may 16 2006

A very good (and quality) audience was present, with even a brief visit from our friend Pierre.
There was, moreover, a lively discussion between Pierre and the
Master on the subject of zugzwang and half-moves. Both protagonists remained on their positions, and it can be said that the zugzwang was reciprocal.

For the first study, a warm-up with Knights

1 - White to play and draw











W.: Kc5, Nc1, pe5
B.: Ke6, Na5, pf5 and h5

As the greffier has arrived along the way, he has no comment to make on this choice piece.

For the second, the solution is very short but there is a twin position.

2 - White to play and draw











W.: Kh8, pg7, h6 and h7
B.: Kb2, Ba1 and a2, pa3

a) the position
b) -ph6

Master's words



The first study shows a particularly convincing example of intelligent use of "tablebases": research of aesthetics, pedagogical limpidity. The two others are amusing prowesses of the first "false great retiree" of Chess, the "not too abominable JR", founder and tireless continuator of the albionesque, and nevertheless enthralling review "Endgame", "EG" for the intimates. No need to specify which is the second "false etc.", a kind of well-known King-Kong whose pathetic return some humanoids are waiting for...

And, since it is necessary to recall the facts, the French (and others) having a short memory, Kralin's famous fake first prize in an Israeli competition, multi-demolished by the listeners of the course, with a brief summary of the "affair"... In contrast to the all-too-clear evolutionary hiatus that has often been discussed lately, the master clerk is now shaved from head to toe. I found no errors in the statement of studies or in the text of the game. As far as I can remember, the fairy ones are correct too. This coincides with the resumption of "normal relations" between the master greffier and the beaujolais.

Kramnik 3

In the game of the day, a new blindside: Philippe's 29 Qf3 (in the 27...Bb7 variation) is countered by 29...Bxe5 (quite simply) since after 30 Bxe5 exd5 the f6-square is controlled!  And an even more amusing one: Daniel's 35 Bc1 is countered by Ne2+ 36 Rxe2 Rxe2 37 Bh6 Re1+ followed by Qa1! Had Kramnik seen this? And eliminated 35 Bc1 knowingly? God only knows (Kramnik probably forgot).

The fairytale part includes a zoological initiation which the master clerk will tell you about and a festival of the phenomenal Charpentier.
 Have a good time.

PS: No objection to moving the course to Tuesday 23 May. It's no longer a joke: two weeks in a row! That suits the Charpentier stakhanovists !

the 3rd one looks a bit like a virgin forest next to the first 2

3 - White to play and draw


W.: Kg5, Ne6, pf5, f6, h5 and h6
B.: Kf2, Bb1 and f8, Ng8, pd7, f7 and g7

A very strange position, and especially full of emotions.

For the game of the day, the Master leaves a little 1. e4 aside.

4 - game of the day

1. Nf3 d5 2. d4 e6 3. g3 Nf6 4. Bg2 Be7 5. 0-0 0-0 6. c4 dc 7. Qc2 a6 8. a4 Nc6 9. Qxc4 Qd5 10. Nbd2 Rd8 11. e3 Qh5 (11. ... QxQ 12. NxQ and the white position has very good prospects) 12. e4 Bd7 13. b3 b5 14. Qc3 Be8 (14. ...Bb4 15. Qc2 Be8 16. ab Qxb5 is very satisfactory for Black) 15. ab ab 16. RxR RxR 17. Bb2 Ra2 18. Qc1 Qh6 (why do you think ?) 19. h3 (no more Ng4) g6 20. Re1 Qf8 (and that's it! recycling the Queen) 21. Qb1 Nb4 22. Ne5 Nd7 12. Bc3 Ra6 (23. ... cxe5 24. Bxb4) 24. NxN BxN 25. Nf3 Qa8
(super recycling: column a, diagonal a8 h1 25. ... f6 26. Qd1 with ideas like h4 and h5 was not too good but 25. ... Bf6 26.Ne5 Be8 and Bg7 is also quite acceptable for Black)

26. Ne5 Bc6 (small provocation without importance, the Knight being stronger than the Bishop in the position, it is out of question for White to exchange it) 27. Qd1 ! Na2 (you have to plug up the damn diagonal) 28. Bb2 b4 29. d5 Be8 30. Ng4 (30. Bf1 is more powerful with the idea of Bc4 and it starts to get closer to the black king) Nc3 31. Qf3 h5 32. Nf6+ fxf6 33. Qxf6 ed 24. Qd4 Ra2 35. Qxb4 Nb5 (35. ... Rxb2 36. Qxc3 Qa2 37. ed Bb5 38. Qc5 is to White's advantage and paradoxically 35. ... d4 which gives a pawn makes Black's life much easier) 36. Bf6 Qa7 37. Re3 d4 38. Qe7 Nd6
(38. ... Qb8) 39. Rd3 Qa6 40. Rd1 Qe2 41. Rf1 d3 Bd4 d2 43. Qe5 Kf8 44. Be3 Kg8 45. Bh6 Qxf2+ 46. Rxf2 d1=Q+ 47. Rf1 Rxg2+ 48. Kxg2 Qe2 49. Kg1 1-0

For the heterodox part of the course, which took place in the restaurant, the Master gave us a little review of some ungulates (without any connotation, although the article from which the positions were extracted was written by an Englishman), and friend Guy presented us with a large number of his positions (all very decent, don't worry), but the duty of reserve, as almost all of them compete all over the world, only one will take its place in the report.

Three pedagogical problems to start with.

5 - #2 with camels
camel : bouncer (3,1)


W.: Kc4, Bh8, Nh3, pd6 and h5, Cb7, d1 and h1
B.: Kf5, pe5, Ch7

For those who are not familiar, Cb7 controls a4, e6 and e8

6 - #2 with camel and giraffe
giraffe : bouncer (4,1)


W.: Kb5, Qc8, pd7 and e6
B.: Ka7, Gc4, Cf5

Very simple and elegant

7 - #2 zebras
zebras : bouncer (3,2)


W.: Ke3, Qd7, pg4 and g5
B.: Ze5, Zb8 and g8

and now that you have mastered the genre, a big problem produced by the Finnish Caillaud.

8 - h#2  8 (!!) solutions with Grasshoppers and Zebras
helpmate : blacks play and help whites to checkmate them
n solutions : there are n different first moves (half-moves?) by black in this case for this statement which lead to mate in 2
Grasshopper : Piece with the Queen's march needs a sautoir to move. The squares to the sautoir must be free. In addition, the finishing square just behind the sautoir must be free or occupied by an opponent's piece

W.: Kd3, Bf6, Gg7, Ze5
B.: Kh8, Bb3 and e3, Na4, pc6, e2, e6, f2 and h4, Gh2, Zh1 and h6

A very nice piece (a rib of beef for two for example)

To follow, a remarkable composition by Guy.

9 - h#2 with jokers 2 solutions
joker : piece that takes the characteristics of the opposing piece that has just played


W.: Kb1, Jf2 and f7
B.: Ke4, Rd2 and e5, Bg5, Nf5

A real beauty

To finish, an American production of an old yougo of very beautiful workmanship

10 - #2 anti-circe
anti-circe : normal march except for captures where the capturing piece returns to its native square if it is free, otherwise the capture is illegal


W.: Kd3, Rc2 and d8, Bg5, Ne6, pc3, e4 and f5
B.: Ke5, Qh6, Nb1 pd5

Scratch the rib bone, it is very tasty.

It remains for me to wish you good reading and see you tomorrow for the

Yours sincerely

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