december 11 2012

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The heroic report of the nocturnal Greffier.


A lot of material for a reduced audience on this fairy day, since only our Grandmaster was present in addition to Daniel and me.
First of all, and if my memories are correct, a happy birthday to the Master on this 13th December.

To start the festivities, a rather old problem verified by a human being and not by a machine.

1 - #2 with Grasshoppers
 Pierre MONREAL & Jean-Pierre BOYER
Europe Echecs 1966 - 1°-3° Prize e.a.

white Bg2g5 Kh5 Qa6 Pd5 Sc2e8 Re3 black Se5 Bh8 Kf5 Ga2b2b7d2f1g3g7f8d8
🨥a2, b2, b7, d2, f1, g3, g7, f8, d8: Sauterelles


: moving on the Queen's lines with help of a hurdle immediately after which it lands
The few beautiful Grasshoppers of Monréal will not be able to do anything against the assaults of White.


Master's words


Two months ago, I was presented with the following problem: to invent a legal position in which the White King is double-checked, but responds by checkingmate, without taking. I was able to appreciate the difference between a solutionist and a composer: I spent about an hour and a half finding such a position, whereas A. Onkoud took barely more than a quarter of an hour to discover... the same as me! But it's not the only one. Rémy found one with another battery, Grégo too. I refrained from bothering our Grandmaster with such trivialities. Attached are some examples. 

Tribute to the great Fadil for Daniel, but also a few other entertaining helpmates for... the whole family, gathered together on New Year's Eve. Including a very easy 2-moves aristo. 
Among the directs: a surprising #2, a nice logical (easy) #3 from the famous Russian-Ukrainian duo. Then two examples of other giants, illustrating modern themes but, through their immense talent, in a form that is not boring. 
Finally, two #6 from another Ukrainian giant, which have something in common and should therefore be enjoyed together, or in concert, if one prefers. 
A fairy tale with the master clerk....   
Merry Christmas and see you for a "normal" course in a month's time on Tuesday, January 8th. God bless you. 

A new genre now, at the fairy course, of course : the double-step

2 - h#1 Double-step 2 solutions

white Pc2b7b6 Rg6 Bd1c5 Kh5 black Pg3f4c4d5d6g7h7 Ke2 Rf7 Sf6e6 Bd7
h#1 Double-step(7+12)
2 solutions
Double-step chess : a piece (or pawn) that is playing is required to make a second move. The first move cannot be a capture.
The restriction of the grip on the first move is quite clear from the diagram.
Small look :
The Rg6 is pinned because of pg7 - g6 - xh5
The Black King is pat if we do not consider the other pieces of his camp.
It's up to you to find the rest

It's an interesting genre.

A small return to the old compositions with the next one which dates back to 1974.

3 - #2 with Rose
Jean-Pierre BOYER
Tournoi Olympique, Nice 1974 - 3° Honor Mention
white Kc2 Bb2 ROb8 black Pb5 Ka2 Sc5a6
b8: Rose
: Extended knight in round ( Rob8 - c6 e5 g6 h8 or - d7 f8 or - d7 e5 d3)

There was a tough contest; it had to be solved in 1 minute. Needless to say, we didn't succeed.
an incursion by Grasshopper 2 which landed 2 squares after the sautoir

4 - hs#6 with Grasshopper-2 (G2)
The Problemist 2007
white Pc2b3a5 Ke1 Ra1 WGd2e2e3 black Pb4g2 Ka6 BGh1h2
🨟d2, e2, e3, 🨥h1, h2: Grasshopper-2
(or G2) : Grasshopper landing 2 squares after the hurdle

Very interesting.
The final picture is ideal.

 Small diversion by the parrain Circe

5 - #2 parrain Circé
Mat Plus 2007
2° Prix
white Pc5c6f4g4 Bb5g1 Ra4e6 Kf7 black Pc7g5 Kd5 Re1 Bf1
#2 Parrain Circe(9+5)
: a captured piece remains suspended above the capture square and then makes an equipollent move to the one of the piece which plays immediately afterwards
Two elegant moves, but only one is good.

Big headache with the vertical Möbius.

6 - h#2 vertical Möbius
The Problemist 2010
white Pd7 Kf3 Re3 black Kd6 Rc1c3
h#2 vertical Möbius(3+3)
2 solutions
: to make it simple, glue a chessboard on each side with a1 glued to h8, a8 glued to h1, h1 glued to a8 and h8 glued to a1

Very disruptive this ribbon.

a Möbius PG, for road use

7 - PG 4,5 vertical Möbius with twin
dédié à P. Fayers
The Problemist 2007
2° Comm.
white Bf1c1 Ke1 Qd1 Pa2b2c2d2e2f2g2h2 Sg1b1 Rh1a1 black Bf8c8 Ke8 Qd8 Ph7g7f7e7d7c7b7a7 Sb8g8 Rh8a8
PG 4,5 vertical Möbius(16+16)
b) -pg4
------------------------>Cours2012121107-->b) -pg4 Cours2012121107bis
vertical Mobius

Our Peter Harris is back with a composition of which he has the secret.

8 - serial h#13 with twin
white Pc7d6e5 black Pa5 Kf4
black ultra-Maximum
opponent's pawn Sentinels
b) + Transmuted Kings
a) : black must MANDATORYLY play the geometrically longest move.
: each move of a piece defecates an opponent's pawn on the starting square of the move
b)+ : the King catches the march of the opponent's piece which puts it in check for the time of the move.

Take a deep breath with the Anti Circe

9 - serial h=10 coups AntiCirce
sh=10 (12+12)
Anticirce : the captured piece is reborn on its original square if it is free, otherwise capture is illegal.

A small PG Single Combat now

10 - PG 10 Single Combat
white Bf1c1 Ke1 Qd1 Pa2b2c2d2e2f2g2h2 Sg1b1 Rh1a1 black Bf8c8 Ke8 Qd8 Ph7g7f7e7d7c7b7a7 Sb8g8 Rh8a8
PJ 10 Duel (Single Combat)(16+16)
: a piece which has just made a move is obliged, on the next move, to continue playing until it is legally impossible to do so
Very well built.

Annan chess is very particular, and here is a PG to show it.

11 - PG 9 Annan
The Problemist 2007 (v)
4° Honor Mention

white Bf1c1 Ke1 Qd1 Pa2b2c2d2e2f2g2h2 Sg1b1 Rh1a1 black Bf8c8 Ke8 Qd8 Ph7g7f7e7d7c7b7a7 Sb8g8 Rh8a8
PG 9 Annan(16+16)
: a piece is pushed by the piece of its camp which is immediately behind it and catches the characteristics of it during the push.
example : ph2xh7 or a2Xa7

Une bonne prise de tête

Mirror Circe is also a particular rule

12 - hs#2,5 with twin
Cedric C. LYTTON
white Qe4 Pg2 Kh3 Re8 Sg4 black Pe6h4h2 Kd7 Sf3
hs#2,5 Mirror Circe(5+5)
b) ♘g4-->f2
: a captured piece is reborn on the original square on the opponent's side
. example: gxf3=Black Knight b1

Now a neo-strausskanian rule, the super pine (to be linked with the Monréal's Grasshoppers).

13 - h#2 super pin
Phénix 1990 (v)
2° Honor Mention
white Qa1 Pg4h4 Kg6 Be2 Sf5e5 black Pe4c4b6 Kf4 Rb1
#2 Super Pin(7+5)
: priority to pinning over all other considerations.
A check can therefore be avoided by nailing the piece that is checking.

14 - h=2 Rönnauer chess duplex
Andreas THOMA
white Pf7 Ka6 black Pf2 Kh4
h=2 duplex Rönnauer Chess(2+2)
Rönnauer chess : when a unit is observed by an opponent's unit, it catches the march of the opponent's unit during the time of the observation.
: the statement is checked for both black and white lines

15 - h#2,5 with Vao and Locust
Jubilé C. Lytton-70, The Problemist 2009-10
2° Mention d'Honneur
white VAb4b5 Kh1 Sd3 Le7 black Sb1 Pe6 Rf6 Bg8f8 Kd5
b) ♘d3=♙
🨶b4, b5: Vao
🨴e7: Locust
: Bishop needing a sautoir to capture
: Grasshopper eating its sautoir (which is therefore inevitably an opponent's unit)
16 - h=5 Circe Madrasi with Lion
The Problemist 2007
white Pa7c7e7g7h7g4d5 Kd3 Sh1g8 WLf5 black Pd7g2f2e2c2b2d4 Ke5 Bb8 BLa1h3 Rd8
h=5 Circé Madrasi(11+12)
🨴f5, 🨺a1, h3: Lion
: rebirth of the captured piece on its original square (a promotion square for fairy pieces)
: two opposing pieces of the same nature which observe each other are mutually paralysed
: moves on the Queen's lines with the help of a sautoir
Two incursions among Afghans (!?)

17 - hs#5 Kobul Kings
white Ph7d7 Kc7 black Pa2h2 Kb2
hs=5 Kobul Kings(3+3)
: takes the nature (and retains it) of the captured piece from his side

18 - serial s#11

The Problemist Supplément, 2012

white Pc2c3b4e4f5g7 Kd4 black Pb2h7f6d6c4b5 Ka1 Sb1
ser-s#11 Kobul Kings(7+8)

Again Peter Harris

19 - h#3,5 with twin
white Pb6c7 black Qa8 Ke6
b) ♚e6-->e3
: a move without a capture changes the colour of the playing piece.
: a piece can only move (and therefore also capture) if it is observed by a piece of its own side

20 - h#3 parrain Circe with neutral Nightrider 2 solutions
Alexandre ELIZAROV
neutral Ne7 black Pd5 Kg4 white Pf2 Ka6
h#3 Parrain Circe(2+2+1)
2 solutions
🨮e7: neutral Nightrider
: Extended knight that can be used by both sides
And there you go, it's done.
Good reading to all, and see you on January 8 2013.

Happy Holidays to all

Yours sincerely

le greffier 

Remarks, (in the absence of corrections)

Thank you Rémy for "thinking about it". When I said on Tuesday evening that our master greffier had a phenomenal memory... Just think about it in two years, when it will be erotic! Even more than the "super-pins"...
Our grandmaster was there, indeed, and showed us a work which seems to be in the 2001-2003 album, the last one published, given the dynamism of the problemists, who know how to take time, and the only one I don't have. To be continued.
All this to say that I don't have much to say, the report being almost immaculate. At least as far as I remember, because I don't keep the fairy tales. At most I would have said "extended grasshopper" for the Lion. But that's no reason to shut up, as you know...
Relax well, don't drink too much and come back on the 8th of January.

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