march 13 2012

Pseudo-greffier's word

no verbatim report for this session, in the absence of the greffier. 
You will not lose anything with the electronic report of the Master with the photo of the new member in flesh and blood. 
Have a good time and see you on the 27th of this month. 

Yours sincerely  
le pseudo-greffier 


Interim greffier's word

I have just been informed of the new membership: as we need to encourage goodwill, I propose to change the course to a weekly rhythm at least (having said that, we can't do more than that since it is the "Tuesday session").

Master's word

Attached is a new member of the Saint-Lazare Club who particularly enjoys the Tuesday sessions. This is said without wanting to influence you.

Pentecost 2005. I tell a "congressman" from Messigny about my difficulties as a Laborczi 1 solver : Like this well-known Bordeaux player, obstinate on his favourite variations, who said "the more I play it, the more I lose it", I am persuaded that: "the more I look for problems, the less I solve them". In support of this thesis, I show him a 6# helpmate with 2 solutions, of which I have found one, but am hopelessly stuck on the second. He himself is an average solver. Then I walk away. Five minutes later, he catches up with me: he's found that second solution. I tell him: "That's what I said: as a solver, I'm no good". Fate's answer: the next morning, I won my only title of French Solving champion, solving all the problems submitted, just like Michel, but preceding him by the famous "2mn 35 of happiness" dear to Sylvie Vartan. Lindgren b 3  
Of course, this problem of a Hungarian composer (but "hongrois que ce qu'on voit") had been included in the review, as a single original item selected by your fake-master. It has just -- conveniently -- been awarded a first prize. The judge is the current world's best composer of aids, Christopher Jones (Fadil please forgive me). I give it back, of course. 
It should be noted that the 2nd prize (helpmate 6.5# with AP by Grönroos) and the 3rd prize (same statement, by Gräfrath) were also in the report. There were no other prizes. 
Three more helpmates for the road. Two 2#, an easy 4# and two "series" by the great Bo (with solutions, lucky them...). 
Another Didi? I'll do it. The theme is different : to play the first move, you must have seen everything.  With a little revision on rook against two linked pawns, as well as the body interposition. 
A Kubbel classic to rest, why not? Are there still people who don't know this study? No, they simply forgot it... 
Karpov 9VaganianGame of the day: you give the pawns you want, certainly, when you attack on the kingside. But is it enough for the win? Especially when the opponent is ready to give his Queen against Ra8 and Pa3! But, when one knows, better than anyone else, how to make his white Bishop turn from white squares... Could Black get away with it? Yes, of course, having seen a 32-move variation... 
See you if God wills in a fortnight, on March 27th
Have a good time. 

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