International Solving Contest 2017

Back in the faraway lands, the Master participated in the ISC 2017 from Zagreb

Isc2017 kat1


Morning: 3# is nice, something to get in shape. The study, incredibly, is human. I learn afterwards that it is by our friend Martin, but... in collaboration with the great Gurgenidze. He is right to cultivate this influence! The 4# is not beautiful, but it can be found. The helpmate has an easy twin and the other... also easy but very different. I knew this idea (see recently the Russian championship) but didn't have the time, busy with the 3# selfmate: strangely I had the 4 ideas, but not the key.

Result. 22,5/30.



Afternoon: 2# takes more time than the morning one, we know which piece to play but where? The 3# is a bohemian by the great Miroslav, of which one variant is particularly beautiful. I leave out the study, considering the probability of there being two human studies out of two as practically zero. And indeed, I think that only those who know it will give the solution. Yet, when I think about it... I think I know it! But yes, it was shown in class! My memory coming back a little, I think there is a Fe2+! in the solution. Well no, I won't be able to reconstruct this damn variant. The 3# helpmate is cute, the solution that takes the longest is also the prettiest. The 6# will take me longer than expected, because of some brain blocks: three minutes to understand that there is no mate in 2 after 1. c3, an obstinacy to want to play 1. d3, then 1. c3 all the same, but finally it will be digested. Simply, the time lost will prevent me from finishing the selfmate.


Result: 22.5 out of 30, as in the morning, but differently, 1 point for the study key and 1.5 for the threat-variant of the selfmate.



After checking, it turns out that Becker's study had been explained in the session of 2 November 2010, after my troubles with line 13! The commentary suggested starting after 1...Qa4, which indeed would, 6 years later, have won me 4 points (but other competitors too). Note the excellent result of the lovely guitarist Anna, who did go to 4 Be2+!

Anna bylinkina

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