I'll never forget the warm welcome you gave me, aided by Guy, who regretted having forgotten his Kalashnikov, when I introduced the lemmings. Mindful of my own survival, I threw out the second example, which you described as demented, and confined myself to reconstructing the first. A simple presentation like that, isn't it? ?


white Pb4a6 Ra1c8 Bd1 Ka5 black Pa2 Kc4 Rc1 Sb2 Bc7
s#4 (6+5)


} 1.Ka5-a4? Bc7-a5 2.Rc8-c7 Sb2*a4 {(nothing can go on c8) is an illegal sequence
} 1.Bd1-h5 ? Rc1-d1+ {

} 1.Bd1-b3! Rc1-d1 {
1...Nd1? is illegal, because no one can go to b2 and therefore, 2.Bxc4
} 2.Ra1-c1 a2-a1=S { only move } {
} 3.Bb3-a2 Sa1-b3 {3...Kb3 illegal : 4.Rc4 Rc1
} 4.Rc1-a1 Rd1-c1# {
Indeed,} 5.Ka5-a4 Sb3-a5 6.Ka4-b3 Sb2-a4 7.Kb3-b2 {K or Nxb3 is illegal. In the same way 5.Rb1 Na1}

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