january 10 2012

There were not 1 peeled and 2 shorn at this course, the listeners being provided with their hair system, but the fact is that we were only 3 to listen to the always fascinating speech of the Master.

To begin with, a small study which seems to be nothing, but here it is, a whole chapter of a book on endgames is hidden in it!

1 – white to play and draw
W. : Ka6 Bç8 Pd6d5g5f4h4d3
B. : Kf7 Qh8 Pg6f5h5d4
= (8+6)

A remarkable revision on conjugated boxes.
Dig it up, it's a real mine!

To follow, the second study is a little gem of simplicity in the material and aesthetics in the solution.


Once again, the shortest helpmate, in 3 moves, may take you longer than the other two, which develop an attractive strategy.
Loyd 2We then offer a 2# that is quite rich in variants. Then the Kilkenny cats, by Sam Loyd. At least the first cat, because the second (obtained by moving all the units of a column to the left, so wKb1, etc.), in which the trial and the key are interchanged, does not seem to us to bring much, since there is no risk of missing the trial of the first. On the other hand, there is a risk of not finding the solution, which is atypical, even banal! But the key of the first, which has become the test of the second, is then trivially refuted, to the point that it is not even considered. And so, captured all together, the twin (a) is richer.
Finally, two 5#, one very easy (though still a trap) but amusing, the other quite surprising, though the idea is simply the elimination of a nuisance.
Mugnos 1The conjugated squares interest many couples, even exotic ones. Why not a white King and a black Queen?  
A study or simple game position? Aldo Haïk gave all the same 25 mn to the "oeil de lynx" to solve it, at the time of the "Revue des Echecs". He allowed two hours to the "expert" and five to the "hope"! It is permissible to doubt that a hope does not give up the research at a given moment of this interminable torture. But the experts of Saint-Lazare did not suffer.                  
A sweep of the chessboard by two Rooks, from right to left and back again.            Karpov 7  
Polou 3Last week, one could expect beautiful mates in today's game, played in flamboyant style. Today, the same White player, but 20 years earlier, plays much more calmly, sacrificing only two pawns. The paradox is that there are even more.
See you in a fortnight time on 24 January, God willing.
Have a good time.

2 – White to play and win
El Ajedrez Argentino 1950
1st Prize
W. : Kb2 Bd1 Pç4a3ç2
B. : Ka4 Rd2 Pg7a5
+ (5+4)

A pure marvel

To finish the intro, the last study requires the activation of a clockwork

3 – White to play and win
New Statesman 1972
3° Recommandé
W. : Ka8 Ra7h7 Ph4h3
B. : Kb2 Pa3h2
+ (5+3)

Roughly speaking, we go there, but we don't know where it leads!
Very nice mechanics!

The game of the day is a decisive fight for the future of the career of the 2 players

4 - Game of the day
1 e4 c5 2 Nf3 d6 3 d4 cd 4 Nxd4 Nf6 5 Nc3 a6 6 Be2 e5
We also play 6 ... e6 more quietly
7 Nb3 Be7 8 0-0 Be6 9 f4 Qc7
White threatened 10 f5
10 a4 Nbd7 11 Kh1
11 a5 is not a good idea in the short term and leads to a draw
11 … 0-0
11 … h6 Anand
12 Be3
12 f5 Bc4
12 … ef 13 Rxf4 Ne5 14 a5
14 Qd2 ? Nfg4
14 Nd5 ? Bxd5 15 ed Nfd7 and blacks are well
14 … Nfd7
14 … Rfe8 was played by the Riga magician
The move played here threatens Bg5
15 Rf1 Bf6 16 Nd5 Bxd5 17 Qxd5 !
Sacrifices 2 pawns
17 … Qxc2 18 Nd4 Qxb2 19 Rab1 Qc3 20 Nf5
It was necessary to prevent Qc5 and protect Be3 at the same time
With in addition the threat of Rfc1 heading towards a Queen's mate
20 … Qc2 ! 21 Rbe1 Nc5 22 cxd6 Ncd3 23 Bxd3 Nxd3 24 Rd1 Nb4 25 Qxb7 Rab8 26 Qa7 Qc6 27 Bf4
27 Rxf6 ! gf 28 Bh6 wins
27 … Ra8 28 Qf2 Rad8 29 Qg3 Qc3 30 Rf3 Qc2 31 Rdf1 Bd4 32 Bh6 Nf6 33 Nf5
33 Nxf7 !
33 … Qc4 34 Bxg7 ! Bxg7 35 Qxg7+ !!
33 … Qb2 34 Bc1 !
34 … Qb5 35 Nh6+ Kh8 36 Nxf7+ Rxf7 37 Rxf7 Bf6 38 Qf2 Kg8 39 Rxf6 gf 40 Qxf6 resigns

For the food part, a little round by the Anti-Circé with a work composed by a Frenchman who is rising.

5 - h#2 Anti-Circe
The Problemist 2010
W. : Kb8 Rg1 Ba1 Nç1
B. : Ka5 Qg8 Bé8d4 Nd2 Pa6b6a4
h‡2 (4+8) C+
Anticirce The capturing piece returns to its native square if it is free, otherwise the move is illegal

A diversion by the parrain Circe (normal, the composer is Italian, even Sicilian)
6 - h#2 parrain Circe with twin
The Problemist Supplement 2009
W. : Kç6 Bg4 Ng5
B. : Ké7 Ré4 Nf7
h‡2 (3+3) C+
b) Té4-->é5
parrain Circe : a captured piece remains suspended and will make an equipollent movement at the following half-move

Cute, but can be improved.

Anti-andernach is also on the menu.

7 - PG 5 moves Anti-Andernach
The Problemist 2010
W. : Ké1 Qd1 Ra1h1 Bç1f1 Nb1g1 Pa2b2ç2d2é2h2
B. : Ké8 Qd8 Ra8h8 Bç8f8 Nb8g8 Pa7é7f7g7h7
Proof Game in 5,0 moves (14+13) C+
Anti-Andernach : a piece that plays without capturing changes its colour (except for the King)

As first dessert, a serial self stalemate

8 - serial s=10 
The Problemist Supplement 2008
W. : Kh5 Pg4d3ç2
B. : Kh7 Rg8h8 Bf8 Pé7g7 Gé6
ss=10 (4+7) C+
serial s=10  : white plays 10 moves in a row after which black has one legal move and he stalemates white

Very nice

And for the end, a superb Madrasi

9 - réciprocal h=3 Madrasi
The Problemist 2008
W. : Ké6 Rb2f1 Ba8a7 Nd7 Pf7é5
B. : Kd3 Qç1 Rç8h2 Bh1 Nb8 Pf2g2
h==3 (8+8) C+
Madrasi : two opposing pieces of the same type that observe each other are paralysed

Regarding this problem, we can quote Edgar Faure: "Behold, immobility is advancing and we do not know what to do to stop it".

So we have been well spoiled by the Master for this depopulated session.
The next one will be held on 24 January.

Good reading to all.

Yours sincerely
the greffier

the Master's remarks


Some small remarks in the game of the day
The fat is missing from 10 a4 Nbd7 11 Kh1
11 a5 leads to an equal position rather than a draw! After all, the beginning is little in a game of chess.
14 Nd5 does not deserve a "?
Let us also point out that 26...Qc6? seems the only mistake of the game (26...Qe2!).
The move played is 32...Nc6 and not Nf6. We will have corrected it ourselves.
Good reading.

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