King of the KobulKing

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Petko A. Petkov
Julia’s Fairies – 2013/I
1st-2nd Honorable Mention

white Pe6a4 Bf5 Rh1 Ka5 black Ka8 Rg3 neutral lnh3 lbg2
hs==5 (5+2+2)
2 solutions
Kobul Kings
🨙h3: neutral Locust-Nightrider
🨘g2: neutral Locust-Bishop

} 1.Bf5-g6! Rg3*g6 [a5=rB] 2.rBa5-d2 Rg6*e6 [d2=K] {
} 3.Rh1-e1 Re6-e4! 4.nLBg2*e4-d5 [a8=rR] rRa8-d8 {
} 5.nLNh3*d5-b6 [d8=rLB] rLBd8*b6-a5 [d2=rLN] {
Double stalemate : d2 has nothing to eat and Re1 is pinned .
The royal Locust-Bishop a5 has nothing to eat either.

} 1.Bf5-g4! Rg3*g4 [a5=rB] 2.rBa5-c3 Rg4*a4 [c3=K] {
} 3.Rh1-b1 Ra4-f4! 4.nLNh3*f4-d5 [a8=rR] rRa8-a5 {
} 5.nLBg2*d5-c6 [a5=rLN] rLNa5*c6-e7 [c3=rLB] {
Double stalemate : c3 has nothing to stand on and Rb1 is pinned.
The royal Locust-Nightrider e7 has nothing to eat either.}

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