february 2 2010

the first session of February in preparation for the spring which will be approaching fast for the second session (February 16 for those who have lost their agenda) was followed by an attentive and receptive audience to the different positions exposed by the Master (without any connotation, as usual)

For the appetizer (dixit a former President of the United States) a very surprising study where one should not rush, or even take a nap.
And yet, one has the impression that the hare will be hard to catch after the introductory moves.

1 - White to play and win

W. : Kb2 Ra7 Nd3 Pf6
B. : Ké2 Rh4 Ba4 Pç7d7d5
+ (4+6)
As the Master pointed out, gain is a conjunction of coordinations

V marinRest for Daniel: no helpmate, to give him time to Vetesnikcatch up. Three direct 3#: a spectacular one to start well; a Bohemian one with three sacrifices and more model mats; an Australian-English one giving rather in subtlety (several false leads).


Vukcevic 1Vetter

We continue our incursion into strategic multi-moves: a very easy Austrian 7# first; beware of this author though, remember his 5# from Rio, which tripped up stars. An ingenious 6# from "Vuk" (=wolf). I'll leave you to think about it, but don't hesitate to ask me for the solution or... a tip. A French 4# and an Austrian-German-Swiss trio to finish. I discovered Vetter's when I was fourteen. The impression it made on me is still vivid. Commentary on Johner's 4#: "the weakest do a Roman job" (J. Lochet).

Knowing how to waste time is not only a specialty of our friend Guy. But in this find of Akobija and Becker, the moment of the "tempo" is hardly predictable, I will even say, unimaginable by a normal human. Then a small pawn endgame with at least four mutual zugzwangs. Finally a strange Q+B/Q from a "Mann".

The day's game shows an instructive refutation of a way of playing that is familiar to us, but does not pass muster at very high level.

A slight respite: we only meet again, God willing, on 16 February.

Have a good time


Something a bit simpler for the second study, but beware.

2 - Black to play and draw

W. : Ké4 Ph3g2
B. : Kg5 Pg7g3
= (3+3)

Nice footwork (to refer to the top 12 poster)

The last study is a mechanical delight.

3 - White to play and win

W. : Ka1 Qg4 Bd4 Pd6b3
B. : Kh2 Qh7 Nf8h8 Pb7d7b5b4d3
+ (5+9)

Very nice manoeuvres, and you wouldn't know it, but there will be a zug.

The day's game is a beautiful fight, which ends in a butchery
4 - game of the day
1.é4 d6 2.d4 Nf6 3.Nç3 ç6 4.f3 é5 5.Bé3 (5 Nge2 in the same spirit is also playable) Bé7 (5 ... Qb6 6 b3 has already been played and it holds up for Black) 6.Qd2 0-0 (gives the address of the Black King a little too quickly, one can use more flexible means such as Nbd7) 7.0-0-0 b5 8.g4 é×d4 (8 ... Nbd7)  9.Q×d4 Bé6 10.g5 Né8 (10 ... c5 11 Qd3 c4 12 Qe2 Ne8 13 Nxb5 Bxg5 14 f4 with a good white space) 11.f4 Qa5 12.a3 f5 (12 ... c5 13 Qd2 b4 14 Nb1 !)  13.é×f5 B×f5 14.Ngé2 Nç7 15.Ng3 Bg4 16.Bd3?! (16 Qe4!) d5! (with the threat of c5 followed by Nc6 mate of the White Queen! one must remain vigilant) 17.f5! B×d1 18.N×d1?! (18 f6! gxf6 19 Nf5 Bd8 19 Rg1)  Bd6? (18 ... c5 ! 19 Qg4 c4 20 Be2 Kh8 Hello White, do you have something to propose?)  19.Qh4 Né8 20.Fd4 Qç7 21.f6 g×f6 22.g×f6 Rf7 23.Rg1 Kh8 24.B×h7 R×h7 25.f7+ Ng7 26.B×g7+ K×g7 27.Nf5+ resigns

Only one problem for the dining part, the friend Guy being present

5 - serial h#12 parrain Circe with Grasshopper

Click in the right part of the chessboard to move forward, left to move backward...
or directly on the move

The Problemist, 2009

white Kd3 Se3 black Sa2 Ka1 Gb1
ser-h#12 Parrain Circe(2+3)
b1: Grasshopper

serial helpmate 12 moves : black plays 12 moves in a row and white administers mate in 1 move
Parrain Circe : a captured piece is reborn with an equipollent movement to the piece that plays next
Grasshopper : piece playing on the Queen's lines and needing a sautoir to move behind.
It remains for me to wish you a good reading and to give you an appointment on February 16 for the last winter session.

Yours sincerely

 Le greffier 

The Mestre's clarifications

After 18 ... c5! 19 Qg4 c4 20 Be2 in the day's game, Black can try 20...Bxa3, but, as on the other lines, 21 f6!

See you in 2 weeks


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