october 3 2017

Still the same concern of censorship for the sound-deprived clerk for this first course of the season.

Perhaps a change of equipment will help with future strokes

Below is the Master's report, very much on form after the summer break.

Master's words

Most of the people I met this summer said they "hated politics". But the rest of the conversation showed that they actually hate the political system ("elections, a c... trap") or the politicians, the vast majority of whom are dishonest or mediocre, if not both at the same time. But politics itself, the organisation of the city, is noble. As Jacques Bainville said, "dreams too need to be captured, and only politics can give them form". And is it not still true that "an intelligence, a spirit, a head can always lead by the nose these monsters with violent and short instincts which are called opinion, press and finance"?


"Having only friends is a merchant's obligation, making enemies is an aristocrat's occupation" (H. de Montherlant).


"In a world filled with friends, you lose your way" (Scott Walker).


Down: elo-prono-pedagogo-socio-debilo-dodo, but of course never Chess, except three or four speakers: the "Rance-Chess" sub-forum.


On the rise: Seneca, who reminds us: Mutantur non in melius, sed in aliud (they seek not the best, but the new). Let us try, at least in our course, to select according to value, not date.


A comeback is a do-over, and it's with the pawn endings that we start: a 65-year-old Moravec jewel and... a ransack by a world championship contender, including a reciprocal zugzwang, obviously without his knowledge. In defence, it's good to keep your black pawn on h7 in a single-side pawn endgame. It is a pity that in the Rook endgame it is usually better to play it on h5!


Then two Rook endgames. Another "h" pawn story: a world champion known as a great finalist against... an author of a book of so-called "basic" endgames. Not very brilliant! And against the rook-pawn again, but accompanied by a bishop-pawn, a nice defence, 

despite a slight Renet 1

floating, from the former "best French team player", who beat Tal 30 years ago.


A Bishops' endgame becoming a Q+B/Q: a fantastic change of direction in the endgame, improving an idea from... 1913.


The first example of the legendary book by Kotov ("think like a grandmaster"). This book has rightly done great service to thousands of players. It is ironic, however, that from the very beginning of the book, the only winning move in the critical position is... not mentioned, the other candidate moves giving, at best, a tie.


A quick word on current events: the "World Cup" is another example of how everything is decided in the endgame. We will soon talk about Aro-Dub and Grigri-MVL. We will omit however Rapport-Wei Yi, discovered by the floured beaks of "chess base", but entirely treated thanks to Ratmir Kholmov in our book... 33 years ago.


Fairy part : a first prize of a magazine which, half a century ago, was not yet a rag.


Karpati 1

Practice: let's continue to inspect Marjan's 2# collection, adding a few more. In the 3# category there are four examples of Queen unleashed, two of which have a blooming pattern of mates. Then a 4# from a world champion and an old 5# combining two classic themes. In the 2# helpmate, each unit is given its due. Then two 3# helpmates that are more difficult than their author's usual style. One of them has only one solution, which is hardly ever done any more. Finally a nice 60s French selfmate. As usual, you can ease your suffering by asking me for the solution (under "contact" in "see more"). You are also welcome to comment on anything in the course. You will be kindly received!


Have a good time. See you in three or four weeks if Deus vult. 

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