november 15 2005

Master's word

Once again, the striking mafia, which systematically operates on course days, was beaten.

A rectification of a deplorable prejudice about the "Novotny", the most beautiful selfmate of the last quarter of a century (a very personal opinion, but our national GMI was not there to contradict me).

O kellyPenrose

A remark on the great quantity of "negroes" used by Averbach in his work on the endgames ( Maizelis for the pawn endgames, Kopaiev for the rook endgames, Khenkin for the Q vs R and pawn endgames, Chekhover for the Knight endgames, Averbach having only written himself the Q vs Q endgames and the Bishops endgames) aroused the verve of Remy, who nicknamed him "Averblack" !

The game of the day is (albeit involuntarily, since it was selected a long time ago) a striking refutation of the recent, perfectly foolish claim of a quarteron of frustrated referees, encouraged by incapable organisers, ready to sacrifice to the "novelty" idol, to demand that the players implore their lordship before proposing a draw. In this case, they risk an adventure with which Alès 84 and Epinal 89 will be only sweets.

The master greffier was strangely nondrinking last night. This is already worrying enough, but what is even more worrying is that his account contains no errors. Fortunately, the allusions to one or the other digestive reassure us about its state.

Master's diagrams

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