february 10 2004


How much time will you spend on this mat in 3, which looks like nothing? A little more than expected? Don't worry, you're not the only ones...

An easy French helpmate to help you get back on your feet. Don't forget the twin.

Two studies by an unknown composer, one simple despite a final surprise, the other more complex, presenting a curious struggle between Rook and Knight against Rook, with doubled pawns that annoy... their own Rook. The fritzoids are overtaken, it is only when they have their noses, so to speak, on the reciprocal zugzwang that they begin to realise that something is happening.

A moment of relaxation with a little virtuoso act in the middle of the game.

Shirov 1NisipeanuThe "Parisian embarrassments", as they were called, many decades ago now, in the blessed days when they were still only a delicate nuisance, have broken all records for your master course. Aggravated certainly by a breakdown of his steel horse. He naively thought he could solve the problem by calling a "taxi", where a helicopter would have been needed. As a matter of fact, the part of the day was incredibly complex, the well-known Latvian sorcerer running into a Romanian sorcerer's apprentice who was determined not to let it get to him. Even in very average concentration and in an annoyingly limited time, it was a great show, where the white strangely went off against a marble defence.

Master's diagrams

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