december 14 2010


Two helpmates to distract Daniel and a few others for Christmas. We rest with a #2, then a small festival of 3#: three direct and two selfmate (the second one makes both a Greek and a Latin cross). Finally, a long problem of the world specialist... of 2 moves ... !

A few years ago, we were surprised that a PG in 7 moves, "composed" by a computer controlled by the expert hands of F. Labelle, could make us dry so long. This record has just been beaten by the famous composer Gianni Donati. It is always in 7 moves but this time there are two solutions, both as " impossible to solve ", although those who remember Labelle's one are better placed... for the first solution. I made a bet with the specialist nicknamed "Ricou" that after two hours he would still have nothing. Bah! All I risk is to offer him dinner. It will only be a mediocre thank you for all the masterpieces he has given us.

Not bad either, a PG "at home" by Marco Bonavoglia in 7.5. Did the Italians eat lion ?

Another bet, precisely about the lion, is to dry the audience on a mat in one move. A bet doubly won tonight, first with locusts in chess patrol, then with Rook-lion, Bishop-lion and above all, in the "lion" family, the ROSE !

The fairies does not fit well into the "electronic" report. But the tabellion master will tell you everything you want to know... An exception all the same with a 42-move helped stalemate, which you can contemplate at home... like in the cinema.

Merry Christmas and see you on the January 4th for a lesson that is back to "normal"..

Enjoy yourself.



Click in the right part of the chessboard to move forward, left to move backward...
or directly on the move in the solution

for this last lesson of the year, you will find the usual greffier whose eloquence is far from equal to that of the luxury replacement Daniel.. 

Limited assistance, except for the hard core.
Let us note the notable absence of Michel who had not missed a single fairy lesson for a very long time, that of Abdel, Pierre and others ...

For a good start, a Teutonic work, in the purest Germanic style. :,

1 - #11 with Paos, Vaos and Equistopper

Hans Peter REHM & Klaus WENDA
The Problemist, 2008
1st Prize

white WVf6d8 Bd4 Kh6 Pf2e3b2 WPc3 qfh2 black BVc1 Bf7 Ke4 Pa4d2e2d5d6e6 Sh3 BPd3a2 Rd1
🨵c3, 🨻d3, a2: Pao
🨶f6, d8, 🨶c1: Vao
🩈h2: Equistopper
: piece moving like a Bishop but needing a hurdle to capture
: same as above, but with a Rook moving way
: piece which controls the centre of symmetry in relation to any other piece on the chessboard as long as it is a whole square
example: 🩈h2 control g2 (♙f2), e2 (♙b2), f3 (♗d4), g4 (🨶f6) and h4 (♔h6)

So that you are in the same conditions as during the lesson, here are the helpings given by the Master:
1.♙f3 does not mate 🨻xf3 2. 🩈xf3+ ♚d3!
on 1.♙b4 threatening 🩈h4 #, the good defence is not ab on which f3+ works rather better, but 🨶xe3!

Search solution of this problem, it's a very nice mechanic (like Mercedes or BMW)

From one of the 2 authors, another composition  

2 - #2 Patrol with Grasshoppers

Hans Peter REHM
4è T.T. Chess Composition
Microweb, 2000
1st Prize

white WGa6 Kh8 Qg2 Pf4f2b4c4c3d3 Sf5e6c6 Re2a5 black Bd7 BGg8b1a8e5 Kd4 Qd8 Pe7f6g5g4g3 Sd5e4 Re8c1
#2 Patrol(14+16)
🨟a6, 🨥g8, b1, a8, e5: Grasshoppers
: a piece can only capture when it is under the observation of a piece from its side
: moves on the Queen's lines with the help of a hurdle behind which she lands
. It's heavy stuff! Even one-move (!) mats are hard to find (there are witnesses !).

Still with the Grasshoppers, a bit of archaeology.

3 - h#2 with Grasshoppers

Thomas R. DAWSON
in memoriam C.M. Fox
The Problemist Fairy Chess Supplément, 1936

white Bc1 WGf6g4 Kd2 Ph5h7c4h2 Sh8 Rh4 black Bd1d8 BGa5c5 Kh6 Qf1 Pg7d4h3 Sb2a1 Rd7e7
🨟f6, g4, 🨥a5, c5: Grasshoppers
this artwork is more than 70 years old, but it holds exceptionally well on the road
To give you a small indication, a retro-analysis would be welcome

Chinese pieces are found in the following problem :

4 - hs#4 with Paos and Vaos

Thomas MAEDER, Franz PACHL
T.T. Andernach, 2010
1st Prize

white WVf6 Ke1 WPe8g4 Sf1 Pg6d2e3f4 black BVc1h5 Kh8 BPd5
b) chessboard rotation of 90° left
: Black plays and helps the White until the penultimate move, after which the whites play and force them to checkmate, which in the statement makes h#3 (with White begins) + s#1.
very clean and pleasant to search

Also light and equally pleasant is the following :

5 - h#2 Circe Patrol 3 solutions with Nightrider

Smits G.
1st Prize

white Ka2 Rd1 WGd7 WNf1 black Bg5 BGg2g4 Kh4 WNh3 Pd2g3h5f7 Re1d5
h#2 Circe Patrol(4+11)
3 solutions 🨢f1, 🨨h3: Nightriders
🨟d7, 🨥g2, g4: Grasshoppers
: a captured piece is reborn on its original square (a fairy piece is reborn on the promotion square on the column where it is captured)
: Knight extended in a straight line

A task to continue

6 - series h=42

StrateGems, 2009

white Qd1 Pb3b5 Bf7 Rb8h6 Kh4 black Pa5e7e6e5e4e3e2 Ka7 Ba1g4 Sa6a3
It's not too much of a secret to reveal that the 6 black pawns are going to promote each other, what's more so is that the promotions will take place without a capture.
If that's not a boost, then what is it ?

7 - #2 with Rook-Lion, Bishop-Lion and Rose-Lion

white Bh8 WBc1 Kf8 Pd2f6 Se8 Rc7 WRe4g8 WOc2 black BBe6 Pf5 BOa7 Kd8 BRa6a5
🨷c2, 🨽a7: Rose-Lion
🨵e4, g8, 🨻a6, a5: Rook-Lion
🨶c1, e6: Bishop-Lion
: Rose needing a hurdle to swallow the opponent's piece.
: kind of extended Knight with a curved moving way (e.g.: c2 - e1 - g2 - h4 - g6)
: Bishop needing a hurdle to swallow the opponent's piece.
: Rook needing a hurdle to swallow the opponent's piece.

During dinner part of the lesson, Master Guy, in his characteristic creative style, shared with us his latest P.G. creations.
It was a great moment of delight. Of course, the works in question are under the seal of secrecy before publication.

the Master nevertheless had the opportunity to conclude with 2 typically fairy works, beginning with a composition by our friend Abdel

8 - h#2,5 - Immun chess

Abdelaziz ONKOUD
The Problemist, 2010

white Pe5 Kg2 Rh4 Sh3 black Pf5g5g4h5h7 Kg6 Bg7
h#2,5 Immun(4+7)
b) e5-->g3
: A piece whose rebirth square is occupied cannot be reborn in the Circe sense of the term and therefore cannot be captured
. Very funny, because the first black move is intended to allow the second white move, which would have been of no interest in orthodox chess.
The Immun genre is therefore really present in both phases as the basis of this composition.

To conclude, we return to the patrol rule

9 - h#2 - Patrol

The Problemist, 2005
3rd Place

white Qa8 Pd6c5 Bf7 Rd1 Kh1 black Bh2 Kd5 Qf8 Pd7e5f5e4c4c3 Sg8 Rh3
h#2 Patrol(6+11)
3 solutions

Very nice "patrolage" mechanism.

It remains for me to wish you a very good reading and a good end-of-year feast.
The next appointment, as the Master reminds us, is January 4th (I take this opportunity to thank him for the electronic version).

See you next year.
Yours sincerely.

Le greffier 

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