march 4 2003

Master's report

V rudenkoA 2# by a very great composer, containing... 3 tries. Vigilance is essential. Rest with a German 3#, rather humorous. In the Austrian 6#, the question is "where would you play your rook (h6)"? Then, what will become of it? In the 6# helper, the White Queen alone will have to be well inspired. The reverse seems to have 3 variants; it will have 4. Finally, 3.5 !V halberstadt

Let us celebrate, within a few days, the 100th anniversary of the birth of our best representative in study composition, Vitaly Halberstadt (of the same origin as VR above). His passion for chess did not force him to die at 64, but it is his ultimate form of humour. First of all a Q + N / Q fight with, obviously, a ZZ, to be reached on the right side.

The 2nd study deals with an ungrateful material, where fritzoids have wreaked a lot of havoc. In fact, there is indeed a dual at the 5th move, but to end up... at the same key position, line changed. After the Master has created, here again, a ZZ, it is natural that the machine, in his homage, composes a simple Z! And the whole of his work, far from being damaged, is enriched by it. But if the judges' cold piss grumble, one can always stop at the end of the diamond. Without a computer, they wouldn't have done any better anyway.

A little exercise in the middle of the game, in the series "the moves you've always dreamed of".

Once is not customary, the game features unknown players. And it is the lowest ranked player who, with the Blacks, creates the game, playing the famous gambit that I dared to refuse 24 years ago (but Daniel and all of Normandy still remember it). Then by doubling his rooks... on a closed column. Finally, as one can imagine, by sacrificing them. But force will remain at the law of elo, and the Whites will repel the attack.

This game was played at the Geller Memorial, which concludes our homage to Ukraine.

Enjoy the game.

Master's diagrams

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