october 7 2014

Marie 3last of last

Farewell to Paris... and to Marie
... turns out, 9 years later, to be perfectly appropriate, since during this period, I have indeed seen neither of them again!

Tradition until the end, in the best (chess-loving friends) and the worst, always the same, the endless sabotage of the transporters. More than 25 minutes of waiting at the RER C, which succeeds in a theoretical novelty, stopping one station before the Porte de Clichy, and thus forcing your fake double decimator to rush as best he can into a filthy crowded bus, where some fat humanoids like pigs block the doors, immobilizing ipso facto the machine. After 4 minutes, the least stupid one gets off the bus, unblocking the situation.Simkhovich 2

Popandopoulo 1 

A little extra practice, you got the gist of it a fortnight ago. The Larsen and the Pachman seemed to me more difficult than the others, but none of them are trivial.

 Two relaxation exercises (Simkhovitch, Gorgiev), triples with sub-promotions, then a modern (i.e. computer-assisted) masterpiece: a single ZZ, but with a thematic essay, awarded a first world cup prize, for once deserved.


In today's game: the same opponents as in the last course, three years later. They have grown up, the game is even crazier...


See you on Saint Glin-glin's day. May God keep you.

Akobia 3


And I forgot: enjoy your meal!

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