april 15 2003

Maestro's report

A helpmate for your insomnia. In each solution, the Queen helps her King to approach, to make a gueridon mat.


Two studies from an expert who is expected rather in another field. He is indeed the world's best connoisseur of 2#, whether it is a question of composing or solving (but he is at ease in all branches of the problem: without our national grandmaster Michel, he would have been world champion in solving in 1987). Here are two small samples beforehand: the first one has no less than 6 tries; in the other one, the question is "where to play the Bishop?

The first study is a spiritual work of youth, whose solution is ultra-short. The critical move had been made by Réti, but in a winning study. The second has a Loydian nature. By the way, a beautiful lesson on Bishop and pawn against 3P with, we will have guessed it, a ZZ !

A miniature with almost no theory and an immediate engagement. Black sacrifices for an incontestable initiative, what White refuses to sacrifice in his rook. In case of acceptance at the 9th move (there were two ways to do it), the game could have captured a very different turn...

Enjoy the meal.

Master's diagrams

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