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1 - PG 4,5 Einstein

a unit (other than the King) changes at each move to the next stronger unit in case of capture,
immediately less strong in case of no capture.

Caillaud, M.

white Rh1a1 Sg1b1 Bf1c1 Ke1 Qd1 Ph2g2f2e2d2c2b2a2 black Pg7f7e7d7c7b7a7 Sg8b8 Bf8c8 Ke8 Qd8 Ra8
     PG 4.5 Einstein(16+14)

2 - 3# circe b) -♙f2

Trillon, JM.

white Ra2a1 Pa3d5f6h6g4f2 Kf5 Bg5h3 Sh2d6 black Bd1 Ke1 Pe5 Rh5h4
#3 Circe(13+5)
b) -♙f2
a captured piece is reborn on its original square if it is free, otherwise it disappears


3 - 3# kamikaze b) ♕g5/♛a5

Trillon, JM.

white Kamikaze ra1 bg5 sc3 white Pf5e2g2b5 Ke1 black Kamikaze ba5 sf6 black Rc8e8 Kd7 Pc7e7h7 Sg8
#3 Kamikaze(8+9)
b) Bishops become Queens
a unit (except the King) that captures disappears ipso facto.
So if a side is more populated, it must have made a capture by the King, and therefore can no longer castle.
Here, Black is 9, White 8. White castling is therefore a priori possible.
Pawns cannot change file.


4 - h#2 4 sol with lion

Stepochkin, A.

white LIf1 Ka1 Sb3d6 Bb5 Rf6 black Bc6 Rc7g6 Pf7g5h3e4 Qh7 Ke3
h#2 4sol.(6+9)
🨴f1: Lion
Grasshopper can reach further than the square behind the sautoir



5 - #2 Breton opponent

Gockel, H.

white Be5a2 Pb5d6e7 Rc3g4 Sc8e6 Kf6 Qg1 black Ba7 Sa6h8 Qc4 Kd5 Pd4e4f4h3g6b3
#2 breton adverse(11+11)
Breton opponent after each capture, a unit of the same nature must disappear (if possible)
from the side that suffered the capture. If there is more than one, the choice belongs to the capturing side.


6 - pat aidé 1,5= patrouille super-circé madrasi einstein sentinels adv pawn a) andernach b) anti-andernach

Should be in the Guiness Book for the record number of conditions in a chess problem !

Harris, P.

white Qc5f3 Kd4 Pe4 black Rf5c3 Kf4

Sentinelles en pion adverse
a) andernach
b) anti-andernach


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