november 29 2005

Master's report

MarandiukHeinonen 1

Festival of round trips in the 4# of a world champion of the specialty. Then an h#2 with twin. And a funny serie where Black is armed only with an unfortunate pawn.

A curious story about a bishop from Norway. Then a pawn endgame where you can't catch the candidate for promotion. What to do then?

Superb missed opportunity of a Spanish player who has become Cuban, loving only the dishevelled attack. The famous Argentinian mythomaniac had a shaky butt, to say the least.

A memory of a time when the master's lessons "a little less phoney" (since Le Touquet a few days ago) were not fritzoid, a game played in 1978, presented shortly afterwards. Our team from Saint-Lazare was then enjoying the 2nd place (our first victory dates back to 1982, after Daniel's arrival).


White gives a whole Rook, to acquire the immense privilege... of offering the second Rook! And this happens in several variations. Spirit overthrows matter...

Master's diagrams

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