october 22 2013

for this second session of the season, a record audience!
In addition to the 3 immense problemists that are Abdel, Michel and Ricou, other listeners took advantage of the school holidays to attend the Master's class.

For the warm-up, a superb study which ends with an attempt at physical opposition between the Black King and the White King.

1 - White to play and win
Volodimir SAMILO
W : Kh6 Rç8 Nç3 pa6
B : Ka1 Pa7h7g5a3b3
+ (3+6)

To schematise and help you a little: you have the choice between 1.Ra8 and 1. Rc7. Both threaten pa7, but which is the right one?

A big one now, again on the theme of opposition :

2 - White to play and win
W : Kb5 Pd5d4f3h3ç2
B : Ké7 Pd7h7d6g5f4
+ (6+6)

CsakPaliulionis 1In this session's selection of helpmates, a place is given to a Lithuanian composer who has only recently come to prominence, although he started composing over 30 years ago. His speciality is: model mats in long problems, often with a "set play" which consists in giving half a move less. The first one, in 4.5 moves, has a much more difficult solution than the other one. The 2nd is a h#6.5 with set play, which means: a) h#6 b) h#6.5. The 3rd is a h#9.5 with set play, which means: a) h#9 b) h#9.5. Meanwhile, a foray into the past, with a problem from a century ago, which is nevertheless very... original! And a h#5 Ukrainian 2-solution that made me suffer.
A ellermanWatch out for the first 2#! In the 3rd, the work of... best friend, recently deceased, of the world champion of the specialty, it is difficult to see the key before the thematic trial, and even... before all the trials. Bet won.Rev k traxlerThen a masterpiece in 3 moves from Mr 4...Fc5! The other 3# is more relaxing, though... A spectacular 4# from Uncle Adolf. Another one, quite strange, with an almost naked black king. 
A mate in 14 moves as easy as a 2-move? It exists, I've met it! 
A Ukrainian study, transposing to the 10th move in one of the first exercises of a well known French book, now a site which, more or less, is becoming known. 
A pawn endgame with two "main variations" (thus unsuitable for a solution contest). One with a creeping move which delights me, the other longer and more brilliant, but also more prosaic, with semi-conjugated squares, illustrating a "trapezulation".              
Last season we saw two examples where Rook and Knight in distress managed to save themselves against a Queen. The Rook was the star; this time it will be the Knight.     
Reshevsky 1"One memorable move makes the whole game memorable". It is thePetrossian case of a player who was to "fall" Botvinnik 10 years later. But the 25th move, brilliant, would be nothing without the justification that one had to have, if not foreseen, at least sensed, the 31st.   
See you in three weeks, on Tuesday 12 November. May God keep you. 
Have a good time.

A real choice piece, with a few moves that shouldn't be a problem for those who have read the good books, plus a move from the depths of hell!

to rest a little, a very elegant amusement


3 - White to play and draw
W : Ka1 Rç5 Né4
B : Kb7 Qd3
= (3+2)

This study should delight the "normal" chess player, who will be keen to place this trick in a club game!

The following position is the exercise for the next session which will take place on 12 November

4 - exercise of the day
W : Kh1 Ba7 Nd3
B : Ka8 Bf8ç4 Pd7
= (3+4)

The game is relatively old, but still full of vigour
5 - game of the day
1 d4 Nf6 2 c4 e6 3 Nc3 Bb4 4 e3 0-0  5 Bd3 d5 6 Nf3 c5 7 0-0 Nc6 8 a3 Bxc3 9 bc b6
9 ... dc 10 Bxc4 Qc7 is probably more suitable in the position to raise the tension
10 cd ed 11 Bb2
11 Ne5 is quite playable
11 ... c4 12 Bc2 Bg4 13 Qe1 !
without fearing Bxf3
Ne4 14 Nd2 Nxd2 15 Qxd2 Bh5 16 f3 Bg6 17 e4 Qd7 18 Rae1
Holds e4 firmly
18 ... de 19 fe Rfe8 20 Qf4 b5
prevents, a priori, a4 and Ba3 or even Ba4
 21 Bd1 Re7 22 Bg4 Qe8 23 e5 a5 24 Re3 Rd8 25 Rfe1?!
25 Bf3 f6 (25 ... Re6 26 d5 ! Rxe5 27 Rfe1 RxR 28 RxR Ne7 29 d6) 26 ef RxR 27 Bxc6 Qxc6 28 f7+ Kf8 29 Qxe3 Bxf7
25 h4 !? is also possible
 25 ...Re6 !!
The move that shows that Black's player is a World Champion in seed!
on Ra7, 26 e6 looks promising
26 a4 Ne7 27 Bxe6 fe 28 Qf1 ?! Nd5 29 Rf3 Bd3 30 Rxd3 cd 31 Qxd3 b4
Seen playing Re6. If this move is not there, Re6 cannot be played
32 cb ab 33 a5 Ra8 34 Ra1 Qc6 35 Bc1 Qc7 36 a6 Qb6 37 Bd2 b3 38 Qc4 h6 39 h3 b2 40 Rb1 
Kh8 ?! 41 Be1 draw

A little greffier weakness at the end of the game, but you are used to that.

For dessert, and taking advantage of his absence from the meal, the Master submitted a composition by Michel
6 - #2 coups sentinelles 1 pawn with Pao with twin adverse pawn sentinelles 1 pawn
W : Kd6 Ra4 Bg3 Pa2 Paog7a6
B : Kg5 Bb1 Pç2
‡2 (6+3)
a) sentinelles 1 pawn
b) adverse pawn sentinelles 1 pawn
Pa=Pao : piece moving like a Rook but needing a jumping jack to capture

sentinelles : a moving piece defecates a pawn on the starting square of the move
adverse pawn sentinelles : it defecates an opposing pawn while moving
1 pawn : the total number of pawns on one side cannot exceed 1. On the diagram, we see that no defecation is possible. It is necessary to wait for the first black move which can only be Bxa2 or c1=x

A very nice problem where you can note the exchange of variants between the twins.
Nice and good work. Bravo Michel!

This textual account is finished. I refer you to the electronic version of the Master for more material and quality of the narration

Good reading to all.
Yours sincerely
Le greffier

P.S. : in addition, the position that Daniel recovered :
"Afek study : +
W(5) : Kc2; Rg1; Bc8; Pb4,c6.
B(4) : Kh5; Rc7; Be6; Pf7.
Quite a simple position, indisputable solution, but it's not so simple because you have to find the W and B moves and they are not one-armed." 

autumn hair

In the first diagram, a white a6 pawn is missing. This is natural: if the master-player, after 4 and a half months of stoppage, were to resume without the slightest fault, the notion of training would no longer make sense. But no other fault: the class returns quickly.

In the suite 25 Bf3! f6, better 26 a4! with a variation of 20 moves, of the kind that made Larsen laugh, but with modern means... Modernity must have a positive aspect, probably the only one...

Let us note the multiplicity of (exact) diagrams which almost allows you to follow the game in the bus, without chessboard but with your haipad. Thank you master clerk.

Have a good read.


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