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1 - maximum selfmate 4# circé

Yzarn, X.

white Rc2c5 Ka5 Sf2 Ph3e4 Be6 black Pc6 Bc8 Ka3 Rg2
s#4 Maximum Circe(7+4)
Black is required to play the longest legal moves geometrically
White plays and forces Black to checkmate him
A captured unit is reborn on its home square if it is free

Lieutenant-colonel Antoine de la Vergne de Tressan (1910-1985), known as Xavier Yzarn


2 - 2# circe

Petkov, P.

white Sh2b3 Bg3c4 Rf3e3 Pe2d4f4 Qb1 Kd5 black Qf2 Ke1 Pg2h3b4e4f5 Bd2d1 Sg1
#2 Circe(11+10)



3 - 2# masand

Gockel, H.

white Kd8 Qf8 Bb6 Pa4d6f5 Sf1 Rc3 black Sh8g4 Rg7 Pf7b5e5 Kd5 Qe4
#2 Masand(8+8)
A checking piece causes all the pieces it "observes" to change colour


4 - 2# Bulgarian grasshoppers

Loerinc, J.

white Ga7h7f2 Qf5 Kg2 Pe2d2c2 Ra2 black Kd6
#2 (9+1)
🨟a7, h7, f2: bulgarian grasshoppers
Bulgarian grasshoppers Bulgarian pieces (invented -- of course -- by the super-genius P. A. Petkov)
are pieces that need a sautoir to express themselves, with a condition somewhat reminiscent of the "take & make".
When they jump, the said sautoir must, as a tribute, take a step (without capturing) in accordance with the walk of the jumper.
If this is not possible, the move is illegal. When more than one move is possible, the choice is up to the jumper's side.

This problem was awarded in the competition organised by PAP in memory of his mother Danka Petkova (1920-1993)


5 - h#2 2 solutions with bulgarian lions

Gadjanski, B.

white LIa8 Kc6 Sd5 black Kg8 Ra4
h#2 2sol(3+2)
🨴a8: bulgarian Lion
bulgarians lions as above, but instead of Grasshopper, it's a Lion



6 - 2# breton

Loustau, JM.

white Bc8h2 Qf7 Se6d2 Rc5f1 Pa4d4h3 Ka2 black Qa7 Bf6 Kf5 Rf4 Pe5 Sf2g3
#2 breton(11+7)
breton after each capture, a unit of the same nature must disappear (if possible) from the capturing side.
If there is more than one, the choice is up to the capturing side.
Thus, the move ...♛xa4+ is illegal, as it would have to remove ♟e5, leading to a self check.



7 - h#2 2 solutions mirror circe

Dragoun, M.

white Kb2 Rg1 Sc6 Bg6 Pg2 black Qd1 Be8 Re6h1 Kf6
h#2 mirror Circe(5+5)
2 solutions
a unit is reborn as if it had changed colour: a wQ in d8, a bQ in d1.

8 - h#2 circé assassin avec moa rider

Uitenbroek, H.

white oad5 Sa5 Kh1 black Pc6b5b3b2c2d2 Kc8
h#2 Circe assassin(3+7)
🨷d5: Moa rider
b) ♚c8-->b8
a captured piece returns to its home square, even if that square is occupied, in which case the occupant disappears
moa extended in successive moa movements
As a reminder, the Moa is a creeping knight performing first a bishop step and then a rook step



9 - h#2 set play sentinelles

Tura, W.

white Sc5 Bb8h5 Kc4 black Qb6 Ke7 Sf8
h#2 Sentinelles(5+5)
Jeu Apparaent
each playing figure leaves a pawn on its starting square (except 1st or 8th row),
under the condition that the number of pawns of the same side does not exceed 8


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