Varsaw Open 2015

Abdel continues on his path

With this third round of the World Cup of Resolution, Abdel is still collecting points and is now the sole leader of the World Cup.

The following report is taken from his website

Abdel's report

Probably the strongest solution tournament of the 2015-16 season, due to the presence of many strong Polish solutionists. The problems proposed were very difficult at times.

 1st round - mates in 2 - 20 mn


  The first problem is very tricky. Only two variations. A trivial key to predict the unprovided King's flight. On the other hand, I found no difficulty in finding the keys to the 2nd and 3rd problems. Numerous variations with very strong thematic links (exposure of the White King to check for n°2 and Stochi theme for n°3). I was the fastest : 17 minutes.

15 on 15


diag 1

white Bf8g6 Ke8 Qa4 Pb5d4e6 Sa8c8 Rh6g4 black Qc1 Pg2e2e3c2c4 Sa1 Bd8 Kd5
#2 (11+9)



white Be8a1 Kf4 Qd8 Ph4e4 Sd6c3 Ra6e7 black Ba7h3 Kf6 Qc6 Pg7f5e3d5 Sd7c2 Rb8b2
#2 (10+12)



white Bb8f3 Kh3 Qe7 Ph5 Se3b6 Rd8c6 black Bc8g3 Kd4 Qc1 Pd7f6g6f5f4c3d2b5 Sf1b3
#2 (9+16)


 2nd round - mates in 3 - 60 mn


  The 4th problem (again exposure of the white king to check) seems obvious to find...I came back to it afterwards. Because n°5 with its key found immediately, but because of many variants and its checking process, it took me some time. Afterwards, I immediately attacked n°6 which also required time (the most difficult of the three). There too, many variations. Finally, I came back to n°4. In all, I spent 52 minutes to finish the 3 problems in 3 moves, without forgetting any variation.


diag 4

white Bb1 Ke1 Qa8 Pg5g4 Sd5c2 Rh4b3 black Sc4 Pe5f6d7b4 Rf7 Bd6g2 Ke4
#3 (9+9)


diag 5

white Bb2f5 Kf2 Qh6 Pb3 Sh3g8 Rc4e6 black Bh7 Kd5 Qa6 Pb6d6e5d3g7h5 Sc6g6 Rc8
#3 (9+12)


diag 6

white Bg2e7 Kh2 Qb8 Pf5e2h4h3d4 Sg3c4 Rc5d6 black Bc8c7 Kf4 Qa6 Pa5d5e6f7e3 Sh7c2 Rb6
#3 (13+12)


 3rd round - Studies - 100 mn


Study 1 (7) is particularly detestable. Unfindable by a humanoid. The best of us only got 1.5 out of 5. The second one (8) was only found by one solutionist. But, it is an excellent study (a stalemate picture in 11 moves). The 3rd study (9) is of the same kind as the 1st one. Only 5 solutionists got the mark 0. Otherwise all the others got the same mark 1 out of 5. That is to say that they found only the 1st move. The other 8 moves remain a mystery.

2 on 15



diag 8

white Qe2 Pg7h3g2 Kh8 Se5 black Qb7 Pf5f4 Kf6 Bf1 Rc3
= (6+6)

Sunday morning. 9am. The three remaining rounds.


 4th round - helpmates - 50 mn

The 1st helpmate (10) is a fiesta. Read the statement carefully. 3 solutions! The 2nd helpmate (11) proposes 3 solutions. No solution resembles the others. While the 3rd helpmate (12) is a six move with two solutions.

9,1 on 15


diag 10

white Pe3b4 Sc5b6 Ra4 Ka1 Be5 black Bh7 Kc3 Qh8 Pe4b3 Sd7g6 Rd8d4
h#2 3sol. (7+9)


diag 11

white Pc2b3f3 Sa6 Rd1b1 Kh2 black Ba8d6 Ke5 Qa2 Pc5d5e4g7 Sh3 Rh7e3
h#3 3sol. (7+11)


diag 12

white Pb6 Kg1 black Bg8 Kb8 Qh4 Pf6h6f4g3g2 Sb5e1 Rh2
h#6 2sol. (2+11)

 5th round - moremovers - 80 mn


A trap round. The n°13 (a 4 moves) is an idea without interest. But not found. The n°14 (a 4 moves) is a nice idea. The defence 1...Bd6 should guide the solution. The n°15 is a formidable six moves with a very difficult secret move.

0 on 15


diag 13

white Rh6 Sd4f4 Bd3f2 Kf8 black Ke5 Pb7b6b2c2g4e7 Sa8a3 Rb1c1 Bd1
#4 (6+12)


diag 14

white Kh4 Pd6g5f4e3f2 Sf6c5 Re6g3 Be2h2 black Rh7 Sc6 Bb8g6 Kf5 Ph5g4e5e4c4e7
#4 (12+11)


diag 15

white Pb2a2d4 Sa3 Bb5 Kh7 Rd5e6 black Sg8h6 Pa5a4d6f6f4c2 Kb4 Ra8c1 Be7
#6 (8+12)


 6th and final round - selfmates - 50 mn


The n°16 (a selfmate in two moves) is within the reach of everyone. Also n°17 ( a selfmate in three moves). On the other hand, n°18 is a hard idea to find. In addition to many variants... we were only two to have the note of 13. A good satisfaction.

13 on 15


diag 16

white Bf5 Ka5 Qe1 Pa4d2 Sh2e7 Rg1f8 black Ba6c7 Kf4 Qa7 Pb4c3h4h6g6f6d5 Sa2h7
s#2 (9+15)


diag 17

white Bg1b5 Kd1 Qa5 Pf7f5a6c4c6 Sf2c7 Rd6d4 black Kc5 Ph5h4d2d3c3a2 Bg6 Rg8a1 Sb1
s#3 (13+11)


diag 18

white Bh8f1 Ka5 Qe4 Pb6c6f7e3g4h3a4 Sf8d4 Rc8e6 black Be1 Kg5 Qa8 Pa6h6h4f2 Sd2 Ra7c7
s#4 (15+10)

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