october 31 2023

This second course of the season had a few technical problems at the start, the clerk's computer being a model of slowness.
Once all this had been sorted out, the session was able to take place with a hard core, albeit without friend Pierre, and a Master in top form.

Pawn endgames are often complex, and the one shown here is no exception.
Three (!) games of the day to follow the resolution of the exercises, that's to say that the neuron was hot to tackle the fairytale part which followed!

Great reading, everyone.
See you at the next course

Master's words

Arletty 2Drieu"I would have preferred you to come alone" (makes only sense in french). (Fernandel to Arletty in "Fric-frac", 1939).

"Ireland has the IRA, Spain has the ETA, Italy has the Mafia, France has the ENA" (A. Madelin in 1997).

"In a Europe where all the institutions, all the parties, all the sects have syphilis and communicate their rottenness to any hand that approaches to patch them up, the only method that saves pure blood, that wastes the least time, and that reaches sensitive and strong souls, the only ones that need only be triggered, is to pronounce loudly and intelligibly, where we are, the first and forgotten truths" (P. Drieu La Rochelle).

"Le Maréchal was too big for the French, who didn't deserve him". (De Gaulle, quoted by J-R. Tournoux in "Pétain et la France").

"I thought you were made of marble for statues; I see that you are nothing but earthenware for bidets" (M.-F. Garaud to J. Chirac).

"Judging by your long hair, you're a girl? -- And judging by your wooden leg, you're a table" (retort by F. Zappa).

"This word, 'extremism', seems to frighten you. Why is that? Not all extremism is to be rejected. In love, for example, only extremism seems bearable to me. A lukewarm love, what a horror" (R. Poulet).

"In the old days, thieves were hanged from crosses. Today we hang crosses from thieves" (L.-F. Céline on the "Legion of Honour").


"One day, I'll tell you everything I had to invent to do my job properly" (Lino Ventura in "Adieu poulet", 1975).

"It is practically impossible to imagine today's chess world without Ivantchouk. On the other hand, it's easy to imagine the world of 64 squares without FIDE officials" (A. Baburin in 2008, on the subject of his proposed ban for refusing... anti-doping test).

"Chess is a game of chance. A player must only react to opportunities and possibilities coming from outside, which he can only hope and wait for. The profound understanding of the luck factor, the acceptance of one's own passivity, is given only to the very strong and even, for the most part, only as they advance in age" (J. H. Donner).

Saric 2

The complex pawn endgame we present is beyond the comprehension of limited-time players, which is understandable, but also of certain analysts who included it in a recent book. But we have noticed the lack of seriousness of the authors for so long...

A future world champion fights with one less piece; of course he'll be fine. Two curiosities: a case of placing your pawns on the "wrong" colour and an aberration by a great commentator, followed by an unexpected twist (where do you play your King?). Relax with two mini-studies.

Torre cFor the next session: a Rook vs Pawns struggle, the domination of a black Bishop thanks to mate threats, a question of tempo against a Bishop and Knight, and finally two vigilant Knights against a very dangerous pawn.


Torre eToday's hero is a brilliant Filipino player whom I met at the 1974 Nice Olympics, where he was resplendent. He is now taking part in a veterans' tournament, but his game, the final result of which is secondary, has an unsuspected richness, containing as usual a few mini-studies, including a trip by the White Bishop that is hard to believe. I'd like to take advantage of the homonymy with its Mexican predecessor to remind you of two lightning attacks, including a classic that you probably know (almost) by heart. I'll spare you the prodigious study by V. & L. Kapusta that was drawn from it: that's for another day.


MonrealTraining: trials in the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th and 12th mates in 2. A very active Queen in the two 3#, then an exceptional 6# for which we prefer to leave the solution.


Khramtsevich m

Pleasant 2# helpmates, the second with a twin, interceptions in the 3# helpmate, symmetrical echo in the 4# helpmate. Cycle with 5 variants in 3# selfmate and an explained "Gamn" to finish on a high note.

Enjoy. Adeus até à próxima.  

Master's diagrams

Exercices (for next session)

"non-CB support" diagrams (la féerie animée)

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