november 18 2003

Master's word


Some Babson in homage to Costeff (following the fantastic tribute to our friend Afek) flirting with the Babson in study.

A classic endgame often misquoted by so-called erudites who can't read printed books and reproduce the mistakes of the 3 million-games "bases".


The game of the day illustrates that a muddy beginning is nothing, as long as one is determined, follows one's plan and doesn't tremble in the face of complications...(only a tactical genius can refute...(tribute to the rotten beginnings that incite mistakes)... and engender such exciting games!

I present a Martian circe (twins) to the after-course agape; I am very proud to have solved them both in the TGV, without even using the systematic half-hour late of all the T(P)Vs I borrow; my "pupils" from Saint-Lazare demolish the two twins in a few minutes... We are really living in an amazing time.

Good " regalade " (for the Parisian gourmets, avoid the so-called " regalade " rue jean moulin which gives more and more in the register " restaurants for amerloques or hurried bobos who go to the cinema " and go rather to the " gourmand " rue de l'ouest, good welcome for the chess players coming from the marquis) [unfortunately disappeared since]. 






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