april 25 2023

Some technical problems for this start of the new version of the free Teams, with a succession of 60mn sessions.

The working conditions of the Master having become difficult, a replacement solution for the free Teams is being considered.

The Master, in spite of these technical problems, still gratified us with a high level course as you will be able to note it in the report below. 

Good reading to all.

P.S.: the next session is scheduled on may 13



Master's words


"I hope I die on stage at the age of 105, playing Peter Pan" (Joan de Beauvoir de Havilland, known as Joan Fontaine).

"Hate is holy. It is the indignation of strong and powerful hearts, the militant disdain of those angered by mediocrity and stupidity. To hate is to love, to feel one's soul warm and generous, to live widely in contempt of shameful and silly things... I hate people who are useless and powerless... I hate people who go in herds...". (E. Zola).

"Gaulle, a false great man whose destiny was to help France become small" (a phrase attributed to George VI of England).

"Pedagogism is to the teaching profession what sexology is to love, depressingly useless and stupidly vulgar" (O. Pichon).

"Paris 2024. Bravo ! It is a great step forward that an African city can finally organise the Games".

Montaigne 1

"I hate and flee [Chess], because it is not enough play, and because it frolics too seriously; being ashamed to give it the attention which would suffice for some good thing" (Montaigne).

"Our tiger "swims", which is hardly indicated for the hair of a feline" (A. O'Kelly commenting the 1st of Petrossian-Botvinnik 1963).

Pachman v 2

"Why did you sacrifice that pawn? -- Just because he was in my way" (Tal's reply to Botvinnik, whom Tal himself describes as a hooligan).

Two Knights endgames massacred by world-class players. Only in the pawn endgames do you encounter so many mistakes, if not more. A nice rescue from a great Italian study composer and player, braver than your master-bidon, since he was still participating in tournaments at the age of 95! Finally, a Czech study ending with a nice model mate, which had delighted the Parisian clubs 40 years ago.

Exercises: an "echo-chameleon" in the middle of a game, a virtuoso Rook and Knight under the baton of the aforementioned great Italian, a pawn endgame recalling the one studied on April 14, 2009, and a meditation on the soul of Chess figures.

Candidats 1965The last game of the 1965 Kérès-Spassky match, where Kérès needs to win and so it gets hot. But before that, another game of Tal's 1966 Christmas simultaneous, of which you have enjoyed a brilliant sample here : february 16 2021 (e-monsite.com)  Immerse yourself in the variations, each more fascinating than the last. In particular, compare the consequences of ...g6-g5 at the 20th & 21st moves (wQa6 or a5). And the good becoming bad (and vice versa) in the continuations of the 23rd white and 26th black.


Kotesovec 4Vasta

Training: the 2# of numbers 1 (5 trials including 3 "thematic"), 5 (3 trials), 8, 9,10 (6 trials) & 12 (6 trials) took us a little longer. The 3# "Bohemian Sorcerer" not only has the 3 variations required with model mates, but adds 3 more; take your time and enjoy! Another Czech problem with 5 variations and then a Dutch AB-BC-CA cycle. We leave the solution of 7# with you... not allowed to read it!

Helpmates 2#: the second one (with twin) is a bit more difficult. In the 3# helpmate, the Black Queen is very cooperative. Helpmate 8# is very original; it is 82 years old but got a facelift 20 years ago. In selfmates, a new AB-BC-CA cycle, this time Russian. For the "Gamni", I decided to put my natural cruelty on hold.


Have a good meal. See you in a month if God willing.   

Master's diagrams

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