january 30 2007

as Daniel rightly pointed out, inspired by one of the many Bretagnolles's creations, the audience
had not come for the Master, but to see and hear him.
You will find below the electronic version of the report as well as the production of our friend Guy for Saint-Lazare.
Thanks to both of them.

The first of the three studies is a trapping position.
To give a little more spice to the resolution, the statements will now be cryptic

1 - white to play and make the best of it
W.:   Kg3, Re8, Bc7, pf3, h2 and h5
B.:   Kf1, pc2, f5, g5 and h6

Very nice succession of precise moves.

No helpmate for overworked Daniel, but two selfmates and a traditional retro that I liked (apparently the two weak points of French solutionists in general). And the most interesting problems of the "world" solving contest on Sunday 21 January (the "Havel" being of course my favourite). As well as the morning study, which was unanimously opposed (not really elegant, a laborious domination of the bB, but a difficult key because "antistrategic") and the afternoon one...which was unanimously in favour!

RetiThree studies to finish the tribute (in three courses) to Dvoretzky, who, I remind you one last time, is organising a competition for the composition of studies likely to please players, i.e. whose initial position is natural. These three studies are spread out from 1899 to 2004: the persistence of true aesthetics.

Lasker 1

The game of the day (a classic), with the tasty comments of a (sympathetic) albionesque cutting a suit to another much less sympathetic albionesque, known for his sickly vanity, that the regulars will easily recognize. Exciting questioning of the (provisional) bookish conclusions by the concentration of the Saint-Lazarian brains: 9...Nh5 does not appear any more as "obviously superior" to 9...Ne8. And 12...Bg4(!) is not so simple:
14...Ne5 having been rudely shaken (though ...), perhaps 14...Bf3 should be preferred.

Don't miss, in 8 to 10 days, the consultation of the MJAE site, where the case of this hyper-media Teuton author of a supposedly "fundamental" endgame treaty will be definitively settled.


Have fun.


2 - white to play and make the best of it
W.:   Kh2, Bf7, pa6 and h5
B.:   Ka1, Rf4, pc4

The statement is not complicated to find, but there are a few things to check.

3 - white to play and make the best of it
W.:   Kd5, Ba5, Nf6
B.:   Ka3, pb4 and c5

Here again, no problem to find the statement, but still some hidden resources to analyse

4 - game of the day

1. e4 c5 2. Nc3 Nc6 3. Nf3 g6 4. d4 cd 5. Nxd4 Bg7 6. Be3 d6 (6. ... Nf6 is another possibility) 7. h3 Nf6 8. g4 (in 1904 they were still attacking with bayonets) 0-0 9. g5 (9. Bg2 is calmer and moreover less compromising) Ne8 (9. .. Nh5 10. Be2 Nf4 is to be considered) 10. h4 Nc7 11. f4 e5 12.Ne2 d5? (12. ... Bg4 13. Qd2 ef 14. Nxf4 Ne5 the blacks are back on track) 13. ed Nd4 14. Nxd4 Nxd5! 15. Nf5 Nxc3 16. Qxd8 Rxd8 17. Ne7+ (17. Nxg7 is better Nd5 18. Bd2 ef 19. c4 Ne3 20. Ba5 b6 21. Bc3) Kh8 (17. ... Kf8 18. Bb4 Ne4 19. Ba3 and it smells like a pine tree) 18. h5 Re8 19. Bb4 gh 20. Bc4? (20. Rxh5! Ne4 21. Bd3 Bf5 22. Nxf5 Nxc5 23. Bb5 Red8 24. Kf2 ef 25. Rah1Bxb2 26. g5) exf4? (20. ... Ne4 Bxf7 Bg4) 21. Bxf7 Ne4 (21. ... Rf8 22. g6 h6 23. bc Bxc3+ 24. Kf2 b6 25. Rag1 bc 26. Rxg4 Bd4+ 27. Kf1 Rxf7 28. gf hg 29. Ng6+ Kg7 30. f8=Q+ Rxf8 31. Nxf8 Kxf8 32. Rxh7 with a draw without whistling too much) 22. Bxe8 Bxb2 23. Rb1 Bc3+ 24. Kf1 Bg4 25. Bxh5 Bxh5 26. Rxh5 Ng3+ 27. Kg2 Nxh5 28. Rxb7 a5 29. Rb3 Bg7 30. Rh3 Ng3 31. Kf3 Ra6 32. Kxf4 Ne2+  33. Kf5 Nc3 24. a3 Na4 35. Be3 resign

A beautiful fight.

For the after session, you have at your disposal the sobrecasian gift at the Marquis' course and the following position proposed by
the Master

5 - h=3 with imitator
      - helped stalemate : black plays and helps white to stalemate him
      - imitator : a piece without a colour making an equipollent move to the playing piece. If the imitator's move
is impossible, the move is illegal
W.:   Kd7, Ib8
B.:   Ke1, Bb1 and d2, Nc3

a) the position
b) Ib8 --> d4

A beautiful composition, very difficult to solve.

That's all for today, it remains for me to wish you all a good reading and to give you an appointment on February 13th for the next session of the Masterclass (and probably before for the rectifications!).


Yours sincerely

Guy's words


Dear friend,

Here are the "Marquis' problems" for the 31/1 session:

 An aperitif without fairy conditions:

W. : Ka1 Ne4
B. : Kb3 Nc3 Pa4b4a3a2c2
h‡4* -set play-   (2+7)

Prime rib:
W. : Kd2 Rd6c1 Bh7h4 Ne1 Pf5c4c3d3e2
B. : Kf1 Pd7f7f6c5c2
serial helped stalemate 25 moves
sh=25 (11+6)

Marc de Bourgogne:
W. : Bh5 Pe2
B. : Ke4 Pd5e5f5d4f4e3g2
h‡4 (2+8)
2 solutions

Multicaptures: A piece can only be captured if it is attacked at least twice.

Kind regards.


Master's rectifications

Bretagnollesque? Or Gidian?
Game of the day : On 17...Kf8? it is of course 18 Bc5. Also in the text it should read 19 Bc5 instead of Bb4.
Variation 20 Rxh5! is of course 26 g6.
The variation 21...Rf8 becomes perfectly intelligible if we replace 22...h6 by 22...Bg4.
Let us add finally the important improvement 24...Nxc5!
Good rereading

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