october 12 2004

Master's word

A computer tip given to me by J. Beasley: to change the side to move in any position under "chess base", do "ctrl alt 0" (the service candide will tell us that we actually do "ctrl alt à" since we don't press the "shift" key; in short, you get the idea). You can't imagine the interest of this "trick" for someone who studies the endgames!

GrigorievA phenomenal study by Grigoriev who has not yet revealed all his secrets (unconscious people who bought LFII will be able to adjust the 613 exercise). Another CrepeauxLFII "update" with a rebuttal of an analysis by Karpov (whom I made the irreparable mistake of taking his word for it) in the encyclopaedia of "šahovski završnica" volume 5, position 1224 where the proposed move 30 Bf7 (the 40th in the cited work) is the loser one : I had discovered a rebuttal, but Remy, Pierre and Daniel found another one: "à la monstre", as would have said an ex-captain who became a  candidate-sic for a certain presidency [and since then, ex-president, note of 2015]

Thirty years later (who would have thought it?) my first activity for St Lazare: a game against Crépeaux (for those who sneer, I should point out that I didn't play against Steinitz defending the colours of our circle).

Inevitable commentary on the theme "geniuses or idiots" about a topical game, which is part of the Pinder circus.

The best ones sometimes abandon a game without reason. No matter what happens in the world, it's what happens in our own heads that matters.
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