november 13 2007

the greffier's paw

After a short walk to get back into shape (this is the positive side of transport strikes), the greffier, having had his brain irrigated, is in full possession of his means.
The audience at yesterday's session was sparse to say the least, but attentive and responsive despite the low ambient temperature.

To begin the hostilities, a very pleasant study with a very aesthetic solution.

1 - White to play and draw


W.: Ke6, Bh3, Nf7, pa7, b2 and b5
B.: Kb3, Bg1, Ne8, pe2 and e5

Master's words

Jones chZappas 1

It was to be expected: the strikers were going to have a field day, symbolically starting their sabotage in the middle of the Saint-Lazare course.

A "double Indian" helpmate which we can be surprised that between Sam Loyd's time and ours, it hasn't already been done. A very easy selfmate 3# by Selivanov (a very dear friend of the organiser of Messigny).

Three studies: a nice draw from the cold. Enough to fuel the current controversy between Y. Bazlov and S. Didukh (see the excellent article of "Charpentier" on France-Echecs). And a mate in 10 moves which Didukh's study irresistibly reminds. 

PetrossianThe day's game was typical of this former world champion: very cautious and then, suddenly, a paw in the form of a well calculated provocation. And an inevitable "quality sacrifice". As our master greffier would say: "One sees the Black player, still young, give a few cat-like paw strokes. Later, with age, he will turn into a python".

A small preparatory move, a second preparatory move; an extremely brilliant move and hop the draw board appears as if by miracle.

A second brilliant study.

2 - White to play yand win


W.: Ke8, Ba4, Ne5 and h6, pd3
B.: Kc5, Bf8, pf2

A beautiful work

the position of the 3rd study reminds a bit of the trenches and the solution a period of bombing.

3 - White to play and win


W.: Kd1, Qh1, Rb7, Nb3, pg6
B.: Ka2, Rb2, Nh3 and h4, pc3, d2, d6 and f3

A beautiful fight on the razor's edge.

The day's game sees the still young blacks give a few cat-like pats. Later, with age, he will turn into a python.

4 - game of the day

1. e4 c6 2. d4 d5 3. Nc3 de 4. Nxe4 Bf5 5. Ng3 Bg6 6. Nf3 (6. h4 is up to date) Nd7 7. Bd3 (7. h4 or 7. Bc4) e6 8. 0-0 Qc7 9. c4 0-0-0 10. Bxg6 hg 11. Qa4 (11. Bd2 followed by b4 gives time for the attack) Kb8 12. b4 Nh6 13. Qb3 Nf5 14. a4 e5
15. de (15. d5 e4 16. dc ef 17. cd Nd4 18. Qe3 Ne2 19. Kh1 Bd6 (or Bc5) with the threat of Rxh2+ but instead of 16. dc, 16. Ng5 is healthier with the following Nf6 17. Re1) Nxe5 16. Nxe5 Qxe5 17. Bb2 Qc7 (switchblack !?) 18. c5 a5 ! 19. Rad1 RxR 20RxR Rh4
(20. ... ab 21. Qxb4 Be7 (21. ... Rh4 22. Qe1) 22. Nxf5 gf 23. h3 white adventage) 21. ba Bxc5 22. a6 b6 23. Re1 Ka7 24. Be5 Qd7 25. Ne4 Bd4 (very nice harmony on the central point d4) 26. g3 (26. a5 Qd5 27. Bxd4 Qxb3 28. Bxb6+ Qxb6 29. ab+ Kxb6 no comment) Bxe5 27. gh Nd4 28. Qd1 Qd5 29. Re3 Nf5 30. Re1 Nd4 31. Qd3 ? (31. Re3 =) f5 32. Ng5 c5 (it's very visual, it looks like Go) 33. Re3 c4 34. Qd1 Kxa6 35. Ra3 Bf6 36. h3 f4 37. Qg4 Ka5. 38. Nf3 Kb4 (39. Nxd4 Kxa3 40. Nc2 Kxa4 White resigns after zeitnot

For the restoration part, a good catch of cabbage with the King (or Kings) in disguise.

To try to summarize what I retained, here are some elements:

1 - a piece of a side is a King in disguise
2 - the piece having the appearance of the traditional King can be captured if it is not a disguised King
3 - a pawn cannot promote itself into a King
4 - a pawn cannot advance 2 squares if it is a King in disguise
5 - castling is possible with the usual rules if these are checked when the rook is a disguised King and
if none of the pieces (R and T) is a disguised King, there is no restriction

A simple position to make the hand in the Japanese way (composed by Yamada)

5 - h#1,5 Kings in disguise 2 solutions
helpmate 1,5 moves : W plays, B plays helping W, W checkmates


W.: Kg6
B.: Rh8, pe7 and h6

The ph6 can't be a King in disguise as you might have guessed.

a bit more material now that you are hot

6 - h#1,5 Kings in disguise (Wakashima)


W.: Kg6, Bh5, pe5
B.: Ke8, Ra8, pd6

The pd6 is certainly not a King in disguise

The continuation of the warm-up

7 - h#2 Kings in disguise (Yamada)


W.: Kh8
B.: Fh5 and h6, pf7 and g7

A little retro analysis shows that f7 and g7 cannot be Kings in disguise because of the obligatory passage of the White King on the
8th rank.

And here is what a Michael in great shape does with the Kings in disguise

8 - h#2 Kings in disguise (Michel)


W.: Ke1, Rh1, Bb1, pc2
B.: Ra3, Bg5 and g8, Nh7, ph2

Great art
A bit of retro here too to determine the possible moves and give an indication of the Kings in disguise.
Good luck!

Good reading to all.

The next session will be magical and will be held on December 18th

Yours sincerely



In the absence of any real mistakes by the greffier, I am obliged to cut the hair of c...amels in four.
Game of the day: "wins" has become "gangne": the greffier was thinking of the gangue of gneus-gneus. The strikers again.
16 Ng5 Nf6 17 Rd1 rather than Re1.
"Switchback" rather than "switchblack". Rugby again.
20...axb4 : maybe not white advantage if Black does not fall into the trap 21... Rh4??, but in any case nothing of the
Black's advantage diagnosed by previous commentators.
And it is, of course, White who resigns.

Have a good read and enjoy


the greffier's paw (continued)

Still one pocket left, like last time.

A short passage through the Take and Make

9 - h#2 T&M
T&M : a capturing piece must make an additional move with the captured piece's march, with the restriction that not capturing

W.: Ke7, Rd4, Bb6 and e6, Nc3
B.: Ke5, Rf8, Bh2, Ne8 and g3, pd6, d7, f3 and g5

a) position
b) pg5 --> d2

Finally, a little Anti-Circe with Grasshoppers

10- - h#2 anti-circe with Grasshopperss 2 solutions
anticirce : the capturing piece returns to its native square if it is free, otherwise the move is illegal
Grasshopper : piece that moves like the Queen and needs a sautoir. It lands just behind the sautoir. The "landing" square must be free or occupied by an opponent's piece, otherwise the move is illegal

W.: Kg7, Rd8, Ba8, Ga1 and c3
B.: Kd4, pc2, c4 and d2

With my apologies.

Yours sincerely

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