february 11 2003

Maestro's word

Two simple helpmates... but you must have the right idea. Then two direct. Mats models in the 4#, strategy in addition in the 5#. The author is the brother of GMI and famous theorist Ludek.Pachman v

A study of the same, which was plagiarized 55 years later to make it look like a game played!Benko

The composer of the other study is not the brother of a grandmaster, but himself, in a different guise. The material seems arid (4 rooks) but the playing is not, it seems to me, with its astonishing ZZ. Among PB's successes is the fact that he communicated to Fischer a constant taste for study. Bobby's gratitude did not prevent him from demolishing a few of them!

If a player misses his debut against a more prestigious opponent, we don't give a damn about his skin. But imagine if he suddenly turns the tables... in his opponent's style! Then a new game begins. The last word will still go to the magician, with a precise move by the Queen, followed by her sacrifice.

See you in three weeks' time and may God keep you.

Master's diagrams

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