march 7 2006

The night greffier's report.

 Hello to all,

the greffier has this time the two feet in the Ohaïo, the hand errors are likely to be there even more.
The great Daniel was back with us, without any academic constraints unlike the last course.
Philippe and Guy completed the audience, which was joined at the end of the course by the CEO of the Saint-Lazare club.

As usual, the Master worked overtime for the electronic version which appears at the end of this report, thanks to him.

To begin the pleiad of studies, a very particular position

1 - extreme zugzwang: he who plays loses
W.:   Ka1, Nd5, e3, f1 and f5
B.:   Kb3, Qd3

The Master's Night Words (4:09)



Philippe, having tried not to miss the "study" part of the course, was rewarded with five (!) very instructive positions: an extreme "zug" where the player loses
(homage to Guy, a well known zoologist), a "modern" masterpiece based as usual on a (non-extreme) zug, a "post-game" composition, and two amusettes to be taught to beginners, in a chess school worthy of the name.


The traditional ones helped for Daniel (only one really difficult).

IvanchukKramnik 3

A curious example of blindness in the game of the day: no distinguished member of the circle has only considered, after 9 Bf4, the obvious 9...Bd7! played in 98% of the cases
(9...d5, proposed, being the other candidate).
On the other hand, 9 Bh4 runs up against 9...Nxe4!

At the table, a double homage: to K. Wenda and his brilliant anti-circe (one of which recalls MC's masterpiece which he himself declares demolished, which no human seems capable of confirming), to Guy and his brilliant ... problems of all kinds ...

Have a good time


The White King has many friends, but they should not play first.

The second position is a bit more normal and composed by an emulator of Përvakov


2 - White to play and win
W.:   Ke2, Rg4, Na4 and d4, pd3 and f7
B.:   Kc8, Bb1, Ne5 and g6, pc4 and e6

A beautiful work.

Without letting you get cold, the third one is a composition based on a known game, which I will let you guess

3 - White to play and win
W.:   Kh1, Be1, Nc5, pe5, e6, f2, f6, g2 and h2
B.:   Kg8, Rd1, cf8, pg7 and h7

The White King has some stewardship issues, but it should be fine.
There are a few tricks at the end, so beware

The fourth is incredible in its economy of domination.
4 - White to play and win
W.:  Kg8, Bh3, Ng2, pa6

B.:   Ke2, Rf1

A treat in 2 moves.

The last one of the evening is very surprising

5 - white to play and draw
W.:   Kb1, Bc4, pc2 and f6
B.:   Kf4, Qg6, Ne8

How to make a draw with such a material deficit?
It's up to you to find out, it's very beautiful

6 - Game of the day

1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. d4 cd 4. Nxd4 Nf6 5. Nc3 d6 6. Bg5 e6 7. Qd2 a6 (h6 right away would come up against Bxf6 and Ndb5)
8. 0-0-0 h6 9. Be3 Be7 10. f4 Nxd4 11. Bxd4 b5 12. Qe3 Qc7 13. e5 de 14. Bxe5 (14. fe Nd7 15. Ne4 Bb7 [15. ... Nxe5 16. Qg3] 16. Nd6+ Qxd6 17. ed Bg5 18. Qxg5 hg 19. Bxg7 Rh4 20. Bc3 Rc8 21. h3 Bd5 Rh2 and game continues with a dynamic balance)
14:...Ng4 15. Qf3 Nxe5 16. Qxa8 Nd7 17. g3 Nb6 18. Qf3 Bb7 19. Ne4 f5 20. Qh5+ Kf8 21. Nf2 Bf6 (21. ... Bc5 22. Nh3 ! Bxh1 23. Ng5 draw)
22. Bd3 (22. Rg1 Na4 23. Nd3 Be4 and it grows 24. Qe2 Nxb2 25. Nxb2 Qc3 26. Nd3 Qa1+ 27. Kd2 Bc3+ 28. Ke3 Bd4+ 29. Kd2 Qc3+ 30. Kc1 Qa3+ and after triturating the position, Black will play Ke7 or Kf7 to bring in his last piece)
22:...Na4 23. Rhe1  Bxb2+ 24. Kb1 Bd5 25. Bxb5 Bxa2+ 26. Kxa2 ab 27. Kb1 (the threat was Qc4+ 28. Kb1 Nc3+ 29. Kxb2 Qb4+ and mate follows)
27:...Qa5 (Qe7 is better) 28. Nd3 (28. c3 Nxc3+ [28. ... Bxc3 29. Rd7 Qb4+ 30. Kc1 Qb2+ 31. Kd1 Qb1+ 32. Ke2 Qxe1+ 33. Kf3 Kg8 34. Rd1 slurppp!] 29. Kxb2 Na4+ 30.Ka2 Qb4 31. Rd8 Ke7 32. Rd7+ Kxd7 33. Qf7+ and the King goes down on the 8th to a8 and then up the a-file (Corsican method) to a5)
28:...Ba3 (with Nc3+ as a threat) 29.Ka2 Nc3+ 30. Kb3 Nd5 31. Ka2 Bb4+ 32. Kb1 Bc3 resigns

For the digestive, you are entitled to some beautiful works by Wenda and some other not less beautiful ones by our friend Guy, who is not only prolific, but also high 
quality and aesthetic rendering are also present

The 2 Wenda to begin

7 - s#10 Anti-Circe
      selfmate : white plays and forces black to checkmate them
      Anti-Circe : the capturing piece returns to its native square if it is free, otherwise the move is illegal
W.:   Ka6, Qe8, Rb2 and h1, Bb4 and g8, Na2 and g7, pb6, b7 and c4
B.:   Ka4, Rc6

It's a long way to go, but it's worth it.

8 - h#2 Anti-Circe with Nightriders and twin
      Helpmate : blacks play and help whites to checkmate them
      Nightrider : Extended knight. If a Nightrider (this is also the case for other fairy pieces in Anti-Circe) captures a piece, it is reborn on the promotion square of its capture column
W.:   Kh7, Rb5, Bf1, Ne2 and h1, pf7
B.:   Kd3, Qd1, Rb8 and e1, Ne3 and e8, pd7 and g2, NIg8
a) the position
b)Ne2 becomes NIe2

To finish 2 compo from our friend Guy who made a visit to Frankfurt chess

9 - h#2 Francfort chess 2 solutions
      Francfort Chess : a piece that captures another also takes its way of moving and abandons its own
      2 solutions : there are two different ways to achieve the solution
W.:   Ke1, Bd6, Ng3
B.:   Kd4, Qf6
Very economical and elegant
solution 1
solution 2

10 - same statement
W.:   Kg2, Be3, Nh2
B.:   Ke4, Nf2, pd2 and d4

Another beautiful creation.
Congratulations to our friend Guy for his exceptional creativity.

It remains for me to give you an appointment for the corrections and for the next course on 4 April, which unfortunately will not be attended by Daniel, Philippe or Guy. Will the greffier be alone with the Master? You'll find out in the next episode




Hello to all,
A few hairs have protruded from the previous report, which the Master's sharp eye immediately spotted.
So I'm hastening to forward you the above-mentioned hairy remarks.

Enjoy your reading.
Sincerely yours

The statement of the 4th study is, of course, "White wins".
In the 14 fxe5 variation of today's game, I definitely prefer 20...Bd5 21 h3 Nc5! to 20...Rc8.
And after 28 c3! it seems interesting to me to note that "the machine" makes the wrong choice: 28...Bxc3 which draws instead of 28...Nxc3+! which wins.
All in all, a flawless performance by the master greffier: Ohio succeeds, which is rather rare.

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