december 18 2007

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It's a great responsibility entrusted by the Master to compensate the deficiencies of the cybernetic assistant, the task will be hard.
Some dates to start
The next lesson will take place on 8 January.
the annual world problem-solving competition will be held, in theory, on Sunday 27 January.

A high-quality assistance for this fairy session in which we will however note the absence of Abdel and Pierre who will have to present a signed word of apology.

To begin, a small warm-up with a very beautiful Circe.

1 - h#3
helpmate : Blacks plays and help White to mate them.
Circe : a captured piece reborn on its original square if it is free, otherwise it disappears (not the square, the piece, of course).

Jean-Pierre BOYER &
Problème, 1968

white Kc8 Rb8 black Kh8 Rh7 Be4
h#3 Circe(2+3)

Very clean and elegant

Now that you're warmed, let's move on to Take & Make. If necessary, bring the appropriate fuel for the maintenance of the heating system.

The fairies will be handled by the master graffier. Let's be satisfied with the Christmas exercises.

Helpmates : ( temporary ) end of the "Jones festival". The first one is the easiest. A Grigorian 5-piece to rest. A
long easy helpmate, for once. A recent one, by V. Tchépijny, who is now 73 years old.

Directs : a three-move of the same, but composed 40 years earlier. It includes a formidable trial, with a thematic focus as well. Two
others of the same: restful miniatures. A long (but easy) problem of the recently passed away "Vuk" (the "wolf"). Finally, a
2-moves from a recent judgment, the particularity of which is the following: having solved them all, it's the only one that has pleased me
, but he only received a third honourable mention. It would be better not to ask me to judge problem contests !
I was only asked for it for study competitions, and already, it is not sad !

selfmates : another underclassified problem, a brilliant s#5 by Mikan, even better than the one selected for Rhodes,
where it would have wreaked havoc (I would have been spared, having seen it this summer!). And three others much simpler, two of which

Retros : a tribute to our national grandmaster, who honours us with his presence: two super PGs and a classic retro, you must meditate carefully.

Speaking of exclusive chess : a particularly "intellectual" Turnbull, already presented a long time ago: it is the only
2-moves I know whose solution lasts... 4 moves !! Then a masterpiece of... who ? You guessed it.

Regretting not having presented a reflex this evening, I remembered this delicious problem presented to Messigny this
year (all the more delicious as I was the only one, by chance, to solve it, even if I had to not resolve 3 PG). And a cyclical reflex
2-moves rather curious.

Have fun and Cherry Mistmas, as Pierre Bretagnolle used to say.


2 - h#2 2 solutions
Take&Make when a piece captures, it plays a complementary move by using the moving way of the piece it has just taken (a kind of posthumous homage).
this additional move should not be a capture
2 solutions : there are 2 distinct lines of play that satisfy the conditions

Thomas MAEDER &
Ulrich RING
TT Andernach, 2006
2nd Place

white Pe4 Ke3 Bd1 Sd4 Rc6 black Ph7h4h3e5d5d3 Kg5 Be2h6 Sf7 Rd6
h#2 Take&Make
2 solutions

Very nice diagonal/orthogonal echo

A small visit to the bestiary.

3 - self-helpmate 2 moves with , , and
self-helpmate : White plays and is helped by Black and, at the last move, Black finds himself in a position where he is forced to checkmate White.
AntiCirce : the capturing piece reborn on its original square if free, otherwise capture is illegal.
Grasshopper : piece moving on the Queen's line, which moves only with the help of a hurdle and lands just behind if the square is free or occupied by an opponent's piece.
Leo : piece moving like a Queen without capturing, but like a Grasshopper if it captures.
Lion : Grasshopper not limited to the square just behind the hurdle. Of course, the path must be free.
Nightrider : Extended rider
it can be noted that the renaissance square of a fairy piece is the promotion square, in this case the 1st row on the Anti-Circe capture column.

StrateGems, 2006

white Qd8 Pb5e3f4f3 Ke4 Rf8 black LEf5 Ge5 Kb7 Nd4 Pa7b6d6e6c3e2 LIa1
3 solutions
🨺a1: Lion
🨐f5: Leo
🨥e5: Grasshopper
🨨d4: Nightrider

Good luck, but it's worth it.

Now, you have to get your Scottish drink out of hiding and pour yourself a good shake because here is our friend

4 - s#3
Selfmate : White plays and forces Black to mate them.
MAFF : literally "Mate with A Free Field", in other words for the uninformed : checkmate = check with only one free square for the King in check


white Qb1d5 Pd3e3e4d7 Kd4 Ra8 Sc1 black Pb2 Kb4 Ba1a3
s#3 MAFF

Great Ronald

Still with our Scottish friend, exclusive chess

5 - #2
Exclusive Chess : mate is only legal if it's unique.


white Pd6f6e4f4b4 Ke5 Bd3 Sb8c1 black Pa6b6e6f7b3b2 Kb5 Rc4a5 Ba1a4
#2 Echecs exclusifs

To relax a little, we give up Turnbull and move on to a serial moves problem.

6 - series helpmate 37 moves
series helpmateBlack plays the n moves of the statement and white checkmates them in 1 move

he Problemist, 1996

white Ph5a2c3d4 Kg3 Rh8a7 Sh1d8 Ba8 black Kf1
ser-h#37 Circé

To be mated, Black bring back white pieces on the first rank thanks to the Circe rule

A short visit to Unto Heinonen

7 - h=6 coups

The Problemist, 2006
1st HM

white Pa7b7c7e7c6c4b3 Kc3 Sc8 black Pa3c2d2h2g2f3f5f6 Ke5 Ba2 Sb8
h=6 AntiCircé

This problem, as you can imagine with all the pawns near the promotion is a double AUW (AUW = the 4 promotions).

Back in the bestiary for half-time

8 - h=4 coups with
Madrasi : two opposing pieces of same nature which mutually control are paralysed.

The Problemist, 2006

white Bd1 Kf6 WLf7 Qg1 Pa7c7c5e7g7 Sh1 black Qb8 Pa2c2e2g2 Kh3 Rf8 BLb4d4h4
h=4 Circé Madrasi

🨴f7, 🨺b4, d4, h4: Lions

Big line barrage for next problem

9 - s#10 with

13è T.T. Chess Composition
Microweb, 2004 - 2nd Prize

white Bg6 Kb8 Nc5d5e5f5 Qh2 Pf6 Ra2 black Pa6c7f4h3h7 Kb1 Bg3 Rh6
s#10 AntiCircé
🨢c5, d5, e5, f5: Noctambules

Some chameleon pieces to become colourful

10 - h#2 with 4 solutions
Andernach : a piece changes colour after capturing
Chameleon piece : a piece evolves at each stroke according to the cycle C - F - T - D - C

Volker GULKE
The Problemist, 2002
1st-2nd Prize

white Pa4e4h4 Kb7 Rg4 black Pd2f6 Ka5 black Chameleon Qg5 Rh1 Sf5 Be1
h#2 Andernach
4 solutions
♝e1: Chameleon Bishop
♛g5: Chameleon Queen
♞f5: Chameleon Knight
♜h1: Chameleon Rook

for a little rest, a strategic problem

11 - #5

Hans Peter REHM
Jubilé Klaus WENDA-60, 2003

white Pe2e4 Ka5 Ba7a4 Sf4d6 Rh7 black Bf7 Kc6 Qe8 Pg2e7e5c5c7d7 Sf8d8 Rf1g3
#5 AntiCirce

Very good Rehm

we begin nobility with Princess

12 - h#2 with
Princess : Bishop + Knight

Pierre MONREAL &
Feenschach, 1965

white PRg8 Pe6f6 Kc6 black Kc4 Rb8 Bc3
b) ♜b8-->d8
🨍g8: Princess

Again very clean, like the 1

The Empress now

13 - h=2 with
duplex : White begins or Black begins (two solutions)
Empress : Rook + Knight

Feenschach, 1989

white Pc7 Kc3 black EMd7 Kf1
h=2 Duplex
🨑d7: Empress

And finally, a very beautiful Wenda

14 - h=2,5 with
h=2,5 : White begins and then it becomes a h=2
In summary BNBNB pat, if it is clearer
AntiCirce Cheylan : capture on the rebirth square is illegal.

Zdravko MASLAR
Diagrammes, 1981

white Qg3 Pb2 Kf4 Bf2c4 WNg2 black Pc2c3 Kf1 Ba5 BNa1
h=2,5 AntiCirce Cheylan
b) 🨢g2=♘g2
🨢g2, 🨨a1: Nightriders

For those unfamiliar with this particularity, Kf1 is not in check with the Cheylan type of anti-Circe because the rebirth square of the B is f1.

For the restaurant part, our friend Guy presented two of his works, one of which is in gestation, let's not disturb this always delicate period.

It remains to wish you good reading and a happy holiday season. No doubt we'll see you tomorrow for the corrections.

Yours sincerely.





I think the Leo, when he takes, does it like a lion, not a grasshopper. If I say true (also false), Guy does not
will not fail to react presto.

I can't think of anything else to complain about. I did not keep the positions but if by chance you don't get solutions (impossible...?) you
can ask for confirmation or even a tip from the Grand Master Greffier, who has just produced a new standard.

Cherry Mistmas


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