november 9 2004

Master's word

A two-moves problem that dries up the team of cross-Channel solutionists can't be a bad one, even if it has an unusual character. The unusual pre-course agape left little time for artistic studies, much to Jean-Yves' chagrin (in a manner of speaking), living proof that I'm a bad teacher: having followed St-Lazare's classes for 29.9 years, he still doesn't like the endgames (and he opens with 1 e4?!).

Fischer 10Spassky

An excerpt from a leek game as a souvenir, then the game of the day (which ridicules the current leader of the Russian championship, as calamitous - and jealous - a commentator as he is a brilliant player) which shows a "delayed wing gambit" (not everyone is Daniel) where the suggestions of the above "grandmaster" (as Dvoretzky says), both in the 12th and 17th moves are put to the test.

As usual, I will appease any request for a solution (even without supplication!) with a quick answer [...] A turn of phrase suggests that a deflowering of another kind would have been carried out without harm. Galéjades bordelaises, let's specify it (or worse, inspired by the town hall of Paris). 




Master's diagrams

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