june 29 2021

There were some teething troubles for this last course of the season, as greffier proposed a theoretical novelty in the opening (of the session).

This novelty made it impossible to log in before the appointed time (1.30 pm), which cast some doubt on accessibility.

Nevertheless, the core group was there, without Jacques and his charming wife who had gone to capture a well-deserved rest, but completed by Clément who was back with us.

No exercises this time, due to the fact that we were in the summer.  

Below is the detailed report of the Master.

Master's words

Gaume«I am the hatred of any order which man has not established and in which he is not king and God together. I am the proclamation of the rights of man without regard to the rights of God. I am the founding of the religious and social state on the will of man instead of the will of God. I am God dethroned and man in his place (man becoming his own end). That is why I call myself Revolution, that is, overthrow, for I put on top what, according to eternal laws, should be on the bottom, and on the bottom what should be on top» (Mgr. J.-J. Gaume, 1877).

Moliere 1"Strange thing to love, and that, for these traitors, Men are subject to such weaknesses! Everyone knows their imperfection; It is only extravagance and indiscretion; Their mind is wicked, and their soul fragile; There is nothing weaker and more imbecile, Nothing more unfaithful and, in spite of all that, In the world we do everything for these animals" (J.-B. Poquelin, dit Molière)."

The illiterate used to be those who had never been to school. Today, they are those who have left school" (P. Guth, as early as 1980). 

Let us be indignant against "the attacks on paedophilia" -- sic -- as a former minister of "national education" said -- resic. "France is nicknamed "pedoland"! "(M. El Hattab).

"The foul beast must be put not at fault (sic)" (the "Minister of Justice" on 14 June 2021).

"The Age of the Anti-Christ has only begun" (B. Dylan in "Murder most foul").

"The new gospel is no longer 'love one another' but: keep away from one another" (Th. Clavel).

"What is this country where, all in all, the bastards win? (Jeannette Bougrab).

"You wanted to see Vesoul and we saw Davos" (Brelian summary of French decadence by Ph. de Villiers). "Learn from du Guesclin rather than Darmanin" (idem).

"When I eat meat, I don't think about "vegan". When you walk, you don't think of one-legged people" (B. Marchais).

"To be an extremist is to be right but in advance" (J. Rochedy, 2020). "One calls an extremist the one who has one more piece of information than yourself" (AV on 22-10-2007 on a forum).

"Now that everyone recognises that the mask on the outside is useless, we are waiting for the excuses of the lazy, the foolish, the hysterical and the beanies who have allowed themselves to insult us on TV platforms because we have been saying it and repeating it for months and months" (F. Philippot).

"The friends of truth have no friends" (Montherlant).

"Things never are as bad as they seem" (F. Sinatra).

"A chess game, like a woman, must not be approached with prejudices or dogmas; it is necessary to take into account the dynamic elements of the position, the potentialities in the most apparently innocent situations" (B. Ivkov).

Two figures logically prevail against two pawns, even if they are threatening. Logic does not exclude great precision. Then a brilliant study, considered false by an analyst... himself brilliant, but in reality perfectly correct. All very instructive.

A Rook fighting against two pawns (with, for the White King, the same key case as in our 1st example), recalling a page of our book which will delight some nostalgic and will interest new readers. We had concluded there that the White Rook visited "impudently, if not impunely" the four corners! Finally, a multi-headed masterpiece with echoing Queen sacrifices.


Anderssen 2Morphy 3No exercises: live the holidays!

In the game of the day, a unique case: White refuses 5 times a winning pawn push, Black refuses 5 times a drawing pawn push!

The solution of our "Einstein" and some more retro: in circé then kamikaze.

Practice: some 2# with false leads in the 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th, 9th & 11th. Then two very different 3#s, one German and one Czech. Then, both direct and helpmates, a tribute to General Rinderknech, alias Pierre Bansac. Note the 4#, a masterpiece that tortured the solver stars in 2010. You will recognize the theme of the 2# helpmate. In conclusion, a masterpiece of "PAP" in selfmate, (the solution remained!), as a new example of the approximation of the judges.

Good feast and good summer to all, with many wonders, in Chess and elsewhere Deus vos custodiat.     

Master's diagrams

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