january 7 2003

Here is the (very beautiful) promised study by Rusinek 1971, a definitive testimony of a certain "approximation" (euphemism) in the appreciation of artistic studies by patented "judges" (FIDE album included). It is amusing that the columnist of the famous daily newspaper "l'immonde" has just slavishly copied the said FIDE album (1986-88, under the number D80), which gives... the incorrect version! The supreme gag is that the director of the selection for this album is called... Rusinek !

To the usual assessment of the course (notwithstanding a veritable conjuration of evil forces, albeit diffuse), I take the liberty of adding, for the benefit of the most heroic readers, a (very provisional, alas!) list of the many errors (not all of which, unfortunately, are attributable to the publisher) in my "modest works" [note of 2015: this piece has been removed, the errors, more numerous than expected, having been the subject of a conclusive clarification elsewhere] 

Despite a new episode of bawling on the Parisian asphalt, the course took place as planned. It was honoured by the presence of exceptional guests (both in quality and rarity). The part of the day was exceptional from several points of view, including these two :

-- one of the players does not play in his usual style,

Jr capablanca

-- the St. Lazarean analyses are even more developed than usual.Bogoljubov

Master's diagrams

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