january 8 2008

After this exceptional evening at the beginning of the year, where Daniel's talents as a Grandmaster-queux (at this level, it is no longer necessary to speak of a norm), were fully expressed in front of a table of enlightened amateurs, words are lacking and the greffier's pen has some difficulty in putting on the screen the highlights of this session.
Nevertheless, in order to inform those who were not present of the content of the course, the Master made, as he should, the electronic version of the report, so here is the textual version.

The first position is historical as it is the first Novotny in the world in the field of study.

1 - White to play and win

 Cours2008010601 1

W.: Kg6, Ne5, pa6 and d6
B.: Kh8, Ra1, Ba2, pf6 and a4

There are 2 hares on a6 and d6 whose race will be frantic until the threatening promotion.

The second position contains a very pure and elegant though classical mate board.

2 - White to play and win

 Cours2008010602 1

W.: Kc6, Fc3, Nd3 and d8, pc2
B.: Kb1, Bh6, pa3

there are 2 more pieces for white, but the a3 pawn is dangerous, it will take some good footwork to harmonize all this.

Master's words

To get off to a good start in this new year, which promises to be a long, quiet river, three helpmates from three different countries, the shortest not the easiest. helpmate 5# is considered a masterpiece by Abdurahmanovic, who knows what he is talking about! One solution is easy, while the other... it depends if you get up on the right foot.

A more relaxing series of selfmates than the previous ones, which should not offer any difficulties, even the Shinkman.

A traditional trophy. You have to add what is necessary for the position to be legal. One can quickly see that two units are necessary... and sufficient. Then reconstitute the last 22 moves of the game.

Finally, two direct 3-moves: a 40-year-old super-strategic problem, then a 60-year-old flowering of pretty mats.

Keres 3Studies : After an appetizer composed by a great player, almost world champion, and the first Novotny in the world (with the prototype problem, which, as we have already said, does not contain a dual threat, contrary to a tenacious legend), a complex Bishop vs pawns endgame, which nobody seemed able to explain properly before the arrival of a mysterious karate teacher (for more information, see the article "What do you think of this endgame?" on France-Echecs).

The game of the day is triply Baltic: by White's player, by his inspiration (conscious or not) of 1963, and finally by the inventor of the nice manoeuvre in the endgame which would have led to the correct move in the 40th.

during dinner was discussed the career of G. Bakcsi, and in particular a circe of which nothing in the solution seems to be a circe! I put it back in the report.

Finally, Daniel's GMI standard as a chef and cupbearer should be mentioned. What it is like when a talented man becomes, in addition, a free man.

See you next week (remember, in January, we're working, not going to the beach).



To conclude the studies section, a position by Chéron which is a correction of a study by Kéres

3 - White to play and draw


W.: Kd7, Bf3, pg2
B.: Kf4, pa6, g5 and h4

To be dug in depth to extract the substantive marrow.


A little diversions into the real world with the game of the day between two fighters .

4 - game of the day

1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bb5 a6 4. Ba4 Nf6 5. 0-0 Be7 6. Re1 b5 7. Bb3 d6 (no fashionable gambit this time, just classic) 8. c3 0-0 9. h3 Na5 10. Bc2 c5 11. d4 Bb7 12. d5 Nc4 13. a4 (13. b3 Nb6 14. a4 Bc8 15. Qe2 Bb7 has also be played) Nb6 14. Qe2
Nxa4 15. Bxa4 ba 16. c4 Nd7 17. Rxa4 Nb6 18. Ra3 a5 19. Nc3 a4 20. Be3 Bc8 21. b3 ab 22. Rxb3 Ra6 23. Reb1 f5? 24. Bxc5 !? dc 25. Nxe5 Na4 26. Nxa4 Rxa4 27. Nc6 28. e5 Ra6 29. Qf3 ?! (29. Nxe7+ Qxe7 30 e6 with a lasting advantage) f4 30 Re1 Bf5 31.
Rb5 (threatens Qb3 then Rb7) Fc2 32. Rb2 Bg6 33. Rd2 Be8

Lazare08010801 (33. ... Bg5! 34. e6 Be7! 35. Nxe7+ Qxe7 and Black is rather well) 34. Nxe7+ Qxe7 35. d6 Qe6 36. Qb7 Bc6! 37. Qxa6 Bxg2! 38. f3! 39. Kh2 Bg4! (both players are top class madmen on 39. ... Rf6, White would have played 40. d7) 40. Qb7 (White hesitated for a long time on the continuation 40. hg Qxg4 41. Rf1 f3 42. Qa2 Qh4+ 43. Kg1 Qg3 44. Rg2! Qxg2+ 45. Qxg2 fg 46. Rxf8+ Kxf8 47. e6 g5 48. e7+ Ke8 49. Kxg2 h5 50. Kh2 and you get a winning study position that you still have to master) Qh6 41. Qd5 Rf7 42. Kg1 Qxh3 43. Qg2 Qh4 44. Rf2 f3? (44. ... Bh3 =) 45. e6 Rf8 46. e7 Re8 47. d7 Bxd7 48. Qxf3 Qg5+ 49. Kf1 resigns

A superb killer fight.


Lazare 401

During dinner, a few problems were presented by two of the guests, but not knowing whether the compositions are published or in the process of being published, the greffier, in spite of all the aesthetic pleasure felt during the resolution, could not afford to present them in the report. The Master has brought out of his bag, the digestives arriving on the table, 2 problems by Peter Harris whose reputation as a composer of men's positions is well established.

Beware, it's brutal

5. h#2,5 ultra-patrol Anti-Andernach
helpmate n moves : black plays and helps white to checkmate them - with n,5, white plays first and we end up with an helped n moves
ultra-patrol : a piece (or pawn) can only play (and a fortiori capture) if it is under the control of a piece of its camp
Anti-Andernach : a piece (or pawn) changes colour if it does not capture


W.: Ba7, pb6 and c7
B.: Ke5, Qa8

a) position of the statement
b) remove Ba7

Have some more, here's another one

6 - h#4 ultra-patrol super Andernach
super Andernach : a piece (or pawn) that moves (captured or not) changes colour (except King, of course)


W.: pa5 and b6
B.: Ka8, Qc1 and c8

Some concentrate quite complicated to get in mind.
It's a long way to Peter Harris

Lazare 416

So much for this first session of the year, which saw the advent of the kitchen Grandmaster (many thanks to him)

As the participants are hot, the next class will take place on Tuesday to avoid getting soft.
Have a good read.

Sincerely yours


an avalanche of hair for this cover which the Master pointed out in detail.
Thanks to him.

To complete the picture, the greffier adds an oversight on his part in the last Peter Harris: the twin with the Black King
in h1 and the statement becomes :

|6 - h#4 ultra-patrol super Andernach 
super Andernach : a piece (or pawn) that moves (for a capture or not) changes colour 

W.: pa5 and b6 
B.: Ka8, Qc1 and c8
|a) the position 
|b) Ka8 --> h1 


A good harvest to start the year.
With apologies from the greffier whose paw got a bit spoilt during this busy period.

Yours sincerely

It is understandable that the happiness of the table has made us forget the dusting of the hairs.

1st study: the black 2nd pawn is on h4, not a4.

3rd study: this is a correction of Réti, not of Kérès.

Game of the day, variation 13 b3: read 15...Bd7, not b7 (it comes from there).

The 27th black move is missing: 27...Qc7.

Good reading and see you on Tuesday.


Daniel's word

the point is made.

By the way, I was planning to make pork cheek because it's a dish I discovered at the restaurant in Grenadine, so I'm going to present a sweeter variation to the guests.
For you, I thought I remembered that you had mentioned lamb shoulder (?)
I hesitated between the Lamb Curry and the Herbed Lamb Shoulder.
I've never made either of these two recipes, which is a little embarrassing. It will be shoulder praying for seasoning as it starts with "rub the shoulder with coarse salt...".
The others will have homemade cauliflower mousseline, but I'll make you a flageolet moisseline, it'll be better and in case of an improbable competition on the way back, you won't be at a disadvantage...

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