may 24 2022

Some problems with the link to start this session.
To reassure everyone, it is always in the agenda.

Small audience for this event, and it's a pity, a lot of ZZ and a high level sacrificial game were presented and enjoyed by the audience.

Below is the report of the Master in top form.

For your information, the next class will be held on Saturday 18 June (as of Tuesday 21), so don't miss it!

Master's words

Darrieux 1Saint jean 1

"It is with good bourgeois women that the best cranes are made, all men know that" (Danielle Darrieux in "Le désordre et la nuit").

Splendor veritatis: "The truth will set you free" (Saint John).

"I am everywhere" (Lucy, at the end of L. Besson's film).

"We" is a jerk. It's all about universal suffrage" (P. Morand).

"Wherever there is a mixture of barbarism and religion, it is religion that ends up winning; wherever there is a mixture of barbarism and philosophy, it is barbarism that wins" (A. de Rivarol, alluding to the end of Greco-Roman civilisation and the French revolution).

Valery 1

Bainville 2

"Politics is the art of preventing people from meddling in what concerns them" (P. Valéry).

"The inability to profit from the experience of others appears to be the characteristic of the inferior man and of poor brains. It is also characteristic of that primitive state, the lowest on the scale of states, which is called democracy" (J. Bainville).


"If our educators were surgeons, there would be blood everywhere" (P. Debray-Ritzen).


Petkov 3

Covid ? I never realised I had it" (Lucile Randon, known as Soeur André, 118 years old).

The Bulgarian super-genius P. A. Petkov had unfortunately not listened to Novak's advice, nor read our course. He speaks of "long illness after a very unsuccessful and dangerous vaccination against covid". God bless him.

After the Bishop vs. pawn fight of the previous course, an echoing Knight vs. pawn fight. As you can imagine, there is no shortage of ZZs (reciprocal zugzwangs): 11 mentioned, but certainly many more!

A computer composition with 3 Knights against a Rook; ZZ again. A Czech study appreciated by "Uncle Halber", who knows what we are talking about. Finally a walk of two Rooks against two threatening pawns.

For next month, a pawn endgame with a familiar dilemma: to activate or to remain defensive. A Latvian masterpiece with a miraculous rescue. Then a Bishop (well assisted by a Knight) turns a black Rook upside down. Same treatment for a black Queen. Finally, a heroic struggle of two Rooks against two Knights and a future Queen.

Serper nikolaidis

Our game of the day is a record of sacrifices: each kind of figure is... twice offered, so 8 sacrifices! It was already shown in the course a quarter of a century ago but it is not useless to return to it!


Zdravko Maslar has just left us. Our collection contains 12 of his works (see the index), mostly helpmates. Here is also a fairy tale illustrating a genre he invented, the Masand, joining his patronymic to the name of Andernach where he organised many congresses.

Training: a record number of variations in the first 2#. Trials in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 6th (9 trials!), 7th, 8th (one trial) and 10th. Model mats in the first 3#, double-nailed mats in the second. Two complex 5# (we leave the solution of the first).

One helpmate 2# with a twin, one in 3 which we found difficult and a diagonal echo in 4. Regulars should recognise the selfmate in 3. Finally, we leave the solution of the Gamn in 5 for charity! And we invite you to take a little walk among the... octagons here at the bottom of the page: a little pythagorean revision. 

Last minute : Vangelis, in his turn, leaves us. Happy man, who like Demis, had the immense happiness to know Irene Papas...  

Have a good time. See you in a few weeks for the last session before the summer if Deus vult.

Master's diagrams

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