may 25 2021

The Master, in spite of some hesitation, did not delay to share his screen, and his knowledge at the same time!

The regulars joined him little by little for the resolution of the exercises given during the previous session, the audience being complete to dissect the forest of variations of the day's game. 

A rather funny moment occurred at the presentation of one of the fairy compositions, very pretty by the way, which one of the listeners could not remember having composed! 
The memory eventually came back to the most beautiful of the two solutions.

The next session is scheduled for 26 June.

The detailed report of the Master is below

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Master's words

Bellegarrigue 1

"You thought there were tyrants, you were wrong, there are only slaves: where no one obeys, no one commands" (Anselm Bellegarrigue).

"Only vaccinations really trigger the corona virus" (Dr. G. Vanden Bossche, quoted by E. Mittmannsgruber).

"An expert without conflict of interest is an expert without interest. "(Ph. Lamoureux, director of the pharmaceutical industries union).


"In France, those who set fires are left to rest and those who sound the tocsin are persecuted" (S.-R. Nicolas, known as Chamfort).

"The West speaks of love, most other peoples, not only Muslims, speak of respect and a sense of honour. Kneeling down, constantly self-flagellating is interpreted as a lack of a sense of honour, and is therefore an invitation to contempt" (Malika Sorel-Sutter, April 2021). Which sums up what Colonel Argoud said 60 years ago, see "La décadence, l'imposture et la tragédie", for example on page 141: "To misunderstand the Muslim soul to such an extent, to hope that Muslims will agree to dialogue with representatives of the Salvation Army, when they see terrorists pardoned by the legal system returning to their villages, when the international situation highlights the weakness of France, is both poignant and grotesque.

"A civilisation proves itself to be fertile by the faculty it has of inciting others to imitate it; when it finishes dazzling them, it is reduced to a sum of scraps and vestiges" (E. M. Cioran).

"To be is to do -- Descartes; to do is to be -- Kierkegaard; -- do be do be do -- Sinatra".

"Your madness fits in nicely with my own" (R. Whyatt).

"Women you can't live with, and you can't kill ("True lies", 1994).

As a further tribute to Mr. Dvoretzky, who died 5 years ago october 18 2016 ( we reproduce his words that we quoted on a forum at the end of 2007. He is supported by a famous player who is also very outspoken.

"Having witnessed various horrific blunders yesterday, I will take a short interlude to say again how abominable this FIDE time-control is. In San Luis, Argentina, the Topalovs and Anands of the world were given the opportunity to play proper chess, but here, and indeed at most tournaments, they are not. How on earth the imbeciles who pushed for the introduction of this super-fast time control could expect anyone to play decent endgames [...] is beyond comprehension. One can only conclude that either the powers that be do not understand or do not care for chess, and probably both. Philistinism has prevailed, and until we obtain an administration that is sympathetic to the views of ordinary chess players, things will remain in this deplorable state (N. Short)"

Dvoretzky 4“Understandably, finding the key to this position was most complex, even under the classical time-control which was the rule at that time for all games played in serious competition. And it would be completely impossible, under the idiotic short control enforced today by FIDE. If, God forbid, these bureaucrats are successful, then finely-conceived, deep ideas will disappear completely from tournament chess (except, of course, for opening analyses, prepared with the aid of computer programs). And what will then be left for chess-lovers to enjoy : the standard plans and techniques, or the simple little combinations we have already seen a thousand times? It won’t take an oracle to foresee terrible consequences in store, both for chess literature, and for the popularity of chess in general “ (M. Dvoretzky).

When we see that nowadays, under the impulse of the "world champion-sic", there is at the highest level almost only rapid and blitz, we measure how much, a decade later, the "imbeciles", "philistines", "idiots" and "bureaucrats" have won.

A rook facing 5 linked pawns, 3 of which "passed", as they say strangely (in truth, they only dream of passing). When you have found the right moves, you still have to play them in the right order. And not to miss a fundamental "ZZ". And also not to forget that there are... 3 possible outcomes to a game!

A nice Rook sacrifice of a former French " espoir " that we thought would win, but one can defend oneself by voluntarily " burying " the defensive Rook, which leads to nice finesses in the pawn endgame.

A valiant Bishop against the oil slick, his King standing ready to go up or down. Finally a tactical struggle where two offered figures are refused.

For next month, two figures must win against two pawns, a rook save itself against the same material. And two other artistic rescues.

Karpov 23

Today's game shows us that a high quality play is not enough: it must also be maintained throughout the game... even when there is no endgame! It starts as Spassky-Fischer studied here october 29 2019 ( Then, a double self-pinning. Then a funny moment when White refuses two castles. And the picking of a pawn that seems totally useless. Finally, in apotheosis, the type of move that everyone dreams of...

A little fairy exercise for June: remove Rh8 & Ph7 in the initial position of any chess game. The idea is to get there after the 5th white move, in "Einstein". In other words, a pawn that captures becomes a Knight, a Knight that captures becomes a Bishop, etc. Conversely, a non-capturing Bishop becomes a Knight, a non-capturing Knight becomes a pawn. Have fun.


A surprise: a magical composition by a very loyal listener, which he had probably forgotten.


Training: three works by Yves Cheylan who has just left us. RIP. The first 2# has a key giving a lot of play to Black, the second has a few tries, the 4# is a curious ambush. Lots of tries in the next two diagrams too, as well as in a few others.

Watch out for the stalemate in the 3# from Nice. Then model pinning mats in a lighter version. Curious line opening in the 4#. Nice tactical skein in the 2# helpmate. More complex, the 3# helpmate, with two solutions in each twin. Then a longer helpmate where White starts.

A 2# selfmate with a slightly surprising key, a Roman theme in s3#. Finally, a Gamnitzer with the solution (I'm not always sadistic!) to celebrate the 70th birthday of the genius of the selfmate, a great rival of Petkov, but with a very different style. Our class has 23 selfmates of his.

Have a good time. See you in June if Deus vult.

Master's diagrams

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