december 7 2021

The last session of 2021 was held with a small but active audience.

Quite a lot of material was carefully selected by the Master and you will find the report below

Master's words

Bainville 1

"A civilised society, worthy of the name, does not present juxtaposed individuals; it is made up of groups where the individual is supported and disciplined, coordinated and subordinated. Association postulates differentiation, hierarchy, submission: the egalitarian and democratic spirit - that is, the spirit of revolt and envy - is incompatible with the requirements of life in society" (J. Bainville on 1-8-1901).

"Incitement to vulgarity is a crime of high treason" (several sources).

"I believe that the covid vaccine is a greater threat to the health of soldiers than the virus itself... Our military are national treasures... They are warriors, not lab rats" (Lieutenant Colonel Theresa Long).

"The vaccines' long term side effects are a total mystery to science. The lab rats are *you*" (read on the internet).

"Innocent babies aborted in the third month of pregnancy to produce vaccines really do seem to form a kind of human sacrifice with which the infernal powers are presented as propitiatory, in a terrifying parody...". (Carlo Maria Viganò, archbishop).

Rowling 1

"My client did not know that treating was reprehensible" (F. Di Vizio, lawyer for D. Raoult).

Bergier 2

"People who have menstruations? No, women!" (Joanne Rowling responding to sick "nerds").

Reactionary? "It's reaction that makes rockets go!" (J. Bergier).

"What is the West for you? -- To be libertine without worrying about God" (S. Abdeslam).

"Only the smallest secrets need to be protected. The biggest are guarded by public disbelief" (M. McLuhan, 1972).

An instructive Rook-endgame by the author of the best single-volume treatise, which inspired me greatly 40 years ago. He faces a heroic defence. With of course, you've all been waiting for it, a great ZZ! And several choices: right or left? Black King mostly, but also White.

The "Roman theme", well known to problemists, here in an easy and enjoyable study. Then a middle game where it is easy to get blinded: Black has the choice between 3 results. And a nice rescue from our Ukrainian gifted, also containing a... ZZ!

A topical point: we warmly congratulate the young Iranian-French genius for his "stratospheric" performances in two competitions in a row. But, as he himself admits, his last game was, rather than won by him, lost by his opponent. The good ...Rf3!! defence was played... 113 years ago, by a 52-year-old player. Even the "sub-forum" (as the devil wears a stone) although often oxymoronic, recognizes that the players of the past handled endgames better than those of the 21st century.

For 2022: two curiosities encountered while analysing a complex final played by the great Romanian expert, then rest with a Georgian and an Austrian exercise.

Tal panno

After the super-tournament at the beginning of November and the return to form of the "magician of Riga" so present in our lessons, let us pay homage to his brilliant predecessor in two occurrences: a lightning victory in the famous "Gothenburg gambit" so much prized by Bobby Fischer, where Black misses a magic trick worthy of his opponent. Then the most famous game of the interzonal tournament in Portorož, which propelled Tal to the world championship. His opponent will have, in compensation of the Queen, more pieces called "minor" than it seems necessary, and yet... Observe in particular the reciprocal threats of mate on the kingside with Queen and pawns against Rook, Bishop and Knight.

A little old-fashioned retro: the (hardly difficult but attractive) reasoning proving the illegality of castling was later developed by the great specialist Karl Fabel. Funny that this problem dates from the year of birth of Michel, the first world specialist of the specialty!

Training: many attempts in the first 2#, 4th, 6th and 8th. Only two variations (besides the threat) in the first 3# but 5 in the second. Then a tribute to two late problemists, P. Le Grand and I. Shanahan. The 3# seemed easier than the 2#. We leave the solution of the serial helpmate, including the author's opinion on the "Australian Parliament". What would he have said about its French equivalent?

Rest with an amusing 4#. Then an helpmate 2# where you don't skimp, any more than in the 2# selfmate. Another selfmate from a Macedonian magician offering an AB-BC-CA cycle. Solution on request.

Have a good meal. Merry Christmas (sretan Božić) and see you in January if Deus vult.


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