march 3 2009

This was the first session in the new location.
Everything is new, except the audience, of course. So, better conditions to think.
Thanks to the President and all those who made the relocation possible.
To warm up the neuron and inaugurate the new place, the Master presented an endgame position from his first inter-enterprise match with the Saint-Lazare club.

The Master has White

1 - blacks play and do for the best.
W.:        Kf6,  Rd6, pd5 and f3
B.:        Kh8, Rg7, pe5 and f4

There are some great resources

And now, a big piece that has kept us busy


Master's words

The 2# helpmate (with only one solution, which has become a rarity) offered at the B tournament on January 25 had already been lying around in Daniel's pocket for a few weeks, if not months. I give it back on occasion. I add an amusing note: it's long, Shanshin

easy and economical. And one last one, co-authored by a Frenchman, was awarded the "Warsaw Solving Grand Prize" last November.

A tribute to V. Shanshin (or Chanchine) who knows how to make elegant 2#, not too intellectual, and also 3#. Also to an old hand, V. Chepizhny (Chepijni), Rudenko's famous accomplice. With these people, there is never a dull moment. And a strange 4-shot that seems to be solved in 30 seconds. But...

A superb selfmate 5#, another example of "Selivanovian wizardry" (as J. Rice says) and, miraculously, on the back of the diagram, an award-winning masterpiece by our Guy, who is dangerously abdurahmanovicising. Then a traditional retro and two PJs, one of which is by our unsurpassed Michel.

To celebrate the circle's move, an evocation of the first game played in the corporate circle championship, 33 years ago, by a so-called "endgame specialist". Then a fine study of Osintsev, quite difficult, which dares to juggle with subtleties  Gheorghiu 2Gelfand 2that some may consider too technical. Choose the right file, yes, but don't swear by anything.

The initiative at all costs with Black, including after the exchange of Queens: this is the theme of today's game.

See you in a fortnight, on 17 March. Note that the dates of the last three courses, previously uncertain, have been set: 14 April, 2 June & 9 June (fairy tale).


Enjoy the tasting.


2 - White to play and win

W.:        Kh4, Rd3, Nd1, pe3
B.:        Ke2, Ng8, pg4 and h3

This study is fantastically rich.
White has a certain material superiority, but it is indeed fake.

The day's game is devoted to the struggle for the initiative in a relatively simple position.
It is the talent of a Grandmaster to find the right moves to maintain an unstable position.

3 - game of the day

1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 g6 3. Nc3 Bg7 4. e4 d6 5. f3 0-0 6. Be3 c5 (a gambit for the initiative) 7. dc dc 8. QXQ RxQ 9. Bxc5 (quietly attacking e7) Nc6 10. Nd5 (puts a layer on it again) Nd7 (the most dynamic response to wake up the biggest piece of black) 11. Bxe7 (one can play also 11. Nxe7+ Nxe7 12. Bxe7 Bxb2 and there is no danger for Black) Nxe7 12. Nxe7+ Kf8 (forced, otherwise, that's 2 pawns in white's pocket) 13. Nd5 Bxb2 14. Rb1 Bg7 15. Ne2 (h4) Nc5 16. Nc1 (Nec3) Be6 17. Nd3 Rac8 (everything for activity !) 18. Be2 (Nxc5 Rxc5 19. Rb3 (19. Rxb7 Ra5) and it remains b5 to keep the dynamic aspect)  Na4! 19. N3f4!  g5 20. Nh5 (Nxe6 fe 21. Ne3 Bc3+ and it's on its way) Bc3+ 21. Kf1 (white loses the opportunity to kill black's biggest piece, too bad) . Bd4  22. h4 (you still have to do something active) Bxd5 23. ed ? (cd keeps the binding between the big white pawns even if the c-file remains open) Nc3 24. Rb4! Nc3 24. Rxb7 Rb8! 25. Rb3 Nxa2 (the lock jumps) 26. Rd3 Rb1+ 27. Bd1 (on 27. Rd1 the Rd8 comes in relay and Nc3 afterwards to drive the nail in)  Bb6 28. Nf6  cb4 (white lose quality) 29. Ke2 (Re2 Be3) Nxd3 30. Kxd3 a5 31. hg a4 32. Ne4 a3 33. Nc3 Ra1 (Ba5 is more in the style of Saint-Lazare 34. Nxb1 a2) 34. Kc2 Bd4 35. Nb5 a2 36. Kb3 Ra8 resigns

A great fight for the initiative.

As usual, our friend Guy presented some of his creations during the meal, including a fantastic selfmate 7-moves which will be a landmark.

The usual greffier will be absent at the next session on 17 March, but is counting on Daniel and/or Guy, whose legendary verve is no longer to be praised, to take over.

Good reading to all.
I'll give way to the Master for the electronic version.

late mini-hairs

A parenthesis was not closed after the variation 23 cxd5 Nc3 24 Rb4! The following Nc3 is the 23rd black move of the game.
The mini variant of the 29th is of course 29 Rd2.
Enjoy the feast


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