 & h4 / Kh5, Qd3, Pf2, g5, g6 & h6: White to play and win.
On the other hand, he makes no mistakes in the game, any more than in the other studies.
On Tuesday

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