june 5 2007

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The production of the tireless greffier.

For this last session of the season of the Master's lesson, the audience was sumptuous as it was embellished by the presence of  an assembly of great composers likely to arouse jealousy at the "Académie de la Bière".
Needless to say, the Master has regaled them with a selection of which he has the secret.
As the fairy rules make the classical software restive, the Master's electronic report is cut off from part of its substance. Thank you all the same to him for his production.

To warm up, a small problem with the equipment but a big problem with his stalemate board.

1 - h=4

helped: Black plays and help White to pat them.
patrol chess: pieces move normally but need to be supported by a friend piece before capturing

The Problemist Supplement

white Pa7d6 Kh5 black Ph2 Ke6
h=4 Patrouille


To continue the warm-up, a superb isardam

Master's hand.

The 6 most interesting problems of the French Solving championship in Messigny and the 6 other retros (you already had, last week, the study and two retros). Not to be divulged, all the problems of 2007 to avoid conflicts with the directors of the reviews for which they are intended. We don't joke on the subject, as the regulars of "France-Echecs" know it!

The helpmates for Daniel, absent on May 29th because of exploits. Those helpmates can be diffused, although marked 2007, having already been published. The Mikitovics is particularly fearsome : you will find a solution, maybe two, but four ...! Molnar has an obvious solution, the other two ... a little less. The last two helpmates are simple. The other "holiday homework" has already been given.

The fairy part will be communicated to you through the very diligent mediation of our dear master greffier. One of them reminded me of a Lindgren's one (happy birthday to this Swedish nietzschean composer of 80 years), whose twin is almost obvious and
the other ... at least for me, a real puzzle.

Have fun and happy holidays!


2 - h#3
: it is illegal to put two opposing pieces of the same nature in reciprocal control. For this reason, the K is not in check since taking the K would be an illegal move.


white Rd7 Ba8 black Kd5 Rd3 Bg2
h#3 Isardam


Superb manoeuvre

To honour Jean-Marc, the Master had selected one of his productions.

3 - h#2 with Lions
: piece moving on the Queen's lines with the help of a hurdle and choosing the finishing square after the hurdle which must be free or occupied by an opponent's piece.

The Problemist, 2004
2nd Comm.

white Pd2 Bd3 Re2c4 Kg4 LId8e8g8e4 black Kd1 Bc5 Sd6e6
🨴d8, e8, g8, e4: Lion


Very beautiful white mane for these Lions.
It was funny to see the author enjoying the not always very elaborate proposals from the assistance.

Before attacking a rather particular genre, here is a moment of rest with Einstein's chess

4 - h#2 Einstein chess 2 solutions
: a piece that plays without taking goes down in the hierarchy and while capturing, it is the opposite according to the order p, C, F, T, D.
2 solutions: there are 2 distinct ways to achieve the statement

The Problemist Supplement, 2006

white Kf4 Re8 black Qe6 Kd4 Bc5 Sc3b1
h#2 Einstein
2 solutions


Very nice problem not so complicated

Now, those who do not have fighting spirit must either get a pure malt out of its hiding place or skip the 2 following problems

5 - s#4 Lemming 
: White plays and forces Black to mate them.
Lemming: The fact of ocupying the square left free after opponent's move takes precedence over the rest. When this is not possible, the move becomes orthodox again.


W.: Ka5, Ra1 and c8, Bd1, pb4 and a6
B.: Kc4, Rc1, Bc7, Nb2, pa2

A first headache.

This is the second.

6 - s#7 ultra-maximum Leming
: both sides are required to play the longest legal moves


W.: Kf7, Rf8, Be8 and g6, Nf5, pa2, b2, c2, c6, d2, d3, e6 and f3
B.: Bh7, Rg7 and g8, Bh8, pa7, e2, e7 and g5

A little more aerial rule in term of chess logic with Take & Make
A position to set up the mechanism in the neuron to begin with

7 - h#2 Take & Make
Take & Make
: after a take, the capturing piece takes the characteristics of the taken piece and is required to play again a move without capturing with these characteristics under sanction of illegality of the catch.


white Pe4 Kh8 Se3 black Kf8 Rc5 Sd4
h#2 Take&Make
2 solutions


The second T&M problem is Michel Caillaud's, so he witnessed live the research of the club's solutionists.

8 - #2 Take & Make


white Bg8 Kb7 Qb8 Pf7g5 Sc7 Rd5h7 black Pd7d4 Ke7 Sh4
#2 Take&Make


Very elegant.

Not bad also the following problem.

9 - #2 T&M


white Bg3d3 Ke8 Qc3 Pf2f6f7 Se7 Ra5 black Ph7g6d5d7 Bc1c8 Rb2h4 Ke6
#2 Take&Make


In the tradition of the fairy lesson, a long problem

10 - ss#24
series selfmate
: white plays n moves in a row and forces Black to checkmate in 1 move.

The Problemist, 2002
2nd ?omm.

white Qf4 Pc2f2g2 Kc4 black Pd7 Ka4 Sd3b1


Picture quite easy to find by searching a bit

A little helpmate to get back to simpler considerations

11 - h#2 Anti-Circe 2 solutions
: the capturing piece is reborn on its original square if this one is free, otherwise capture is illegal.

11è TT Diagrammes, 1993
5th Prize

white Qd1 Kd7 black Ke4 Rb1 Bb3 Sd4f3
h#2 AntiCircé
2 solutions


Another long but difficult problem this time.

12 - ss#22 Anti-Circe


white Kg7 Be1 black Pb4d3e4f5g6 Sh3g2 Rb1e8 Kh7
ser-s#22 AntiCircé


For the restaurant part, there was an excess of compositions shown by Guy, Abdel and Michel, leaving little room for the Master who nevertheless succeeded in placing 2 positions

13 - #2 Anti-Circe

H. Gockel

white Qd8 Pf6f4g2 Ke5 Re4h4 black Qg3 Pe6g6 Kg5 Sg8
#2 AntiCircé

And the last one

14 - h#2,5
a) grid chessboard
b) normal chessboard

super-Circe: the capturing side chooses the renaissance square of the piece it has just taken
sentinels: each move of a piece "defecates" a pawn on the starting square of the move within the limit of the available pawns
grid chessboard: the chessboard is cut into a set of 4 squares (2x2). A move is only legal if you change squares.


white Kb6 black Kc4
h#2.5 SuperCirce sentinelles
a) normal chessboard
b) grid chessboard

So it only remains for me to wish you very good holidays with your chess boards at hand and a drink in the other.
Enjoy your reading.

Yours friendly

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