november 29 2011

the greffier was absent yesterday, so no verbatim report.
You have not lost everything, however, as the Master's famous electronic report ensures that you are correctly informed (and without error!).
See you on December 13 for the pre-Christmas fairy tale (fairy Christmas !).
Yours sincerely.
Le greffier 

Four helpmates. The one in 2 moves has three solutions, only the third one can make you think a little. The one in 2.5 seemed to me surprisingly difficult, but I probably took it by the wrong end. The first one helpmate 3# is easy, the same cannot be said for the second one. Unless you know the theme... A superb achievement.
Some old direct mats, the first two certainly unknown to the readers of this report. And the others forgotten. The 2#, without being really difficult, may well make you think. The first 3# too! The last 3# is summarised by the fraction 7/8. The 4# could be called "where would you play your rook"? As for the masterful 6#, it was presented on a forum, with the success one can imagine (purely sarcastic).
A somewhat austere duel of heavy pieces and Bishops... that suddenly lights up. And brilliantly.         
A little-known game combination, probably because the exciting game is virtual, conducted by... Tal's companion in Palma de Mallorca, some time ago. Tal won the tournament and then, on his way back, went to Paris, where he gave a simultaneous game. Among his opponents was your 20 year old fake-master, who managed to draw by playing, for the only time in his life, a Sicilian Najdorf! 
The latest find by the author of the well-known worstseller on endgames extends a classic 19th century study. It too was proposed on the same forum. The excessive number of responses almost paralysed him (scathing comment). 
Karpov 5  
The day's game was a double, confirming once again that a massage specialist can also practice the scimitar. 
See you in a fortnight' time for the fairytale course on 13 December. May God keep you. 
Have a good time. 

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