march 30 2010

To support this stakhanovist rhythm of one class per week, the Master was in great spirits and the audience was full and attentive.
The next one is in 2 weeks.

To start with a simple pose with only 2 possibilities.
The difference between the 2 will be perceptible 18 moves later!

1 - White to play and win

W. : Kg6 Bh7 Ph6
B. : Ké7 Pé4f4
+ (3+3)
Slightly more crowded and acrobatic is the following position

Master's words

Four helpmates for Daniel: no more jokes. Useful training in case he goes near Dijon, which is not likely to happen to me anymore... The 6# helpmate has something in common with Lobusovhelpmate 5,5#

from last week, by the same author. And some orthodox: the second 2# is misleading. A course regular is the co-author of the 3#, quite surprising. Two other Havels (the 5# very easy, the 4# less so). Then a fantastic selfmate and a great PG.

About the Q / Rc2 + Pg2 endgame encountered in a secondary variant of Pervakov's study, one (rightly) persifted when I made the move to bring the


white king from b5 to h2. Easy to say, indeed, but this is the only plan on the bad defence ...Kd4?, instead of ...Ke4! See the details for yourself.

A German study with a "Ryabinian" try. Then a Costeff gag which seems to result from a bet. Finally a Finnish AUW in the middle game.

Today's game shows that in a solid and quiet opening, and even when one has a huge experience based on several decades of top world level, it is not always easy to keep the lid

Cannes 88

on the pot. Selected some time ago but, sign of fate (providence or chance?), the White player died three days ago.

See you, God willing, in a fortnight' time, on 13 April.

Have a good meal


2 - White to play and win

W. : Ké4 Ra3g3 Na8 Pa7a5f5
B. : Kf7 Nh1 Ph3ç2f2
+ (7+5)
very nice course of pieces with a beautiful geometry
The one that follows is a real firework.

3 - White to play and win

W. : Kb1 Qç7 Bç1 Pd7é7ç6f6h6f3b2d2
B. : Kb5 Qa6 Rç5 Pd5d4b3ç3d3
+ (11+8)

there is not much choice, the pressure of the blacks is a deterrent to any compromise.

 The game of the day is a fight between a former world champion with the whites and a young Englishman with the blacks.
Two different worlds.
4 - game of the day
1.d4 Nf6 2.ç4 é6 3.Nf3 Bb4+ 4.Nbd2 (a known line is 4 Bd2 Qe7 or a5) b6 5.é3 Bb7 6.Bd3 ç5 7.a3 B×d2+ 8.B×d2 d6 (0-0 9 Bc3 Ne4 10 Bxe4 Bxe4 11 dxc5 bc 12 Qd6 white advantage ---- Ne4 9 Bxe4 Bxe4 10 Be3 f6 is more quiet for black)  9.0-0 Nbd7 10.Bç3 0-0 11.b4 (large crossroads with 11 Nd2 or Re1 or Qe2)  Qé7 (Qc7) 12.Ré1 Bé4 (Ne4)  13.Bf1 Raç8 14.Nd2 Bb7 15.é4 (f3 first would have allowed the return of the Bishop on f2) ç×d4 16.B×d4 é5 17.Bb2 Rç7 18.f3 Qé6 19.Rç1 Rfç8 20.Qb3 Nh5 21.Qé3 Nf4 22.g3 Qg6 23.Kh1 Né6 24.Qd3?! (24 Bh3) Nf6 25.Bg2 h5 26.Nf1 Rd8 27.h4? (27 Ne3! h4 28 Nf5 and a host of dynamic variants appear, less demoralizing than those of the game) b5! 28.ç×b5 R×ç1 29.R×ç1 d5 (the logical continuation of b5) 30.Qé3 d×é4 31.f×é4 B×é4 32.B×é4 N×é4 33.Ré1 (33 Bxe5 Qf5)  f5 34.B×é5 Rd3 35.Q×a7 Qg4 36.Qg1 Rd5 37.Ba1? (37 Bb8 ! and it still holds) Nf4 38.Qh2 Qf3+ 39.Kg1 Nh3+ 40.Q×h3 Qf2+ 41.Kh1 Q×é1 resigns

a few good fights all the same

As is his wont, Master Guy took advantage of the meal to present us with a few works of his own as a preview.
The Master still managed to place 2 positions which are as follows:

5-  serial h#28 2 solutions exchange Circe

W. : Bd2 Pé1
B. : Ké2
sh‡28 (2+1)
Circé échange
serial helpmate 28-move : Black plays 28 moves in a row, after which White checkmates him in 1 move
2 solutions : 2 different ways to respect the statement
Exchange Circe : a captured piece is reborn on the starting square of the capturing piece's move

6 - s#7 maximum Circe 2 solutions

W. : Ké5 Qf4 Pf6
B. : Kd8 Bf2b1 Pé6
s‡7 (3+4)
selfmate : White plays and forces Black to checkmate him
MaximumBlack is forced to play the longest legal move geometrically
Circe: a captured piece is reborn on its original square (except the King which disappears)

That will be all for this time.
The electronic version written by the Master appears below, thanks to him.

Good reading to all.
Yours sincerely.

Le greffier  

Clean shaven

The suggestion 15 f3, improvised on the spot, is indeed promising, whereas on the immediate 15...cxd4 (to oppose the return of the Black B on f2) can follow 16 exd4 b5 17 c5 and the sacrifice on c5 is countered by the intermediary Bxf6.

Let us note that 37 Ne3! is exciting, entering a Trojan ending with two pawns against two Knights.

So, see you in a fortnight



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